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Hypoglycemic effect of Rehmannie Radix Preparata (Sookjihwang) extract in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats

Kang SJ, Bao CL, Park S, Kim AJ

  • Nutr Res Pract.
  • 2010 Oct;4(5):438-442.
Rhemannie Radix Preparata (RRP) has been previously employed in traditional oriental medicine as a treatment for diabetic thirst and improving blood flow. The aim of this study was to evaluate...
Dietary patterns of obese high school girls: snack consumption and energy intake

Yoon JS, Lee NJ

  • Nutr Res Pract.
  • 2010 Oct;4(5):433-437.
In order to develop an obesity management program for teenagers, we compared obese and non-obese girls attending high schools in terms of their dietary practices related to snack consumption. Dietary...
Korean consumers' perceptions of health/functional food claims according to the strength of scientific evidence

Kim JY, Kang EJ, Kwon O, Kim GH

  • Nutr Res Pract.
  • 2010 Oct;4(5):428-432.
In this study, we investigated that consumers could differentiate between levels of claims and clarify how a visual aid influences consumer understanding of the different claim levels. We interviewed 2,000...
Vegetable and fruit intake and its relevance with serum osteocalcin and urinary deoxypyridinoline in Korean adults

Kang MH, Kim MH, Bae YJ, Choi MK

  • Nutr Res Pract.
  • 2010 Oct;4(5):421-427.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the daily vegetable and fruit intake status of Korean adults and to examine the relationship of vegetable and fruit intake with bone...
Effects of caloric restriction with varying energy density and aerobic exercise on weight change and satiety in young female adults

Song SW, Bae YJ, Lee DT

  • Nutr Res Pract.
  • 2010 Oct;4(5):414-420.
This study examines the combined effects of caloric restriction on body composition, blood lipid, and satiety in slightly overweight women by varying food density and aerobic exercise. Twenty-three women were...
A study on multi-cultural family wives adapting to Korean cuisine and dietary patterns

Park Y, Jeong HS, Joo N

  • Nutr Res Pract.
  • 2010 Oct;4(5):405-413.
With the increase in multi-cultural families, Korea is seeing a rapid increase in immigrated housewives, who are closely related to food culture. However, studies for the diet of multi-cultural families,...
Amounts served and consumed of school lunch differed by gender in Japanese elementary schools

Nozue M, Yoshita K, Jun K, Ishihara Y, Taketa Y, Naruse A, Nagai N, Ishida H

  • Nutr Res Pract.
  • 2010 Oct;4(5):400-404.
School lunches serve to improve nutritional status and to promote the health of children. The purpose of this study was to investigate the portion sizes of school lunches served and...
Evaluation of enteral formulas for nutrition, health, and quality of life among stroke patients

Kang Y, Lee HS, Paik NJ, Kim WS, Yang M

  • Nutr Res Pract.
  • 2010 Oct;4(5):393-399.
Enteral nutritional support has been used via tube feeding for dysphagic stroke patients. We performed long and short term trials to evaluate the effects of commercial enteral nutritional supports on...
Evaluation of the health status of preschool children stratified based on the weight-length index (WLI)

Shin KO, Chung KH, Park HS

  • Nutr Res Pract.
  • 2010 Oct;4(5):383-392.
This study was conducted to prepare basic materials and offer advice regarding dietary habits to prevent and cure childhood obesity by comparing and analyzing dietary habit, nutritional status, blood factors,...
Short-term protein intake increases fractional synthesis rate of muscle protein in the elderly: meta-analysis

Gweon HS, Sung HJ, Lee DH

  • Nutr Res Pract.
  • 2010 Oct;4(5):375-382.
The precise effects of protein intake on fractional synthesis rate (FSR) of muscle protein are still under debate. The sample size of these studies was small and the conclusions in...
Effect of dietary supplementation of grape skin and seeds on liver fibrosis induced by dimethylnitrosamine in rats

Shin MO, Moon JO

  • Nutr Res Pract.
  • 2010 Oct;4(5):369-374.
Grape is one of the most popular and widely cultivated fruits in the world. Although grape skin and seeds are waste product of the winery and grape juice industry, these...
Royal jelly enhances migration of human dermal fibroblasts and alters the levels of cholesterol and sphinganine in an in vitro wound healing model

Kim J, Kim Y, Yun H, Park H, Kim SY, Lee KG, Han SM, Cho Y

  • Nutr Res Pract.
  • 2010 Oct;4(5):362-368.
Oral administration of royal jelly (RJ) promotes wound healing in diabetic mice. Concerns have arisen regarding the efficacy of RJ on the wound healing process of normal skin cells. In...
Zinc may increase bone formation through stimulating cell proliferation, alkaline phosphatase activity and collagen synthesis in osteoblastic MC3T3-E1 cells

Seo HJ, Cho YE, Kim T, Shin HI, Kwun IS

  • Nutr Res Pract.
  • 2010 Oct;4(5):356-361.
Zinc is an essential trace element required for bone formation, however not much has been clarified yet for its role in osteoblast. We hypothesized that zinc would increase osteogenetic function...
Significance of p27(kip1) as potential biomarker for intracellular oxidative status

Quintos L, Lee IA, Kim HJ, Lim JS, Park J, Sung MK, Seo YR, Kim JS

  • Nutr Res Pract.
  • 2010 Oct;4(5):351-355.
Our previous proteomic study demonstrated that oxidative stress and antioxidant delphinidin regulated the cellular level of p27(kip1) (referred to as p27) as well as some heat shock proteins in human...

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