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Two Cases of Anti-M of Donated Bloods Confirmed at pH 6.5

Chang SL, Kim JP, Choi BC, Chung HR, Oh DJ

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2006 Jun;17(1):77-81.
Anti-M is detected at room temperature and is often found in the sera of people who have never been exposed to human red cells. In a few cases, anti-M can...
Detection of an AB(weak) Blood Group by Genotyping

Chung HY, Yoon MS, Kim DC, Kim YJ, Park SS, Han KS

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2006 Jun;17(1):71-76.
Since precise ABO blood group typing is the most important part of a safe blood transfusion, the cause of an ABO discrepancy should be determined before issuing blood. The authors...
Serologic Variability of the A(var) (784G>A) and Its Property of Different Expression Depending on Co-inherited ABO Allele

Cho D, Jeon MJ, Song JW, Lee JS, Choi HW, Kwon SY, Kim SH, Shin MG, Shin JH, Suh SP, Ryang DW

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2006 Jun;17(1):61-70.
BACKGROUND: A allele, A(var), characterized by a 784G>A polymorphism (Asp262Asn) has been identified only in Korean A(weak)B donors. This study evaluated the serological and genetic characteristics of thirteen samples with...
The Correlation between the S/CO Ratio of Anti-HCV ELISA, and the Results of the RIBA and RNA Test


  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2006 Jun;17(1):54-60.
BACKGROUND: Recombinant immunoblot assay (RIBA) or RNA test is considered to be a supplemental test for confirming a HCV infection. A correlation has been reported between the signal-to-cutoff (S/CO) ratios...
Evaluation of Domestic Cryostorage Blood Bags

Kim HO, Kim J, Jin HL

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2006 Jun;17(1):48-53.
BACKGROUND: Recent studies have shown that the optimal temperature at which the cord blood and the peripheral blood stem cells need to be cryopreserved is below -160 degrees C in...
Comparison of Amicus and CS-3000 Plus for the Collection of Peripheral Blood Stem Cells

Lee JS, Cho D, Shin MG, Ryang DW, Lee JJ, Kim HJ, Chae HJ, Shin JH, Suh SP

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2006 Jun;17(1):39-47.
BACKGROUND: The efficient collection of peripheral blood stem cells (PBSC) from donors who donate for allogeneic transplants as well as from patients undergoing autologous transplants is essential for a successful...
Apheresis in Korean Red Cross Nambu Blood Center

Jung OJ

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2006 Jun;17(1):32-38.
BACKGROUND: The yields of plateletpheresis products are important to meet standard platelet transfusion doses. The use of single donor platelets (SDPs) has been increased substantially worldwide. Korean Red Cross decided...
Factors Affecting Regular Blood Donation Behavior

Kim JH, Song HJ

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2006 Jun;17(1):20-31.
BACKGROUND: There is a fundamental limitation in securing adequate amounts of blood without the donation from voluntary donors. In order to ensure the adequacy of the blood supply and the...
The Influence of Plateletpheresis Donors' Attitudes on Their Willingness to Give Future Donations and to Recommend Donation to Others

Choung HK, Seo DH, Kim DW

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2006 Jun;17(1):11-19.
BACKGROUND: In order to facilitate public participation in platelet donation, it is important to encourage current donors to give future donations and to recommend others to donate. The aim of...
Long Term Prospects for the Blood Supply and Demand

Park KU, Kwon SY, Kim SW, Lim YA

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2006 Jun;17(1):1-10.
BACKGROUND: There is a need to prepare an adequate blood supply because of the imbalance between the blood supply and demand and the advent of an aging society. This paper...

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