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Distal Middle Cerebral Artery Aneurysm: Case Report

Choi WJ, Yee GT, Sohn MJ, Choi CY, Yoon SW, Whang CJ

  • Korean J Cerebrovasc Surg.
  • 2005 Dec;7(4):333-337.
OBJECTIVE: Middle cerebral artery (MCA) aneurysm, which takes up about 25% of all intracranial aneurysms, usually occurs in MCA bifurcation, and 10% occurs in proximal MCA, and about 1% occurs...
MELAS Syndrome Presenting as Occipital Brain Infarct: Case Report

Han IB, Ahn JY, Kim HS, Kim OJ

  • Korean J Cerebrovasc Surg.
  • 2005 Dec;7(4):329-332.
MELAS syndrome is characterized by mitochondrial myopathy, encephalopathy, lactic acidosis and stroke-like episodes. A 14-year-old male presented with symptoms that resemble stroke including headache, seizure, visual disturbance and slight left...
Dissecting Aneurysm at the A1 Segment of the Anterior Cerebral Artery Manifesting as Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: Two Case Reports

Kim YW, Yoo SH, Kim SR, Kim SD, Park IS, Baik MW

  • Korean J Cerebrovasc Surg.
  • 2005 Dec;7(4):324-328.
Two cases of intracranial dissecting aneurysms of the A1 segment of the anterior cerebral artery(ACA) associated with subarachnoid hemorrhage(SAH) are described. Two patients presented with a ruptured dissecting aneurysm manifesting...
Changes in HSP 70 Distribution to Diazepam After Transient Global Ischemia in Rat

Kang YJ, Kim JJ, Kim JK, Lim YS, Yang HJ, Park CW, Lee G

  • Korean J Cerebrovasc Surg.
  • 2005 Dec;7(4):317-323.
PURPOSE: Cerebral ischemia leads to neuronal damage in specific area of the brain of both rodents and humans. After ischemia, the pyramidal cells in area CA1 of the hippocampus are...
Results of Surgical and Endovascular Treatment of Middle Cerebral Artery Bifurcation Aneurysms: Clinical Research

Chang IB, Ahn SK

  • Korean J Cerebrovasc Surg.
  • 2005 Dec;7(4):309-316.
OBJECTIVE: Endovascular treatment as well as surgical treatment has become a treatment method for the management of the intracerebral aneurysms. The authors present the results of surgical and endovascular treatment...
Factors Related to Shunt-Dependent Hydrocephalus after Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

Park H, Kang DH, Lee CH, Hwang SH, Jung JM, Han JW, Park IS

  • Korean J Cerebrovasc Surg.
  • 2005 Dec;7(4):302-308.
OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study is to investigate various factors predictive of shunt-dependent hydrocephalus among patients with aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage. METHODS: One hundred fifty three patients with aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage...
Early Surgery-Related Complications after STA-MCA Anastomoses: Clinical Article

Kim DW, Kang SD

  • Korean J Cerebrovasc Surg.
  • 2005 Dec;7(4):298-301.
OBJECTIVES: Extracranial-intracranial bypass has remained option of augmenting the cerebral circulation in patient with occlusive cerebrovascular disease, especially hemodynamic cerebral ischemia. The purpose of this article is to investigate early...
Comparison of Image-Guided Surgery Techniques for the Surgical Treatment of Intracerebral Hemorrhage : The Usefulness of Intraoperative Ultrasonography

Byeon JH, Hong JT, Lee SW, Son BC, Sung JH, Kim IS, Choi HC, Kim IS, Kim MC

  • Korean J Cerebrovasc Surg.
  • 2005 Dec;7(4):293-297.
OBJECTIVE: The authors undertook a study to compare three intraoperative guidance systems, which are intraoperative ultrasonography, stereotaxy and computer-assisted image-guided surgery (neuronavigation) in terms of time consuming during the preparation...
Prognostic Factors of Moyamoya Disease Evaluated by Activity of Daily Living

Park JB, Ra YS, Ahn JS, Kwun BD, Lee JK

  • Korean J Cerebrovasc Surg.
  • 2005 Dec;7(4):282-292.
BACKGROUNDS: Moyamoya disease is a progressive occlusive cerebrovascular disease which has characteristics of distal ICA stenosis and basal collateral vessels. Various methods of surgical treatment are recommended in the literatures...
Unruptured Aneurysms-Endovascular Treatment

Kim HC, Kim YW, You SH, Kim SR, Kim SD, Baik MW

  • Korean J Cerebrovasc Surg.
  • 2005 Dec;7(4):277-281.
The management of unruptured aneurysm is controversial, and two main discussion points are its natural history and the role of endovascular coiling in the repair of this aneurysms. We reviewed...

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