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Relation between the Total Diet Quality based on Korean Healthy Eating Index and the Incidence of Metabolic Syndrome Constituents and Metabolic Syndrome among a Prospective Cohort of Korean Adults

Shin S, Lee S

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 2020 Feb;25(1):61-70.
  • doi: 10.5720/kjcn.2020.25.1.61
OBJECTIVES: This study examined the association of the total diet quality with the incidence risk of metabolic syndrome constituents and metabolic syndrome among Korean adults. METHODS: Based on a community-based cohort...
Comparison of 24-hour Recalls with a Food Frequency Questionnaire in Assessing Coffee Consumption: The Health Examinees (HEXA) Study

Kim AN, Youn J, Cho HJ, Jin T, Shin S, Lee JE

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 2020 Feb;25(1):48-60.
  • doi: 10.5720/kjcn.2020.25.1.48
OBJECTIVES: Most cohort studies used food frequency questionnaires (FFQ) to evaluate coffee consumption as it assesses habitual dietary patterns, whereas some studies have used the 24-hour recalls (24HR) as it...
Analysis of Dietary Calcium and Phosphorus Intakes and Contribution Rates of Major Dish Groups according to Gender, Age, and Region in Korea

Lee YK, Choi MK, Hyun T, Lyu ES, Park H, Ro HK, Heo YR

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 2020 Feb;25(1):32-47.
  • doi: 10.5720/kjcn.2020.25.1.32
OBJECTIVES: Calcium (Ca) is an insufficiently consumed nutrient, whereas phosphorus (P) intake has exceeded the recommended intake level in Korea over the past decade. The purpose of this study was...
Customers' Perceptions of Operational Status of and Needs for Sodium Reduction in the Industry Foodservice in Seoul


  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 2020 Feb;25(1):21-31.
  • doi: 10.5720/kjcn.2020.25.1.21
OBJECTIVES: This study aimed to compare customers' perceptions of the need for a low-sodium diet and sodium-reduced operations in the industry foodservice by age. The relationships between health concerns and...
Comparison of Salinity and Sodium Content by the Salinity Measurement Frequency of Soups of Childcare Centers Enrolled in the Center for Children's Food Service Management in Daegu

Lee NY, Lee YK

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 2020 Feb;25(1):13-20.
  • doi: 10.5720/kjcn.2020.25.1.13
OBJECTIVES: This study examined the salinity of soups provided at childcare centers by measuring the salinity for three years and providing basic data for sodium reduction. METHODS: The soup salinity was...
Analysis of Factors Affecting Breakfast Eating Behavior of Children in Indonesia: An Application of the Health Belief Model

Kang RY, Lee SJ, Ryu HK

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 2020 Feb;25(1):1-12.
  • doi: 10.5720/kjcn.2020.25.1.1
OBJECTIVES: This study investigates the current state of consuming breakfast among elementary school students residing in Malang, East Java, Indonesia, and to identify factors that influence breakfast behavior. METHODS: The research...

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