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A Case of Primary Pure Cholesterol Hepatolithiasis

Hyung CH, Kim MH, Kim GD, Pyo SH, Moon SH, Kim HS, Jung YJ, Song MH, Lee SS, Seo DW, Lee SK, Min YI

  • KMID: 1865586
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 2003 Jun;26(6):448-453.
In the past, most hepatolithiasis had been brown pigment stones in Korea. However, stones with high cholesterol content are found with increasing frequency. Abdominal ultrasonography is superior to CT for...
A Case of Sporadic Adenomatous Polyposis Coli Combined with Rectal Cancer

Kim CY, Jeen YT, Yoon I, Kim JY, Park SM, Jung RS, Kim YS, Lee HS, Chun HJ, Lee SW, Um SH, Choi JH, Kim CD, Ryu HS, Hyun JH

  • KMID: 1865585
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 2003 Jun;26(6):443-447.
Adenomatous polyposis coli (APC) is a rare autosomal dominant disorder in which about 20~30% of affected individuals do not have a family history. It is characterized by hundreds to thousands...
A Case of Granular Cell Tumor of the Ascending Colon

Ryu JH, Choi MH, Kim GS, Choi CS, Suh YA, Jang HJ, Eun CS, Kae SH, Lee J

  • KMID: 1865584
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 2003 Jun;26(6):439-442.
A 40-year-old woman was admitted with a history of intermittent abdominal pain at the right lower quadrant area. Colonoscopy showed a 1.5 1.5 cm sized polypoid lesion that had yellowish...
A Case of Gastric Stricture Caused by Chemical Fertilizer

Cho J, Lee Y

  • KMID: 1865583
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 2003 Jun;26(6):435-438.
Gastric stricture is caused by the ingestion of caustic materials, or by the involvement of a gastric infiltrating carcinoma. Corrosive injury-induced stricture is uncommon and the gastric injury caused by...
A Case of Metastatic Gastric Cancer Resulting from Mixed Germ Cell Tumor

Kim DY, Yang SE, Kim CW, Kim JH, Nam SW, Kim JI, Park SH, Han JY, Kim JK, Chung KW, Sun HS, Lee KY

  • KMID: 1865582
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 2003 Jun;26(6):431-434.
Majority of metastatic stomach tumor is direct invasion from adjacent malignant lesions such as pancreatic carcinoma, hepatoma, colonic carcinoma which invade the stomach via gastrocolic ligament. Otherwise, metastatic involvement of...
Two Cases of Alimentary Tract Fistula Treated by Endoscopic Local Injection Therapy

Kim HG, Cho JW, Park SJ, Lee TH, Jung IS, Koh BM, Hong SJ, Ryu CB, Kim JO, Cho JY, Lee JS, Lee MS, Shim CS, Kim BS

  • KMID: 1865581
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 2003 Jun;26(6):426-430.
Gastrointestinal fistula is a disease of varying etiologies. It may occur spontaneously or as a result of an iatrogenic cause. Spontaneous fistula occurs as a result of an inflammatory process,...
Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography in Thirty-four Children

Jung SH, Kim KM, Seo DW, Choi BH, Yoon CH, Yoon JY, Kim JH, Lee SK, Kim MH, Min YI

  • KMID: 1865580
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 2003 Jun;26(6):418-425.
BACKGROUND/AIMS: Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) is being used with increasing frequency as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool in children with suspected disorders of the pancreaticobiliary tract. We reviewed ERCPs performed...
Clinical Characteristics and Endoscopic Findings of Impacted Papillary Stone

Joo KR, Kim DH, Kim DH, Park NH

  • KMID: 1865579
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 2003 Jun;26(6):410-417.
BACKGROUND/AIMS: Impacted papillary stone (IPS) may lead to complete biliary obstruction and acute cholangitis. We evaluated clinical characteristics and endoscopic findings of IPS. METHODS: Data were obtained from patient recordings,...
A Study on Clinical Characteristics of Mallory-Weiss Syndrome with Complicated Course

Lee HL, Han DS, Kim JP, Kim JB, Park JY, Sohn JH, Hahm JS

  • KMID: 1865578
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 2003 Jun;26(6):405-409.
BACKGROUND/AIMS: Mallory-Weiss syndrome is a benign and self-limiting disease, but occasionally cases with complications are encountered. The aim of this study was to identify the risk factors for complicated course...
Endoscopic Mucosal Resection Using Insulated-tip Electrosurgical Knife

Park YS, Park SW, Song SY, Kim TI, Lee SJ, Chung JB, Kang JK

  • KMID: 1865577
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 2003 Jun;26(6):397-404.
BACKGROUND/AIMS: Endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR) has become a standard treatment for gastric mucosal neoplasm. A new EMR technique, using an insulated-tip electrosurgical knife (IT-EMR), was developed for large mucosal lesions....

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