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Xavier Bichat's Medical Thought in the Historical Context of French Vitalism

Hwang S

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 2012 Apr;21(1):141-170.
The French vitalism is different from vitalism in general. It is a position of some physiologists who worked from the end of the 18th century to the early days of...
Development of Anatomy in the Edo Period: On the Publication of the Zoshi

Kim SS

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 2012 Apr;21(1):101-140.
Chinese medicine that saw rapid development since the writing of Yellow Emperor's Canon of Internal Medicine (Hunagti Neiching) greatly influenced Korea and then Japan, firmly establishing its dominant position in...
The Anatomical Revolution and the Transition of Anatomical Conception in Late Imperial China

Sihn KH

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 2012 Apr;21(1):67-100.
This paper aimed to examine the anatomical revolution from Yilingaicuo (Correcting the Errors of Medicine) and Quantixinlun(Outline of Anatomy and Physiology) in late imperial China. As the cephalocentrism which the...
Life and Works of Heo Yeng-suk, the First Female Medical Practitioner in Modern Korea

Shin DW

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 2012 Apr;21(1):25-66.
Heo Yongsuk (1897-1975) was the second female medical doctor to study Western medicine in a foreign country, the second female journalist, and the one of the representative 'new modern woman'...
The Unique Theory of Cold Damage Advocated by Medical Practitioners in the Latter Era of the Joseon Dynasty

Oh J

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 2012 Apr;21(1):1-24.
The issue of cold damage is one of the major topics of orthodox medicine in East Asia. From the historical view of point, most of the medical practitioners have turned...

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