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4-Hydroxybenzaldehyde, One of Constituents from Gastrodiae Rhizoma Augments Pentobarbital-induced Sleeping Behaviors and Non-rapid Eye Movement (NREM) Sleep in Rodents

Choi JJ, Kim YS, Kwon YO, Yoo JH, Chong MS, Lee MK, Hong JT, Oh KW

  • Nat Prod Sci.
  • 2015 Sep;21(3):219-225.
  • doi: 10.0000/nps.2015.21.3.219
In the previous experiments, we reported that ethanol extract of Gastrodiae Rhizoma, the dried tuber of Gastrodia ElataBlume (Orchidaceae) increased pentobarbital-induced sleeping behaviors. These experiments were undertaken to know whether...
Anti-oxidant and Hepatoprotective Effect of White Ginsengs in H2O2-Treated HepG2 Cells

Parthasarathi S, Hong SC, Oh MH, Park YS, Yoo JH, Seol SY, Lee H, Park JD, Pyo MK

  • Nat Prod Sci.
  • 2015 Sep;21(3):210-218.
  • doi: 10.0000/nps.2015.21.3.210
The antioxidant activity of white ginseng was not recorded in Korea Functional Food Code, while its activity of red ginsengs was recorded. The aim of this study was to evaluate...
Anti-inflammatory Activity of Fucoidan with Blocking NF-kappaB and STAT1 in Human Keratinocytes Cells

Ryu MJ, Chung HS

  • Nat Prod Sci.
  • 2015 Sep;21(3):205-209.
  • doi: 10.0000/nps.2015.21.3.205
Fucoidan, a sulfated polysaccharide is found in several types of edible brown algae. It has shown numerous biological activities; however, the molecular mechanisms on the activity against atopic dermatitis have...
Chemical Constituents from Leaves of Acanthopanax henryi (II)

Li Z, Li XJ, Kwon OK, Wang X, Zou QP, Liu XQ, Lee HK

  • Nat Prod Sci.
  • 2015 Sep;21(3):196-204.
  • doi: 10.0000/nps.2015.21.3.196
Nineteen compounds, including one organic acid (1), one anthraquinone (2), one amide (3), and sixteen triterpenoid saponins (4 - 19) were isolated from the leaves of Acanthopanax henryi (Oliv.) Harms...
Quantitative HPLC Analysis and Extraction of 2,6-dimethoxy-1,4-benzoquinone from Ficus foveolata Stems

Meerungrueang W, Panichayupakaranant P

  • Nat Prod Sci.
  • 2015 Sep;21(3):192-195.
  • doi: 10.0000/nps.2015.21.3.192
An antibacterial benzoquinone, 2,6-dimethoxy-1,4-benzoquinone, isolated from Ficus foveolata stems was used as a standard marker for establishment of quantitative HPLC analysis for the stem extracts of F. foveolata . The...
The Application of DNA Chip Technology to Identify Herbal Medicines: an Example from the Family Umbelliferae

Kim PH, Park J, Kim YS, Suh Y

  • Nat Prod Sci.
  • 2015 Sep;21(3):185-191.
  • doi: 10.0000/nps.2015.21.3.185
Comparative molecular analysis has been frequently adopted for the authentication of herbal medicines as well as the identification of botanical origins. Roots and rhizomes of the family Umbelliferae have been...
Soluble Epoxide Hydrolase Inhibitory Activity from Euphorbia supina Rafin

Luyen BT, Thao NP, Tai BH, Dat LD, Kim JE, Yang SY, Kwon SU, Lee YM, Kim YH

  • Nat Prod Sci.
  • 2015 Sep;21(3):176-184.
  • doi: 10.0000/nps.2015.21.3.176
In our search for natural soluble epoxide hydrolase (sEH) inhibitors from plants, an extract of the dried whole plants of Euphorbia supina Rafin was found to significantly inhibit sEH activity...
Isolation of Quercetin and Isorhamnetin Derivatives and Evaluation of Anti-microbial and Anti-inflammatory Activities of Persicaria glabra

Manivannan R, Shopna R

  • Nat Prod Sci.
  • 2015 Sep;21(3):170-175.
  • doi: 10.0000/nps.2015.21.3.170
The present study aims to detect the rare flavonoids isolated from the leaves of Persicaria glabra. The known flavonoids: quercetin (1), isorhamnetin (2), avicularin (3) and new one isorhamnetin-3-O-alpha-L-(6''-E-p-coumaroyl)- rhamnoside...
Phenolic Constituents from the Flowers of Hamamelis japonica Sieb. et Zucc.

Yim SH, Lee YJ, Park KD, Lee IS, Shin BA, Jung DW, Williams D, Kim HJ

  • Nat Prod Sci.
  • 2015 Sep;21(3):162-169.
  • doi: 10.0000/nps.2015.21.3.162
Hamamelis japonica (Hamamelidaceae), widely known as Japanese witch hazel, is a deciduous flowering shrub that produces compact clumps of yellow or orange-red flowers with long and thin petals. As a...
Quantitative Determination of Five Phenolic Peroxynitrite-scavengers in Nine Korean Native Compositae herbs

Nugroho A, Lim SC, Karki S, Choi JS, Park HJ

  • Nat Prod Sci.
  • 2015 Sep;21(3):155-161.
  • doi: 10.0000/nps.2015.21.3.155
Peroxynitrite (ONOO-)-scavenging activities of nine Compositae herbs consisting of three Ixeris, two Youngia, two Cirsium and one of each Lactuca and Taraxacum species were evaluated. The contents of their ONOO-...
Anti-inflammatory Triterpenes and Glyceryl Glycosides from Kandelia candel (L.) Druce

Dat LD, Thao NP, Tai BH, Luyen BT, Yang SY, Kim S, Koo JE, Koh YS, Cuong NT, Nam NH, Thanh NV, Kiem PV, Minh CV, Kim YH

  • Nat Prod Sci.
  • 2015 Sep;21(3):150-154.
  • doi: 10.0000/nps.2015.21.3.150
Phytochemical investigation of Kandelia candel resulted in the isolation of six triterpenes (1 - 5) and two glyceryl glycosides (6 and 7) and their structures were determined by comparing the...
Antibiotic Components from the Rhizomes of Curcuma zedoaria

Jeong CS, Shim SH

  • Nat Prod Sci.
  • 2015 Sep;21(3):147-149.
  • doi: 10.0000/nps.2015.21.3.147
Two terpenoids, including one uniquely aromatized one (1), were isolated from CH2Cl2-soluble fraction of MeOH extracts of Curcuma zedoaria. They were identified to be a sesquiterpene ketolactone (1) and orobanone...

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