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Response to the Editor: Reply on “Combined orthogeriatric and fracture liaison service for improved postfracture patient care”

Yeap SS, Hew FL, Chan SP

  • Osteoporos Sarcopenia.
  • 2017 Sep;3(3):160-160.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.afos.2017.07.004
No abstract available.
Letter to the editor: Combined orthogeriatric and fracture liaison service for improved postfracture patient care

Schweser K, Crist BD, Nguyen VH

  • Osteoporos Sarcopenia.
  • 2017 Sep;3(3):159-159.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.afos.2017.07.004
No abstract available.
Relationship between coronary atherosclerosis in coronary computed tomography angiography and serum vitamin D level

Lee AY, Kim JK, Kang JH, Yu BY, Kim SJ

  • Osteoporos Sarcopenia.
  • 2017 Sep;3(3):155-158.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.afos.2017.08.100
OBJECTIVES: Vitamin D deficiency has been shown to influence the development of some cardiovascular disease. In this study, the association between the existence of coronary artery plaque and vitamin D...
The main autoimmune and nonautoimmune etiologies of endogenous hyperthyroidism do not seem to influence the increased prevalence of morphometric vertebral fractures and osteoporosis in Portuguese men

Barbosa AP, Mascarenhas MR, Bicho M, Janeiro J, Oliveira A

  • Osteoporos Sarcopenia.
  • 2017 Sep;3(3):149-154.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.afos.2017.08.099
OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of hyperthyroidism and their etiology on bone mineral density (BMD), on body soft tissue composition, on the prevalence of...
Risk factors and epidemiological profile of hip fractures in Indian population: A case-control study

Ahuja K, Sen S, Dhanwal D

  • Osteoporos Sarcopenia.
  • 2017 Sep;3(3):138-148.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.afos.2017.08.097
OBJECTIVES: This analytic retrospective case-control study was designed to analyze risk factors and the epidemiological profile of hip fractures among the Indian population with special importance to the mechanism of...
Antiosteoporotic activity of Salvadora persica sticks extract in an estrogen deficient model of osteoporosis

Fouda AM, Youssef AR

  • Osteoporos Sarcopenia.
  • 2017 Sep;3(3):132-137.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.afos.2017.07.002
OBJECTIVES: The effect of Salvadora persica sticks on prevention of tooth decay is well established, but the effect of S. persica stick extract (SPE) on the prevention/treatment of osteoporosis has...
Comparison of lower leg muscle strength and grip strength for diagnosing slower gait speed in the elderly

Ohta J, Seki M, Ao M, Okajima R, Kuwabara A, Takaoka H, Aoyama K, Tanaka K

  • Osteoporos Sarcopenia.
  • 2017 Sep;3(3):128-131.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.afos.2017.07.001
OBJECTIVES: Sarcopenia, decreased muscle volume and muscle weakness in the elderly is a serious risk of various adverse outcomes. Current diagnostic procedure for sarcopenia includes gait speed, grip strength, and...
Clinical aspects and management of osteoporosis and fragility fractures in patients with diabetes

Chandran M

  • Osteoporos Sarcopenia.
  • 2017 Sep;3(3):123-127.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.afos.2017.08.101
Both diabetes and osteoporosis are assuming epidemic proportions throughout the world. Accumulating data suggest that both types 1 and 2 diabetes are associated with an increased risk of fragility fractures....
Molecular mechanisms and therapeutic interventions in sarcopenia

Park SS, Kwon ES, Kwon KS

  • Osteoporos Sarcopenia.
  • 2017 Sep;3(3):117-122.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.afos.2017.08.098
Sarcopenia is the degenerative loss of muscle mass and function with aging. Recently sarcopenia was recognized as a clinical disease by the International Classification of Disease, 10th revision, Clinical Modification....

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