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A Case of Mucinous Cystic Neoplasm of the Pancreas Communicating with the Main Pancreatic Duct

Hwang JJ, Kim TH, Kim WS, Jang HJ, Kim HJ, Kim HJ, Jung WT, Lee OJ

  • KMID: 1454486
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 2010 Nov;41(5):324-327.
Diagnoses of cystic lesions in the pancreas are increasing in clinical practice because of the wider use of imaging studies. The selection of appropriate treatment depends on the ability to...
Rectal Endometriosis That Is Difficult to Differentiate from Endoscopically Resectable Subepitherial Lesion

Chung SK, Lee SH, Son BS, Lee CK, Lee TH, Chung IK, Kim SJ, Lee JH

  • KMID: 1454485
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 2010 Nov;41(5):319-323.
Endometriosis occurs most frequently in the intestine. In the pelvic organs intestinal endometriosis presents with various symptoms and endoscopic findings. If an asymptomatic submucosal lesion is found in the sigmoid...
Two Cases of Pyoderma Gangrenosum Associated with Recurrent Ulcerative Colitis

Kwon YH, Kim JW, Park SY, Kim MY, Kim HS, Baik SK, Abdul-Ghafar J, Cho MY

  • KMID: 1454484
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 2010 Nov;41(5):312-318.
Pyoderma gangrenosum (PG) begins with a painful, erythematous skin lesion followed by pustule formation and rapid ulceration in which an erythematous border surrounds a sterile, necrotic center. In most patients,...
Simultaneous Melanosis Duodeni and Melanosis Ilei in a Patient Taking Oral Iron

Lee KW, Jeong WJ, Lee JH, Kang JW, Jang KH, Han KH, Kang GH, Cheon GJ

  • KMID: 1454483
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 2010 Nov;41(5):308-311.
Melanosis means the accumulation of brown or black pigment in an organ. Melanosis can be observed in virtually all parts of the gastrointestinal tract. However, it most frequently affects the...
A Case of Dieulafoy's Lesion with Pseudoaneurysm in the Sigmoid Colon

Kim TW, Kim HJ, Min JH, Byun SJ, Lee JA, Jang SH, Choi SY

  • KMID: 1454482
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 2010 Nov;41(5):303-307.
Dieulafoy's lesions are characterized by a single large tortuous arteriole in the submucosa, and this arteriole does not undergo normal branching. These lesions are an uncommon cause of massive, sometimes...
A Case of Early Esophageal Cancer Treated by Photodynamic Therapy in a Patient with Liver Cirrhosis Accompanied by Esophageal Varix

Chung YY, Chung WC, Chang UI, Oak JH, Jeong YO, Kim MJ, Paik CN, Lee KM

  • KMID: 1454481
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 2010 Nov;41(5):298-302.
Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a non-invasive treatment for cancer that works through a photochemical effect after the administration of a photosensitizer. At first, PDT had been used for the relief...
A Case of Duodenal Diverticulitis

Seock CH, Kim HK, Park TI, John BM, Jo HU, Kim JS, Kim KB, Na BS

  • KMID: 1454480
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 2010 Nov;41(5):294-297.
Duodenal diverticulitis is difficult to diagnose because it can mimic other common diseases such as cholecystitis and perforated ulcer. Recently, we experienced a rare case of duodenal diverticulitis that was...
Portal and Mesenteric Venous Thrombosis Complicating Endoscopic Injection Sclerotherapy

Ko SC, Kim BR, Jang YH, Kim JE, Kim YJ, Lee SJ, Lee ST, Lee HI

  • KMID: 1454479
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 2010 Nov;41(5):290-293.
Endoscopic injection sclerotherapy is an effective and relatively safe modality for controlling bleeding esophageal varices. Injection of sclerosant causes acute mural thrombosis with a necroinflammatory response and subsequent sclerosis in...
A Case of an Exoluminal Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor That Was Confused with a Metastatic Lymph Node in Early Gastric Cancer

Park JS, Park H, Kim JW, Yoon SO, Park HS, Kim JH, Yoon YH, Cho EN

  • KMID: 1454478
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 2010 Nov;41(5):285-289.
Gastric adenocarcinoma may coexist with tumors of other histological types. The synchronous occurrence of gastric adenocarcinoma and gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) has rarely been reported in the literature. It is...
Simultaneous Herpes Simplex and Candida Esophagitis in Renal Transplant Patients

Oh HJ, Kim SE, Choi JY, Roh SH, Jung HK, Kim TH, Shim KN, Jung SA

  • KMID: 1454477
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 2010 Nov;41(5):280-284.
Infectious esophagitis usually occurs in immunocompromised patients with AIDS, malignancy and those receiving immunosuppresive therapy. Common pathogens causing esophagitis include Candida, Herpes simplex virus and Cytomegalovirus. However simultaneous esophageal infection...
Bilateral Biliary Approach in Patients with Hepatolithiasis

Kim DU, Song GA, Kim KH, Kim S, Kim HW, Kang DH

  • KMID: 1454476
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 2010 Nov;41(5):273-279.
BACKGROUND/AIMS: Percutaneous procedures for treating patients with hepatolithiasis associated with intrahepatic biliary stricture (IHBS) have been shown to have a relatively lower rate of successful stone removal than without IHBS....
Results of Screening Colonoscopy in Asymptomatic Average-risk Koreans at a Community-based Secondary Hospital

Kim JK, Choi YS, Suh JP, Lee IT, Youk EG, Lee DS

  • KMID: 1454475
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 2010 Nov;41(5):266-272.
BACKGROUND/AIMS: Colonoscopy has emerged as the dominant colorectal cancer screening strategy, yet the data on the results of performing screening colonoscopy in asymptomatic average risk Koreans is limited. The aim...
Endoscopic Treatment of Gallstone Diseases

Yoo BM

  • KMID: 1454474
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 2010 Nov;41(5):255-265.
Gallstone diseases include gallbladder stones, extrahepatic bile duct stones and intrahepatic duct stones. In the past, the main treatment modality was a surgical operation. With the development of endoscopic treatment,...

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