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Doublecortin-immunoreactive Neuroblasts in Each Layer of the Main Olfactory Bulb After Transient Cerebral Ischemia in Gerbils

Choi JH, Yoo KY, Park OK, Lee CH, Hwang IK, Shin HC, Won MH

  • Lab Anim Res.
  • 2010 Mar;26(1):121-125.
  • doi: 10.5625/lar.2010.26.1.121
Neurogenesis in the adult brain occurs continuously throughout life. The main olfactory bulb (MOB) is the first central relay of the olfactory system. We examined proliferation of newly generated cells...
Pilomatrixoma in a Maltese Dog

Chung JY, Do SH, Park SJ, Jeong KS

  • Lab Anim Res.
  • 2010 Mar;26(1):117-120.
  • doi: 10.5625/lar.2010.26.1.117
A 12-year-old female Maltese dog brought to a local veterinary clinic with two nodules in the subcutis of left shoulder. The nodules were grown gradually from 2 years ago. The...
Isolation of Early Neurogenesis Genes with Xenopus cDNA Microarray

Yu SB, Lee OJ, Park YJ, Lee SY, Lee SH, Yoon J, Hwang YS, Kim JI, Lee JY, Park JB, Kim SC, Kim J

  • Lab Anim Res.
  • 2010 Mar;26(1):109-115.
  • doi: 10.5625/lar.2010.26.1.109
Neurogenesis is the process that develops neuroectoderm from ectoderm. Bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) inhibition in ectodermal cells is necessary and sufficient for neurogenesis in Xenopus embryos. To isolate genes involved...
Scintigraphic Assessment of Renal Function Using 99mTc-DTPA in Miniature Pigs with Unilateral Ureteral Obstruction

Kim SE, Shim KM, Lee WG, Choi SH, Park SH, Han HJ, Kang SS

  • Lab Anim Res.
  • 2010 Mar;26(1):103-108.
  • doi: 10.5625/lar.2010.26.1.103
This study was performed to investigate the proper method for evaluating renal function in miniature pigs with unilateral ureteral obstruction. Experimental unilateral renal damage was induced after ligation of unilateral...
A Novel Model for Human Atopic Dermatitis: Application of Repeated DNCB Patch in BALB/c Mice, in Comparison with NC/Nga Mice

Lee KS, Jeong ES, Heo SH, Seo JH, Jeong DG, Choi YK

  • Lab Anim Res.
  • 2010 Mar;26(1):95-102.
  • doi: 10.5625/lar.2010.26.1.95
The various murine models have contributed to the study of human atopic dermatitis (AD). However limitations of the models involve low reproducibility and long time to develop AD. In an...
New Splicing Variants of the Murine Damaged DNA Binding 2

Park JH, Nam Y, Kwon J, Suh JG

  • Lab Anim Res.
  • 2010 Mar;26(1):91-94.
  • doi: 10.5625/lar.2010.26.1.91
Damaged DNA binding (DDB) protein is an important gene in the repair of damaged DNA. DDB is a heterodimer (DDB1 and DDB2) protein, murine DDB2 has 10 exons about 1.5kb...
Temporal Changes of Direction and Spatial Frequency Tuning in Visual Cortex Areas 17 and 18

Kim JN

  • Lab Anim Res.
  • 2010 Mar;26(1):83-90.
  • doi: 10.5625/lar.2010.26.1.83
Spatial frequency and direction tuning to drifting sinusoidal gratings are intrinsic properties of neurons in visual cortex neurons in areas 17 and 18. To investigate the stability of these tuning...
Comparing the Effects of Carvedilol Enantiomers on Regression of Established Cardiac Hypertrophy Induced by Pressure Overload

Hao J, Kim CH

  • Lab Anim Res.
  • 2010 Mar;26(1):75-82.
  • doi: 10.5625/lar.2010.26.1.75
Pressure overload diseases such as valvular stenosis and systemic hypertension morphologically manifest in patients as cardiac concentric hypertrophy. Preventing cardiac remodeling due to increased pressure overload is important to reduce...
Proteomic Analysis of Hepatic Ischemia and Reperfusion Injury in Mice

Cho EH, Sung JH, Koh PO

  • Lab Anim Res.
  • 2010 Mar;26(1):69-74.
  • doi: 10.5625/lar.2010.26.1.69
Hepatic ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) injury is an inevitable consequence during liver surgery. I/R injury induces serious hepatic dysfunction and failure. In this study, we identified proteins that were differentially expressed between...
Anxiolytic Effect of a Combination of Green Tea Extract and L-theanine

Lee WK, Kim TI, Park SK, Park HK, Hong JT

  • Lab Anim Res.
  • 2010 Mar;26(1):63-68.
  • doi: 10.5625/lar.2010.26.1.63
The purpose of this study is to investigate whether the combination of green tea extract (GTE) and L-theanine has an anxiolytic effect by oral administration through behavioral tests and neurtransmitters...
Effect of Sodium Silicate on Hair Growth in C57BL/6 Mice

Hue JJ, Jo BK, Kang BS, Kim JH, Nam SY, Yun YW, Kim JS, Jeong JH, Lee SH, Ahn JB, Lee BJ

  • Lab Anim Res.
  • 2010 Mar;26(1):55-62.
  • doi: 10.5625/lar.2010.26.1.55
A promoting effect of Na2SiO3 on hair regrowth was investigated using an animal model of C57BL/6 mice. There were four experimental groups including distilled water (DW, a negative control), 5%...
Inhibitory Effect of Luteolin Liposome Solution by Animal Model for Atopic Dermatitis in NC/Nga Mice

Choi MJ, Lee YM, Jin BS, Kim BH

  • Lab Anim Res.
  • 2010 Mar;26(1):47-53.
  • doi: 10.5625/lar.2010.26.1.47
Atopic dermatitis is a common chronic inflammatory skin disease, associated with marked inflammatory cells (of mast cells and eosinophils) and severe itching, which leads to clinical problems in the pediatric...
Topical Application of Selenium Can Significantly Relieve UV-induced Skin Aging in Hairless Mice

Nam SH, Jung SE, Lee YK, Kim JE, Lee EP, Choi HW, Kim HS, Lee JH, Jung YJ, Lee CY, Son HJ, Lee HW, Cho JS, Kang BC, Hwang DY

  • Lab Anim Res.
  • 2010 Mar;26(1):37-45.
  • doi: 10.5625/lar.2010.26.1.37
Ultraviolet (UV) irradiation is an environmental factor that causes skin aging, and is also a major factor leading to cumulative alterations of skin structure, function and appearance. To investigate the...
Antioxidant Activities of Sanguisorba officinalis and Stichopus japonicus

Lee MO, Oh HG, Park SH, Lee HA, Song J, Kim O

  • Lab Anim Res.
  • 2010 Mar;26(1):31-36.
  • doi: 10.5625/lar.2010.26.1.31
This study is designed to apply for cosmeceutical ingredients with Sanguisorba officinalis and Stichopus japonicus distributed all over the country. The antioxidizing effect of the ethanol extract of Stichopus japonicus...
In vitro and in vivo Antibacterial Activities of Cinnamomum cassia Extracts Against Helicobacter pylori

Lee HA, Hong S, Oh HG, Park SH, Kim YC, Jeong GS, Kim O

  • Lab Anim Res.
  • 2010 Mar;26(1):21-29.
  • doi: 10.5625/lar.2010.26.1.21
Infection with Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) is strongly associated with duodenal and gastric ulcers. Substantial epidemiological data has revealed that high rates of H. pylori infection might be related to...
Investigations of Samwhang-sasimtang Extracts on Biological Activities In Vitro and Vivo

Lee IC, Kim BH, Kim MK

  • Lab Anim Res.
  • 2010 Mar;26(1):15-20.
  • doi: 10.5625/lar.2010.26.1.15
In this study, we investigated the in vitro antioxidative effects, antimicrobial activities and single oral dose toxicity of the extracts from Samwhang-sasimtang to evaluate its use as a functional ingredient...
Anti-inflammatory Effect of Quercetin on Picryl Chloride-induced Contact Dermatitis in BALB/c Mice

Kim HJ, Kim J, Kim SJ, Lee SH, Park YS, Park BK, Kim BS, Kim SK, Cho SD, Jung JW, Nam JS, Choi C, Jung JY

  • Lab Anim Res.
  • 2010 Mar;26(1):7-13.
  • doi: 10.5625/lar.2010.26.1.7
In this study, we investigated that anti-inflammatory effect of quercetin on picryl chloride(PCL)-induced contact dermatitis in BALB/c Mice. Experimental animals were divided into three groups and comprising five animals. All...
Anti-hepatofibrogenic Effect of Turnip Water Extract on Thioacetamide-induced Liver Fibrosis

Li L, Park DH, Li YC, Park SK, Lee YL, Choi HM, Han DS, Yang HJ, Lee EH, Jang HK, Kim YJ, Jang JJ, Lee MJ

  • Lab Anim Res.
  • 2010 Mar;26(1):1-6.
  • doi: 10.5625/lar.2010.26.1.1
Liver fibrosis is a chronic liver disease and lots of people in Korea are suffered. There are many efforts to find candidates to suppress liver fibrogenesis and several chemical-induced model...

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