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A Family Case of Secretor B3 and A1B3 Without B substance in Saliva

Gye HI, Lee GW, You SY, Kang KJ, Lim JH, Kim YG, Han KJ, Kim KW

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 1998 Jun;9(1):117.
No abstract available.
A Case of Rh Negative Brother and Sister, Both of Whose Parents Were Rh Positive

Lee S, Kim SS

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 1998 Jun;9(1):111-116.
The authors have experienced a case of Rh negative brother and sister, both of whose parents were Rh positive. On the testing by five major Rh antisera (anti D, anti...
Preapheresis WBC, mononuclear cell and CD34+ cell counts as predictors of optimal timing of peripheral blood stem cell collection

Kim MJ, Park Q, Lim HS, Kim HO, Min YH, Lyu CJ, Nahm CH

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 1998 Jun;9(1):101-110.
BACKGROUND: Peripheral blood stem cells (PBSC) transplantation has been widely used as a substitute of bone marrow transplantation in patients with hematologic malignancies and solid tumors. Because, PBSC harvest by...
Analysis of Factors Associated with Platelet Refractoriness

Kim JM, Lee WC, Lee SH, Kwon SW

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 1998 Jun;9(1):93-100.
BACKGROUND: Platelet refractoriness is associated with immune and nonimmune factors. It has been shown that the incidence of platelet refractoriness caused by HLA alloimmunization is decreased by using of leukocyte-depleted...
Experience of Blood Usage in Orthotopic Liver Transplantation

Shin BM, Um T, Cho KH, Rha YW, Paik KH, Lee H

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 1998 Jun;9(1):85-91.
BACKGROUND: Liver transplantation (orthotopic) is considered as an important therapy for the end stage liver diseases, but because of the coagulopathies of these patients, the massive bleeding during the operation...
Perception of ABO and Rh(D) Blood-type in Korean Volunteer Donors

Cho NS, Choi OY, Lim YK, Kim SH, Ryu SK, Bai BC, Ahn HS, Kim SI

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 1998 Jun;9(1):73-83.
BACKGROUND: It is important to know one's own exact blood type. While the primary purpose of blood donation is an adequate blood supply, it is also an excellent opportunity for...
Detection of platelet specific antigens by flow cytometry and genotyping method

Wee JH, Jeong KC, Kim JM

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 1998 Jun;9(1):59-72.
BACKGROUND: To identify the human platelet antigens (HPA) associated with neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia (NATP), posttransfusion purpura (PTP), and platelet refractoriness, polymerase chain reaction-sequence specific primer (PCR-SSP) method and immunofluorescent method...
Infusion-Related Toxicities of DMSO Containing Cryopreserved Blood

Kim BS, Choi IK, Kim SJ, Lim CS, Seo JH, Choi CW, Shin SW, Kim YH, Lee KN, Kim JS

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 1998 Jun;9(1):51-57.
PURPOSE: We retrospectively evaluated infusion-related toxicities in the patients transfused with frozen-thawed blood mixed with dimethyl-sulfoxide (DMSO). METHODS: The incidence and severity of infusion-related toxicities in the 25 patients transfused...
Chemical modification of RBC surface antigen with glutaraldehyde crosslinking

Lim CS, Kim IT, Ma KR, Kim YK, Lee KN, Byun SM

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 1998 Jun;9(1):45-49.
BACKGROUND: The chemical modification of RBC surface antigen has many advantages for safe transfusion practice. We evaluated the change of antibody reactivity to RBC surface antigen before and after glutaraldehyde...
Discrepant Frequency of Rh Subtype and Kell Blood Group Antigens between Korean Pregnant Women and Their Neonates

Lee NY, Suh JS, Ryang DW, Son HC, Kwon KC, Yoo BJ

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 1998 Jun;9(1):37-43.
BACKGROUND: The causes of hemolytic disease of the newborn are discrepancies of ABO group, Rh(D) or other RBC antigens. The discrepancies of Rh subgroups except Rh(D) and K typing can...
An Evaluation of Gel Test for Irregular Antibody Screening

Chae SL, Bang KH, Chang EA, Cha YJ

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 1998 Jun;9(1):31-36.
BACKGROUND: The application of gel test to routine immunohematologic works brought on easier interpretation of results and better quality control over conventional tube method. Under the current Korean medical insurance...
The Characteristics of Current Whole Blood, Blood Components and Its Standard Values

Kim SK, Jeong CS, Choi BC, Kim DS

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 1998 Jun;9(1):21-29.
BACKGROUND: Current blood and blood components are prepared from 320ml or 400ml blood collection. The analytic values and standard values of blood and blood components were evaluated at Seo-Bu Blood...
The Effects of Long-Term Plasmapheresis on Donors

Lee MK, Hwang YS, Lee KP, Han HS, Kim JH, Min WK

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 1998 Jun;9(1):9-19.
BACKGROUND: Although many studies have demonstrated the well tolerance of intensive and long-term plasmapheresis in healthy donors, the effects on Korean donors have not been carefully investigated. Thirty donors were...
Changes of Hemoglobin and Serum Ferritin Levels in Whole Blood Donations

Oh DJ, Kim MH

  • Korean J Blood Transfus.
  • 1998 Jun;9(1):1-7.
BACKGROUND: The peripheral blood hemoglobin and serum ferritin were analyzed in 30 consecutive repeat blood donors (28 men, 2 women; mean +/- SD age: 28.0 +/- 8.6 years: median number...

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