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KIM Ock-Joo and PARK Jiyoung. Sim Bo-Sung

Lee JD

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 2012 Dec;21(3):593-602.
No abstract available.
Jeong Jongmyung, a Korean feminist and midwife of Japanese Colonial Period

Yi G

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 2012 Dec;21(3):551-592.
Jeong Jongmyung (1896-?) was born in Seoul and could have 4 years of formal education in a missionary girls' school. She learned Chinese writing, English, Korean, Japanese, History, Geography, and...
Racism of "Blood" and Colonial Medicine: Blood Group Anthropology Studies at Keijo Imperial University Department of Forensic Medicine

Jung JY

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 2012 Dec;21(3):513-550.
This paper attempts to explore implications of Colonial medicine's Blood Type Studies, concerning the characteristics and tasks of racism in the Japanese Colonial Empire. Especially, it focuses on the Blood...
Hong Seok-hoo's Translation of "New Edition of Physiology Textbook"(1906) and its Meanings

Park JH, Park HW

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 2012 Dec;21(3):477-512.
Hong Seok-hoo, who took charge of Jejungwon, was successful in translating Jiro Tsuboi's book titled "Sinpyeonsaengnigyogwaseo (1897)" and publishing it with a title of "New Edition of Physiology Textbook" in...
The First and the Second Pneumonic Plague in Manchuria and the Preventive Measure of Japanese Colonial Authorities (1910-1921)

Sihn KH

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 2012 Dec;21(3):449-476.
During the first plague epidemic in Manchuria (1910-1911), Japanese Government-General in Korea had not reported a plague patient at all in official. This did not mean the preventive measure of...
Editing style of Imwon Gyeongjeji / Inje-ji and inclusion of the medicinal knowledge of the late period of Joseon: Comparing mainly with Dongui-Bogam

Jeon J, Jo C

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 2012 Dec;21(3):403-448.
ImwonGyeongjeji which was created by Seo Yu-gu in the first half of the 19th century is a encyclopedia of practical use in rural life. It consists of 113 volumes, 16...
A Study on the Anti-smallpox Policy of Joseon Government-General

Park Y

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 2012 Dec;21(3):377-402.
In the beginning of the colonial era, the Joseon Government-General's most important medical policy was related to the disease of smallpox. The Government-General reused some of policies established by the...

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