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Assessment of foodservice quality and identification of improvement strategies using hospital foodservice quality model

Kim K, Kim M, Lee KE

  • Nutr Res Pract.
  • 2010 Apr;4(2):163-172.
The purposes of this study were to assess hospital foodservice quality and to identify causes of quality problems and improvement strategies. Based on the review of literature, hospital foodservice quality...
Relationship between dietary sodium, potassium, and calcium, anthropometric indexes, and blood pressure in young and middle aged Korean adults

Park J, Lee JS, Kim J

  • Nutr Res Pract.
  • 2010 Apr;4(2):155-162.
Epidemiological evidence of the effects of dietary sodium, calcium, and potassium, and anthropometric indexes on blood pressure is still inconsistent. To investigate the relationship between dietary factors or anthropometric indexes...
Barriers to participation in a worksite wellness program

Person AL, Colby SE, Bulova JA, Eubanks JW

  • Nutr Res Pract.
  • 2010 Apr;4(2):149-154.
The purpose of this research was to determine barriers that prevent participation in an employee wellness program, Wellness Wednesdays: "Eat & Meet" About Healthy Living, conducted at East Carolina University...
Relative validities of 3-day food records and the food frequency questionnaire

Yang YJ, Kim MK, Hwang SH, Ahn Y, Shim JE, Kim DH

  • Nutr Res Pract.
  • 2010 Apr;4(2):142-148.
The food frequency questionnaire (FFQ) has been used as an important dietary assessment tool in epidemiologic studies, but the usefulness of the FFQ has been debated in recent years. This...
Still life with less: North Korean young adult defectors in South Korea show continued poor nutrition and physique

Choi SK, Park SM, Joung H

  • Nutr Res Pract.
  • 2010 Apr;4(2):136-141.
North Korean defectors who settle in South Korea have experienced severe food shortage and transition of food environment which could affect their health status. However, little is known about their...
Comparisons of obesity assessments in over-weight elementary students using anthropometry, BIA, CT and DEXA

Yu OK, Rhee YK, Park TS, Cha YS

  • Nutr Res Pract.
  • 2010 Apr;4(2):128-135.
Obesity was characterized in Korean elementary students using different obesity assessment tests on 103 overweight elementary students from three schools of Jeonbuk Province. The body mass index (BMI) and obesity...
Validity and reproducibility of a food frequency questionnaire to assess dietary nutrients for prevention and management of metabolic syndrome in Korea

Bae YJ, Choi HY, Sung MK, Kim MK, Choi MK

  • Nutr Res Pract.
  • 2010 Apr;4(2):121-127.
Little data exists on metabolic syndrome (MetS) related with intake, especially for the South Korean. The purpose of this study was to develop and evaluate a food frequency questionnaire (FFQ)...
Effects of grape pomace on the antioxidant defense system in diet-induced hypercholesterolemic rabbits

Choi CS, Chung HK, Choi MK, Kang MH

  • Nutr Res Pract.
  • 2010 Apr;4(2):114-120.
The effects of grape seeds extract and grape peels extract prepared from grape pomace on the activity of antioxidant enzymes, degree of lipid peroxidation in serum and liver tissue were...
Effects of corn gluten hydrolyzates, branched chain amino acids, and leucine on body weight reduction in obese rats induced by a high fat diet

Bong HY, Kim JY, Jeong HI, Moon MS, Kim J, Kwon O

  • Nutr Res Pract.
  • 2010 Apr;4(2):106-113.
In this study, we compared corn gluten hydrolyzates, BCAAs, and leucine for their effects on body weight reduction in high fat-induced obese rats in order to determine the major active...
Sasa borealis leaves extract improves insulin resistance by modulating inflammatory cytokine secretion in high fat diet-induced obese C57/BL6J mice

Yang JH, Lim HS, Heo YR

  • Nutr Res Pract.
  • 2010 Apr;4(2):99-105.
Obesity is considered a mild inflammatory state, and the secretion of inflammation-related cytokines rises as adipose tissue expands. Inflammatory cytokines, including tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha), interlukin 6 (IL-6) and monocyte-chemoattractant...
Protection by Chrysanthemum zawadskii extract from liver damage of mice caused by carbon tetrachloride is maybe mediated by modulation of QR activity

Seo JY, Lim SS, Park J, Lim JS, Kim HJ, Kang HJ, Yoon Park , Kim JS

  • Nutr Res Pract.
  • 2010 Apr;4(2):93-98.
Our previous study demonstrated that methanolic extract of Chrysanthemum zawadskii Herbich var. latilobum Kitamura (Compositae) has the potential to induce detoxifying enzymes such as NAD(P)H:(quinone acceptor) oxidoreductase 1 (EC

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