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Life and Medical Missionary Activities of Esther K. Pak(1877-1910)

Lee BW

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 2007 Dec;16(2):193-213.
Esther K. Pak(1876-1910) is believed as the first medical doctor in Korea. Esther's life can be largely reviewed in three parts: school-hood at EwhaHaktang(currently Ewha Womans University), Education in the...
1918 Influenza Pandemic in Korea: A Review on Dr. Schofield' Article

Chun MS, Yang IS

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 2007 Dec;16(2):177-191.
The article "Pandemic influenza in Korea with special references to its etiology," published in JAMA in April, 1919 by Dr. Frank William Schofield, is a valuable material reflecting the influenza...
Traditional Medicine Seen from the Perspective of Western Medicine during the Late 19th and Early 20th Century in Korea

Yeo IS

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 2007 Dec;16(2):161-176.
From the 18th century traditional medicine began to be criticised by some of Korean intellectuals who attained the knowledge of Western medicine through the imported books on Western science. In...
New Trends of Medicine Manifested at Naeuiwon in the Late Chosun Period

Kim JS, Hwang SI

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 2007 Dec;16(2):151-160.
Tonifying method has been used to treat various types of deficiency syndrome in traditional Korean medicine. Tonifying medicinal including ginseng and deer horns is one of the various methods of...
A Study on the Shin Man's Life and Idea of Medicine in Juchonsinbang

Kim DH

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 2007 Dec;16(2):133-150.
For the purpose of understanding the feature of medicine in the late Chosun Dynasty, I investigated Shin Man(1620-1669)'s life and his idea of medicine in Juchonsinbang. Shin Man was a...
The Provincial Medical System during the Early Days of Koryo Dynasty

Lee KL

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 2007 Dec;16(2):111-131.
This article explores the setup and development of the provincial medical system during the early days of Koryo(918-1392) Dynasty. Under the reign of King HyunJong(1009-1031) the dualistic medical system of...

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