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One Case of Mucinous Ductal Ectasia Diagnosed with Ultrathin Pancreatoscopy

Kim YS, Cho SW, Hahm KB, Kim JH, Hong SJ, Moon YS, Yoon MH, Kang HK

  • KMID: 1929039
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 1996 Oct;16(5):807-815.
Mucinous ductal ectasia(MDE) is a newly described entity of mucinous neoplasm of pancreas with characteristic endoscopic and pancreatographic findings. It is charaeterized by a patulous duodenal papilla extruding mucus and...
Cholecysto - Duodeno - Colic Fistula : Report of One Case

Shim CS, Lee JS, Lee MS, Cho JY, Cho YD, Lee YH, Bong HK, Kim JO, Kim YS, Hwang SG, Hwang JH

  • KMID: 1929038
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 1996 Oct;16(5):801-806.
Biliary-enteric fistula is in 0.5% to 5% of patients undergoing biliary tract surgery. The most common cause of biliary-enteric fistula is gallstones and their complications, Much less common causes are...
A Case of Formalin Therapy for Hemorrhagic Radiation Proctitis

Lee SI, Park IS, Park HJ, Sohn SK, Song JW, Jung JK, Ahn TW

  • KMID: 1929037
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 1996 Oct;16(5):793-799.
Hemorrhagic radiation proctitis is infrequently seen in patients receiving pelvic irradiation. The treatment of hemorrhagic ralation proctitis is often difficult. Many patients need reyeated hospitalizations and blood transfusions. Occasionally patiets...
A Case Report of Segmental Non-Familial Colonic Polyposis

Min YI, Jung HY, Yang SK, Park SM, Chae HB, Hong WS, Yoo KS

  • KMID: 1929036
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 1996 Oct;16(5):787-792.
Segmental non-familial colonic polyposis was first reported by Chiang et al. in 1992. It is characterized by segmental distributlion of colonic polyposis usually confined to the descending colon, absence of...
Colitis Cyatica Profunda: Case report

Kim HS, Lee KR, Yoo CJ, Park SY, Lim SW, Lee JK

  • KMID: 1929035
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 1996 Oct;16(5):780-785.
Colitis Cystica Profunda(CCP) is an uncommon disease in Korea, and little knowledge exists about CCP, including knowledge about its incidence and prevalence. However, it may be speculated that the disease...
A Case of Yersinia enterocolitica Enterocolitis and Mesenteric Lymphadenitis Diagnosed by Colonoscopy

Park KN, Han DS, Sohn JH, Lee SH, Park JY, Kang JO, Choi TY

  • KMID: 1929034
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 1996 Oct;16(5):773-779.
Yersinia enterocolitica is an important pathogen that causes a spectrum of clinical illnesses from simple gastroenteritis to invasive ileitis and colitis. Also it is important to differentiate endoscopic findings involving...
A Case Report of Cystic Lymphangioma of Colon

Park SJ, Uh JG, Chun DH, Kim JI, Park JI, Yu IH, Kim WY, Lee CH, Kang JH, Han SM, Choi DW, Park YH

  • KMID: 1929033
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 1996 Oct;16(5):765-771.
Lymphangioma is a benign tumor of lymphatic origin. Lymphangioma can occur anywhere in the body and only rarely affects the intestinal tract. Most intestinal lymphangiomas are asymptomatic and detected incidentally...
A Case of Antral Web in a Child

Kim YJ

  • KMID: 1929032
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 1996 Oct;16(5):761-764.
Antral web is a very rare cause of vomiting in child, known to be a congenital disorder caused by incomplete recanalization of embryonic foregut, and in almost cases treated surgically....
A Case of Gastric Actinomycosia after Gastrectomy for Early Gastric Cancer

Park GH, Choo SO, Lee JW, Lee JG, Hur C, Lee JK

  • KMID: 1929031
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 1996 Oct;16(5):757-760.
Primary gastric actinomycosis is an extremely rare disease and less than 20 cases are reported in literature. We experienced a case of gastric actinomycosis in the 63-year-old woman who had...
A Case of Duodenal Metastasis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Presenting Gastrointestinal Bleeding

Kang YJ, Park HU, Ok JH, Kim MK, Kim TI, Lee HG, Kim YG, Choi YS

  • KMID: 1929030
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 1996 Oct;16(5):749-755.
Extrahepatic metastasis of Hepatocellular carcinoma(HCC) to the gastrointestinal tract is uncommon. Because most of metastases to the gastrointestinal tract have no clinical manifestations, they are usually found incidentally at the...
A Case of Solitary Gastric Neurofibroma Presenting as Hematemesis and Melena

Lee OJ, Kim YC, Lee JH, Kim GH, Jung HG, Chun MY

  • KMID: 1929029
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 1996 Oct;16(5):743-748.
Gastric neurofibroma is rare and its exact incidence is unknown. We experienced a case of solitary gastric neurofibroma. A 49-year-old woman was admitted because of hematemesis and melena. Neither cafe-au-lait...
Clinical Usefulness of Ultrathin - caliber Pancreatoscopy on Diagnosis of Various Pancreatic Diaeases

Shim CS, Lee JS, Lee MS, Cho JY, Cho YD, Lee YH, Kim YS, Hwang SG, Bong HK, Kim JO

  • KMID: 1929028
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 1996 Oct;16(5):733-741.
Although ERCP has been widely used to diagnose and occasionally treat chronic pancreatitis, it is not always easy to differentiate between malignancy and benign disease by ERCP alone. So peroral...
Endoscopic Findings of Colonic Tuberculosis

Yang US, Cho M, Song GA, Ok CM, Ko WO, Chu HJ, Park SK, Na SK, Kim CH

  • KMID: 1929027
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 1996 Oct;16(5):724-732.
The purpose of this paper is to review the colonoscopic fingings of twenty two patients with colonic tuberculosis which were diagnosed by colonoscopic finding, histopathology, and follow-up observation after antituberculosis...
A Comparison Between Savary - Gilliard and Balloon Dilatation in Benign Esophageal Stricture

Jeong HY, Lee HY, Kim SG, Kim JH, Seo KS, Kim NJ, Kim SH, Lee BS

  • KMID: 1929026
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 1996 Oct;16(5):715-723.
The balloon dilatation or Savary-Gilliard dilatation was performed in 59 patients with benign esophageal stricture in Chungnam National University Hospital from September 1990 to August 1995. We reviewed the effect...
Efficacy and Longterm Follow-up of Endoscopic Variceal Ligation on Esophageal Varix Bleeding

Yoon YB, Song IS, Kim CY, Lee HS, Yoon JH, Chung HC, Kim YT, Lee DH, Lee KL, Lee HJ, Chung WT, Kim JG

  • KMID: 1929025
  • Korean J Gastrointest Endosc.
  • 1996 Oct;16(5):707-714.
Hemorrhage from esophageal varices is a catastrophic complication of portal hypertension. Endoscopic variceal ligation(EVL) is a newly developed technique that may replace Endoscopic injection sclerotherapy(EIS). But there are a few...

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