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An Experience of Finding Compatible Blood for Transfusion in Liver Transplant recipient with Unexpected Antibodies of anti-C, anti-Jka and anti-Dia

Kim DC, Youn MS, Song EY, Kim JH, Choi BR, Oh DJ, Oh YC, Han KS

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2002 Dec;13(2):181-186.
It is very important to prevent hemolytic transfusion reaction. We experienced 1 case of transfusion in liver transplantation patient with multiple unexpected antibodies. On crossmatching for 20 pRBC (packed red...
A Case of Neonatal Alloimmune Thrombocytopenia due to Anti-HLA-B62+B75

Lee JS, Park BS, Park HJ, Sun YH, Song EY, Park MH, Han KS

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2002 Dec;13(2):173-179.
We encountered a case of neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia (NAIT) due to anti-HLA-B62+B75. We incidentally find thrombocytopenia (14,000/uL at birth and decreased to 4,000/uL at 12 hours after birth) in a...
Evaluation of leukoreduction filter Bio R02 plusTM for packed RBC

Suh IB, Ma KR, Cho SJ, Chang EA, Lim CS, Kim YK, Lee KN

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2002 Dec;13(2):167-172.
BACKGROUND: As universal WBC filtration of RBCs prior to storage is currently under consideration, few data are available on the performance of WBC-reduction filtration in routine practice. The pre-leukodepletion is...
The Extended Preservation of Outdated Red Blood Cells with Rejuvesol and Additive Solutions

Han TH, Paik IK

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2002 Dec;13(2):157-166.
BACKGROUND: Longer RBC storage will benefit blood banker by reduced outdating and patients by receiving fewer nonviable cells and RBC breakdown products as well as by having the opportunity to...
The Preparation of Frozen Red Blood Cells and Deglycerolization of Frozen RBCs with Haemonetics V50plus

Han TH, Paik IK

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2002 Dec;13(2):149-155.
BACKGROUND: The method utilizing high concentration glycerol is a common way to make frozen red bool cells (RBCs) for extended period, but it requires special deglycerolization equipment for washing after...
Survey of Blood and Blood Component Utilization at Eight University Hospitals in Korea (1999)

Seo DH, Kwon SY, Kim DW, Jeon DS, Oh YC

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2002 Dec;13(2):143-148.
BACKGROUND: Blood utilization review in medical facilities is necessary for predicting blood demand and maintaining an efficient blood program. We investigated the use of blood components and discard rate of...
A Survey of Utilization of Blood Components for Transfusion by Training Hospitals (2000)

Min HK, Kim HO

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2002 Dec;13(2):135-141.
BACKGROUND: Most of blood components in Korea have been used at training hospitals. For representing more advanced supplying modalities about an effective usage of blood components, all blood components which...
Phenotype and Genotype of Cis-AB Family in Chonnam Area

Cho D, Yang SJ, Park MR, Suh SP, Jeon MJ, Seo DH, Ryang DW

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2002 Dec;13(2):127-134.
BACKGROUND: Cis-AB is a rare blood ABO with unusual inheritance on the same chromosome that result from a point mutation. It is relatively common in Korean and Japanese populations. We...
Qualitative and Quantitative Measurements of Anti-HCV Positive Blood Donor Group

Wee JH, Roh SG, Park SJ

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 2002 Dec;13(2):119-126.
BACKGROUND: To determine the positivity of hepatitis C virus-ribonucleic acid (HCV-RNA), we tested blood specimens of donor both positive in enzyme immunoassay (EIA) and in immunoblot assay, and those positive...

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