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Studies on the History of Psychiatric Diagnosis of the Western and the Eastern medicine with Special Reference to the Papers Presented at the 16th Taniguchi Symposium on the Comparative History of Medicine East and West

Rhi BY

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 1992 Dec;1(1):92-97.
Scientific papers on the history of psychiatric diagnosis presented at the 16th International Taniguchi Symposium for Comparative History of Medicine-East and West which was held in 1991 in Japan...
Dr. Choi Myung-Hak the First Modern Korean Anatomist

Park HW, Yeo IS

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 1992 Dec;1(1):88-91.
Though it is known that the concept of anatomy was introduced in the age of Three Kingdoms, anatomy in modern sense meaning was introduced in late Chosun Dynasty by...
An Analytic Study of Medical Records in Sam-Kuk-Sa-Ki

Yeo IS, Lee KC

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 1992 Dec;1(1):83-87.
In Sam-Kuk-Sa-Ki there are several types of records which are associated with medicine. They are of the plagues, delivery of twins, drugs in use of the time, religious healing...
Kyongsong Imperial University Medical College

Kee CD

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 1992 Dec;1(1):64-82.
Japan annexed Korea in 1910 and with the promulgation of the Chosen Kyoyuk Ryong(the Korea Education Decree) in 1911, it began to conduct education for the Korean people. However,...
Study on the Transition of Intestinal Parasites in Korea from 1913 to 1989

Seo HG, Hwang SI, Chae JI

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 1992 Dec;1(1):45-63.
This study was performed to review the transition of infection rate and major factor in decreasing pattern of intestinal parasites infection in Korea. The results of this review study...
Division and Specialization of the Western European Physiology in the 19th Century

Hwang SI, Kim OJ

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 1992 Dec;1(1):36-44.
The 19th century has been thought to be the turning point that the experimental method bean to take strong root as the core to solve many physiological subjects, and...
On Hansung Physicians Association

Yeo IS, Lee KC

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 1992 Dec;1(1):31-35.
Hansung Physicians Association was organized in Dec. 1915. Its members were medical practitioners residing in Kyungsung(Seoul). It was apposed to Kyunsung physicians Association, of which members were Japanese. After...
The Development of I. P. Pavlov's Conditioned Reflex Theory

Kim OJ

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 1992 Dec;1(1):19-30.
This paper deals with the theory of Ivan Petrovich Pavlov(1849-1936), a Russian physiologist, who presented for the first time the systematic theory of the function of the brain that...
Christian Ideals in the History of Medical Care

Lee TJ

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 1992 Dec;1(1):13-18.
Probably because the Renaissance period tended to be overglorified, people have even come to equate the "Middle Ages" with the "Dark Ages". But some writings have recently expressed positive...
The Beginning of Western Medical Education

Kee CD

  • Korean J Med Hist.
  • 1992 Dec;1(1):3-12.
Our country had quite an advanced system of medical education during the era of the Koryo Kingdom, and during the Choson Dynasty, the Kyong Guk Dae Jon, in Which...

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