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Co-cultivation of conjunctival epithelial cells and Chlamydia trachomatis: electron microscopic findings

Kim DS, Ko MK, Kang KT

  • Korean J Ophthalmol.
  • 1998 Jun;12(1):1-5.
  • doi: 10.3341/kjo.1998.12.1.1
This study used primary culture of rabbit conjunctival epithelial cells to investigate the infection process of chlamydia. The epithelial cells isolated from conjunctiva of rabbit were initially cultured for three...
Glutathione transferase (class pi) and tissue transglutaminase (Tgase C) expression in pterygia

Kim YJ, Park ES, Song KY, Park SC, Kim JC

  • Korean J Ophthalmol.
  • 1998 Jun;12(1):6-13.
  • doi: 10.3341/kjo.1998.12.1.6
Pterygia are considered to be induced by predisposing factors such as the external toxic environment. Glutathione transferases (GSTs) have a role in the detoxication of toxic chemicals. Transglutaminases (TGases) are...
Immunopathogenesis of experimental melanin-protein induced uveitis

Kim HS, Lee EH, Kim-Yoon S, Joo CK

  • Korean J Ophthalmol.
  • 1998 Jun;12(1):14-18.
  • doi: 10.3341/kjo.1998.12.1.14
The etiology of uveitis, a general term for inflammatory disorders of the uveal tract, has not been clarified. The purpose of this study is to investigate the immunopathogenesis during experimental...
NF-kappa B activation following optic nerve transection

Choi JS, Kim-Yoon S, Joo CK

  • Korean J Ophthalmol.
  • 1998 Jun;12(1):19-24.
  • doi: 10.3341/kjo.1998.12.1.19
In order to elucidate in vivo neuronal cell death in the retina, and involvement of NF-kappa B in this process, we studied the degeneration of retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) and...
Two-year follow-up of eyes without topical corticosteroid treatment after photorefractive keratectomy (PRK)

Choi SY, Kim HY, Kim JY, Wee WR, Lee JH

  • Korean J Ophthalmol.
  • 1998 Jun;12(1):25-29.
  • doi: 10.3341/kjo.1998.12.1.25
This study was performed to evaluate the result of photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) without topical corticosteroid treatment at postoperative two years. PRK was performed by Summit OmniMed excimer laser, using a...
Comparative study of three phacotrabeculectomy procedures through a single incision

Kim JW, Jung CI, Hwang HS

  • Korean J Ophthalmol.
  • 1998 Jun;12(1):30-36.
  • doi: 10.3341/kjo.1998.12.1.30
The objective of this study is to evaluate and compare the effects of three combined phacoemulsification and trabeculectomy procedures procedures (phacotrabeculectomy) involving intraocular lens implantation through a single incision. Twenty-eight...
Peripapillary atrophy in normal and primary open-angle glaucoma

Uhm KB, Lee DY, Kim JT, Hong C

  • Korean J Ophthalmol.
  • 1998 Jun;12(1):37-50.
  • doi: 10.3341/kjo.1998.12.1.37
This study was undertaken in order to determine the value of measuring peripapillary atrophy for the diagnosis and follow-up of patients with glaucoma, and to evaluate how closely peripapillary atrophy...
Retinal vessel diameter in normal and primary open-angle glaucoma

Lee SB, Uhm KB, Hong C

  • Korean J Ophthalmol.
  • 1998 Jun;12(1):51-59.
  • doi: 10.3341/kjo.1998.12.1.51
The purpose of this study was to determine how closely peripapillary retinal vessel diameter is related to functional and structural optic nerve damage in primary open-angle glaucoma. Using optic disc...
Anatomical and visual results of vitreous surgery for advanced retinopathy of prematurity

Choi MY, Yu YS

  • Korean J Ophthalmol.
  • 1998 Jun;12(1):60-67.
  • doi: 10.3341/kjo.1998.12.1.60
We studied the visual acuity and anatomical stability of 101 eyes which had undergone vitreous surgery for advanced retinopathy of prematurity. All were followed up for at least six months....
The electroretinogram in chronic renal failure

Lim JH, Kim IT

  • Korean J Ophthalmol.
  • 1998 Jun;12(1):68-72.
  • doi: 10.3341/kjo.1998.12.1.68
To evaluate functional changes of the retina in patients with chronic renal failure (CRF), we analyzed maximal combined response according to the recommendations of the International Society of Clinical Electrophysiology...
Subconjunctival silicone oil drainage through the Molteno implant

Hyung SM, Min JP

  • Korean J Ophthalmol.
  • 1998 Jun;12(1):73-75.
  • doi: 10.3341/kjo.1998.12.1.73
To describe silicone oil drainage from the vitreous cavity to the subconjunctival space through a Molteno implant. A 52-year-old aphakic man with a Molteno implant inserted after lensectomy, vitrectomy and...

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