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Corrigendum to “Determination of normative reference for the definition of sarcopenia among Filipinos” [Osteoporos. Sarcopenia 2 (2016) 186–190]

Tee ML, Tee CA, Montemayor EB

  • Osteoporos Sarcopenia.
  • 2016 Dec;2(4):259-259.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.afos.2016.11.003
The authors would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused.
Response to the Editor

Matsumoto , Hagino H, Wada T, Kobayashi

  • Osteoporos Sarcopenia.
  • 2016 Dec;2(4):257-258.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.afos.2016.10.003
No abstract available.
“Syndromes” of mobility limitations in older adults

Lee Y

  • Osteoporos Sarcopenia.
  • 2016 Dec;2(4):256-256.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.afos.2016.09.001
No abstract available.
Association between number of teeth present and mandibular cortical erosion in Japanese men and women aged 40 years and older: A cross-sectional study

Takahashi , Uchida K, Yamada S, Sugino N, Higashi Y, Yamada K, Taguchi A

  • Osteoporos Sarcopenia.
  • 2016 Dec;2(4):250-255.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.afos.2016.10.001
Mandibular cortical erosion detected on dental panoramic radiographs is associated with increased risk of osteoporosis in older adults. Additionally, many reports have demonstrated an association between decreased number of teeth...
Clinical features of atypical femur fracture

Shin JS, Kim NC, Moon KH

  • Osteoporos Sarcopenia.
  • 2016 Dec;2(4):244-249.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.afos.2016.08.001
OBJECTIVES: We aim to elucidate the clinical outcomes of bisphosphonate-associated atypical femoral fracture and the clinical results depending on the bisphosphonate therapy period. METHODS: Twenty cases involving 15 patients who had...
Evaluation of Police General Hospital's Fracture Liaison Service (PGH's FLS): The first study of a Fracture Liaison Service in Thailand

Amphansap , Stitkitti , Dumrongwanich P

  • Osteoporos Sarcopenia.
  • 2016 Dec;2(4):238-243.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.afos.2016.09.002
OBJECTIVES: The purpose of the study was to assess the effectiveness of the Fracture Liaison service (FLS) in preventing secondary fracture and decreasing 1-year mortality rate after osteoporotic hip fracture,...
Efficacy and safety of vitamin D3 B.O.N intramuscular injection in Korean adults with vitamin D deficiency

Choi HS, Chung YS, Choi YJ, Seo DH, Lim SK

  • Osteoporos Sarcopenia.
  • 2016 Dec;2(4):228-237.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.afos.2016.09.004
OBJECTIVE: There has been no prospective study that examined intramuscular injection of high-dose vitamin D in Korean adults. The aim of this study was to assess the efficacy and safety...
Relationship between the FRAX® score and falls in community-dwelling middle-aged and elderly people

Ou LC, Chang YF, Chang CS, Chao TH, Lin RM, Sun ZJ, Wu CH

  • Osteoporos Sarcopenia.
  • 2016 Dec;2(4):221-227.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.afos.2016.10.004
OBJECTIVES: Falls is a risk factor for fracture. The FRAX® predicts fractures. Whether the FRAX® is associated with fall in both gender is inconclusive. The aim of our study is...
Could whole body vibration exercises influence the risk factors for fractures in women with osteoporosis?

Moreira-Marconi E, Dionello C, Morel DS, Sá-Caputo DC, Souza-Gonçalves CR, Paineiras-Domingos LL, Guedes-Aguiar EO, Marin PJ, del Pozo Cruz B, Bernardo-Filho M

  • Osteoporos Sarcopenia.
  • 2016 Dec;2(4):214-220.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.afos.2016.09.003
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to review the literature about the relevance of the whole body vibration (WBV) in decreasing the number of fractures in osteoporotic women. METHODS: Searches...
Recent nutritional trends of calcium and vitamin D in East Asia

Ohta H, Uenishi K, Shiraki M

  • Osteoporos Sarcopenia.
  • 2016 Dec;2(4):208-213.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.afos.2016.08.002
Calcium intake may play an important role on bone health. The recent national nutritional survey in Japan revealed the gradual decrease in calcium intake to around 480 mg/day. In addition,...
Thai Osteoporosis Foundation (TOPF) position statements on management of osteoporosis

Songpatanasilp T, Sritara C, Kittisomprayoonkul W, Chaiumnuay S, Nimitphong H, Charatcharoenwitthaya N, Pongchaiyakul C, Namwongphrom S, Kitumnuaypong T, Srikam W, Dajpratham P, Kuptniratsaikul V, Jaisamrarn U, Tachatraisak K, Rojanasthien S, Damrongwanich P, Wajanavisit W, Pongprapai S, Ongphiphadhanakul B, Taechakraichana N

  • Osteoporos Sarcopenia.
  • 2016 Dec;2(4):191-207.
  • doi: 10.1016/j.afos.2016.10.002
The adjusted incidence rate of hip fracture in Thailand has increased more than 31% from 1997 to 2006. Mortality and morbidity after hip fracture are also high. One year mortality...

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