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A Manuel for Pregnant Women

Kim H

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 2004 Dec;13(2):347-359.
No abstract available.
Philosophical background of Evidence-based medicine

Kwon SO

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 2004 Dec;13(2):335-346.
Through the whole history of medicine, there runs a long struggle between two principal tendencies-empiricism and rationalism. The empirical trend lays its emphasis on "experience" for the cure of the...
Encounters of the Korean Body with Traditional and Modern Medical Systems

Kang SI

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 2004 Dec;13(2):315-334.
The body has been an intense focus of attention since the 1990s both in academic and mundane discourse. In philosophy, literature critique, sociology and anthropology the body has been found...
Medical history in the Korean History Textbook

Ko IY, Chu CO

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 2004 Dec;13(2):297-314.
This thesis is a research how the medical history described and organized in the Korean history textbook to compare the 7th educational program from 2002 to the 6th educational program...
Paul D Choy A Life for Learning

Lee GS, Yang JP, Yeo IS

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 2004 Dec;13(2):284-296.
Paul D. Choy was born on February 26th. 1896. He spent his childhood in Japan and America, and he returned to Korea when he turned twenty one years old. He...
Dentistry in Korea during the Japanese Occupation

Shin JE

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 2004 Dec;13(2):251-283.
The Japanese introduction of dentistry into Korea was for treating the Japanese residing in Korea Noda-Oji was the first Japanese dentist for Japanese people in Korea in 1893. and Narajaki...
A History of the Research Department of the Severance Union Medical College

Yeo IS

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 2004 Dec;13(2):233-250.
The Research Department of the Severance Union Medical College was founded on November 4th, 1914. Drs. R. G. Mills, J. D. VanBuskirk and A. I. Ludlow were the co-founders of...
A Study on the Medical Care of the Royal Family in the Chosun Period in 1898: as recorded in the Taeuiwon Ilgi

Kim JS, Hwang SI

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 2004 Dec;13(2):219-232.
Taeuiwon was in charge of the medical care of the royal family in the Chosun period of 1898. The Taeuiwon Ilgi is the document which was recorded by Taeuiwon officials....
King Injo's Disease and Burnt Needle Therapy

Kim IS

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 2004 Dec;13(2):198-218.
This paper investigates an interrelationship between burnt needle therapy and King Injo's disease. From 1633 (Year 11 in King Injo's reign) to May 5, 16. (Year 27 King in Injo's...
The Ginseng Growing District, Taxation and Trade in Ancient Korea

Yang JP, Yeo IS

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 2004 Dec;13(2):177-197.
The very first record of ginseng in the Korean peninsula dates back to early 6th century A.D., with its concentration in Chinese sources. Regardless of the fact that the Korean...

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