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Analyzing the Producer's Attitudes toward Specialist's Advice and the Panelist Constitution of Nutrition related TV programs

Lee JW, Lee B

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 1998 May;3(2):317-328.
In order to investigate if nutrition-related TV programs give the public correct and useful imformation, 26 producers(PD) having worked for any one of the nutirtion-related TV programs were surveyed by...
A Study of the Relationship between the Eating Attitude Influenced by Eating DDisorder and Body Shape, Nutritional Knowledge among Female College Students in Won Ju Province

Won HR

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 1998 May;3(2):308-316.
This study was made to find out the relationship between the eating attitude influenced by an eating disorder and nutritional knowledge among 441 female college students. A self-report questionnaire was...
An Ecological Study on Eating Behavior of Middle School Students in Seoul

Kim JH, Choi JH, Lee MJ, Moon J

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 1998 May;3(2):292-307.
This study was conducted to evaluate the eating behavior and to analyze the various factors affecting eating behavior among middle school students. The subjents consisted of 212 middle school students(106...
Comparison of Human Attributes for School and Hospital Dietitians : by Importance and Frequency Scale

Song ES, kim MS

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 1998 May;3(2):281-291.
Job analysis was done by the method of interview and survey to find out the human attributes needed for dietitans' job performance. The knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics including...
Validity of Self-administered Semiquantitative Food Frequency Questionnaire by Conditions of One Portion Size

Kim M, Kim Y, Kim S

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 1998 May;3(2):273-280.
This study was designed to estimate the improvement of Validity for food frequency questionnaire(FFQ) by offering multiple choice portion size in developing a questionnaire. Validity of the two methods(food frequency...
Development and Evaluation of Nutrition Education Program for Middle Aged Men at Worksite

Woo MK, Jegal SA, Kim SA

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 1998 May;3(2):261-272.
The purpose of this study was to develop, implement and evaluate a nutrition education program for middle aged men at a worksite. To be read easily, induce interest, and selected...
Drug Consumption and Nutritional Status of the Elderly in Chung-buk Area: III. Psychological Effect on Drug Consumption and Nutritional Status

Park DY, Hanm KH, Kim KN

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 1998 May;3(2):245-260.
The influences of depression and health anxieth on the elderly's drug use and nutritional status were evaluated by interviews with questionaire from August to October in 1996. One hundred and...
Drug Consumption and Nutritional Status of the Elderly in Chung-buk Area: II. Nutritional Status of Urban and Rural Elderly

Han KH, Park DY, Kim KN

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 1998 May;3(2):228-244.
The nutritional status of 362 elderly men and women in Chung-bud area was evaluated in terms of their nutrient intakes, biochemical and anthrophometric measurements by interviews with questionnaires from August...
Effects of Dietary Protein and Calcium Levels on Iron and Zine Balance in Young Korean Women

Nam K, Kim K, Koo J, Choi H

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 1998 May;3(2):218-227.
No abstract available.
Energy and Macronutrient Intakes during Menstrual Cycle in Young Women

Kim SY, cha BK, Park PS

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 1998 May;3(2):210-217.
The purpose of this study was to examine changes in energy and macronutrient intakes during the premenstrual(days -10-1) and postmenstrual(days 5-14) phases. Thirty-two college female students recorded their food consumption...
Relations of Perception of Obesity and Experiences of Weigh Control and Body Image in High School Students

Ryu HK, Toon JS

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 1998 May;3(2):202-209.
This study was conducted to investigate the relationship among pereption of obesity, experience of weight control control and satisfaction with body image in adolescence. The subjects were 221 high school...
Effects of Eating Behavior and Body Fat on Exercise Performance of High School Students in Sungnam Area

Lee YM, Yoon SW

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 1998 May;3(2):190-201.
This study was carried out with 505(243 boys and 262 girls in the Sungnam area) high school students to investigate the effects of eating behavior and anthropometric variables of weight...
Ecological Studies of Maternal-Infant Nutrition and Feeding in Urban Low Income Areas: III. Infant's Nutrient Intakes and Growth pattern

Ahn HS, Jeong JY

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 1998 May;3(2):174-189.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the nutritional status and growth of Korean infants, who were atending peripheral community clinics in low income areas, by anthropometric measurements and...
The Difference of Lead and Cadmium Concentration of Blood, Urine and Hair between Children with Suboptimal Iron Status and Normal Children

Son SM, Yang JS

  • Korean J Community Nutr.
  • 1998 May;3(2):167-173.
This study was performed to assess the lead and cadmium status of children residing in urbanfactory area and to see if there is a difference of lead and cadmium status...

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