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Development of Cholangiocarcinoma Arising from Remnant Intrapancreatic Cyst 15 Years after Choledochal Cyst Excision

Lee HK, Lee KM, Kim J, Lee J, An S, Hong SM, Lee HW, Kim MH

  • Korean J Pancreas Biliary Tract.
  • 2017 Jul;22(3):147-151.
  • doi: 10.15279/kpba.2017.22.3.147
Among complications of choledochal cysts, malignant transformation is most concerning and management of choledochal cyst now includes complete cyst excision, whenever possible. In cases of choledochal cyst associated with pancreaticobiliary...
Long-term Survival in Patient with Metastatic Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumor Treated by Variable Treatment

Kang HC, Ryu JK, Lee SH, Kim YT

  • Korean J Pancreas Biliary Tract.
  • 2017 Jul;22(3):141-146.
  • doi: 10.15279/kpba.2017.22.3.141
A 46-year-old female with abnormal radiologic finding was diagnosed with pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor and multiple hepatic metastasis. Molecular targeted therapy (everolimus) and two times of transarterial chemoembolizations (TACE) were performed...
Percutaneous Transhepatic Biliary Drainage and Percutaneous Balloon Dilatation for Patients with Biliary Duct Stones and Biliary Obstruction in Whom an Endoscopic Approach Is Difficult to Use: Case Series of 21 Patients at a Single Institution

Kim G, Kim JK, Ji JY, Kim SH, Park JH, Kyung GC, An HD, Kim MJ, Lee JS

  • Korean J Pancreas Biliary Tract.
  • 2017 Jul;22(3):134-140.
  • doi: 10.15279/kpba.2017.22.3.134
BACKGROUND/AIM: The aim of this study was to evaluate the stability and simplicity of papillary balloon dilatation by retrospectively analyzing the results of performing concurrent papillary balloon dilatation in conjunction...
Effect of Capecitabine plus Oxaliplatin for Advanced Adenocarcinoma of Ampulla of Vater

Lee JH, Kim KH, Woo SM, Park SJ, Han SS, Hong EK, Koh YH, Lee JH, Lee WJ

  • Korean J Pancreas Biliary Tract.
  • 2017 Jul;22(3):127-133.
  • doi: 10.15279/kpba.2017.22.3.127
BACKGROUND/AIM: Adenocarcinoma arising from the ampulla of Vater is a rare disease and has limited data regarding outcome of palliative chemotherapy. We investigated the efficacy and safety of capecitabine plus...
Treatment of Autoimmune Pancreatitis

Han J

  • Korean J Pancreas Biliary Tract.
  • 2017 Jul;22(3):123-126.
  • doi: 10.15279/kpba.2017.22.3.123
Autoimmune pancreatitis is a rare type of chronic pancreatitis. Unlike chronic pancreatitis caused by other causes, autoimmune pancreatitis is characterized by a dramatic response to corticosteroid and immunomodulator therapy. Two...
The Clinical Approach for Asymptomatic Bile Duct Dilatation

Cho CM

  • Korean J Pancreas Biliary Tract.
  • 2017 Jul;22(3):118-122.
  • doi: 10.15279/kpba.2017.22.3.118
Although asymptomatic bile duct dilatation was commonly found in clinical practice due to the development of imaging devices and frequent health screening examination, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between...
Assessment of Asymptomatically Increased CA 19-9

Kim J

  • Korean J Pancreas Biliary Tract.
  • 2017 Jul;22(3):114-117.
  • doi: 10.15279/kpba.2017.22.3.114
Health care screening is becoming more popular in Korea as more people are interested in well-being and health. However, there are controversies regarding usefulness of screening. Tumor markers are frequently...
Evaluation of Asymptomatic Hyperamylasemia and Hyperlipasemia

Lee SH

  • Korean J Pancreas Biliary Tract.
  • 2017 Jul;22(3):103-113.
  • doi: 10.15279/kpba.2017.22.3.103
There are increasing number of cases of serum amylase and lipase levels being examined as part of health screening, but the clinical significance of these amylase and lipase levels is...

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