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Effects of Dietary Proteins and Inositol Hexaphosphate on the Preneoplastic Lesions and Antioxidant Enzymes of Hepatocellular Carcinogenesis in Rats

Kim HD, Choi H

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 1999 Jun;4(2):239-247.
Six-week-old Sprague Dawley rats were fed the diets of 20% casein or soy protein. Two weeks after the feeding, hepatocellular chemical carcinogenesis was initiated by diethylnitrosamine(DEN), and promoted by the...
Food Habits and Serum Lipid Concentratons during the Periods of Training and Detraining in Volleyball Players

Kim J, Choue R, Cho M, Sunoo S

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 1999 Jun;4(2):231-238.
This study was done to investigate the 12 college volleyball player's food behavior, nutrient intakes, and their serum lipid levels during the periods of training and detraining and to provide...
Characteristics of Eating Behaviors of the Long-lived Elderly People in Kyungpook Sung-Ju

Kim JH, Koo BK, Kim KJ, Baek JW, Lee YK, Lee SK, Lee HS

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 1999 Jun;4(2):219-230.
The purpose of this study was to find out the common characteristics of eating behaviors of the long-lived elderly in order to offer the basic data for establishing dietary guidelines...
Strategies of Improve Elderly Nutrition through Nutrition Education : Evaluation of the Effectivenss of the Program

Yim KS, Min YH, Lee TY, Kim YJ

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 1999 Jun;4(2):207-218.
The increased number of elderly in Korea presents great challenges for community nutrition programs. Strategies to enchance elderly nutrition are needed, as well as dietary advice that are reality-based and...
A Study on the Food Behaviors and Nutritional Status of Industrial Workers

Park MH, Choi YS, Lee MA, Choi BS, Jung HJ

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 1999 Jun;4(2):194-206.
This study inrestigated the dietary behavior, nutritional intake, and health status of industrial workers. Two hundred seventy workers(165 men and 105 women) in Masan, who were provided food services were...
Characteristics of the Anthropometry and Plasma Lipid Profiles of Patients with Simple and Combined Hypercholesterolemia

Huh YR, Hwang KH, Lim HS

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 1999 Jun;4(2):186-193.
Recent epidemiologic and clinical students have shown that plasma cholesterol and triglyceride levels are independent risk factors for coronary heart disease. However, there is not much data on the characteristics...
The Effect of Daytime Jobs on the Dietary Behaviors and Nutrient Intakes among Evening Class University Students

Choi HJ, Jun YS, Park MK, Choi MK

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 1999 Jun;4(2):175-185.
This study was conducted among the university students to investigate the effects of working in an daytime and studying in an evening class on dietary behaviors and nutrient intakes. A...
An Assessment of Obesity and Dietary Habits of College Students Taking the Course Health and Diet

Kim HA, Lee KH, Cho YJ

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 1999 Jun;4(2):166-174.
We examined the obesity levels and dietary habits of 323 college students taking the course 'Health and Diet' as a part of theirnutritional education. The average percentages of body fat,...
Macronutrient Consumption Pattern in Relation to Regional Body Fat Distribution in Korean Adolescents

Choi YS, Kim YO

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 1999 Jun;4(2):157-165.
This study was conducted to identify the determinants of regional body fat distribution of obesity(upper body obesity and lower body obesity) for adolescents. The macronutrient consumption pattern utilized the most...
Dietary Intakes, Serum Lipids and Hematological Indices in Female Adolescent Smokers

Kim JH, Lee HW, Kim KW

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 1999 Jun;4(2):149-156.
This study was due to investigate the dietary intakes, serum lipids and other hematological indices in female adolescent smokers. The subjects were 85 smokers, whose average pack-year(smoking years on the...
A Study on Iron Nutritional Status of Girls at Puberty in Kangnung Area

Kim EK, Ryu ON, Park KW

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 1999 Jun;4(2):139-148.
This study was designed to assess the iron nutritional status of girls at puberty in Kangnung area. The subjects consisted of 161 adolescents in sixth-grade in primary school and first-grade...
Nutritional Status of Preschool Children Residing in Low Income Urban Area: Biochemical Parameters of Protein Nutrition and Immunity

Son SM, Park SH

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 1999 Jun;4(2):132-138.
The purpose of this study was to determine biochemical parameters related to protein and immunity. Subjects were 125 preschool children(M:69, F:56) residing in low income area of Seoul. Mean serum...
Nutritional Status of Preschool Children in Low Income Urban Area: Anthropometry and Dietary Intake

Son SM, Park SH

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 1999 Jun;4(2):123-131.
The nutritional status of 125 preschool chidren(Female : 56, Male : 69) residing in low income area of Seoul was surveyed. The mean family size was 4.3 and the mean...

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