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A Case of Podostroma Cornu-Damae Intoxication Induced Pancytopenia and Skin Desquamation: Successful Treatment with Granulocyte Colony Stimulation Factor (G-CFS)

Kim JS, Kim GW, Chung JI, Sim MK, Yoon KC, Choi YH, Yi HR, Choi IZ, Shim CS, Han JH

  • J Korean Soc Clin Toxicol.
  • 2015 Jun;13(1):50-54.
  • doi: 10.0000/jksct.2015.13.1.50
Podostroma cornu-damae is a rare species of fungus belonging to the Hyocreaceae family. Its fruit body is highly toxic, as it contains trichothecene mycotoxins. The morphology is similar to that...
Motor Peripheral Neuropathy Involved Bilateral Lower Extremities Following Acute Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: A Case Report

Choi JH, Lim H

  • J Korean Soc Clin Toxicol.
  • 2015 Jun;13(1):46-49.
  • doi: 10.0000/jksct.2015.13.1.46
Carbon monoxide (CO) intoxication is a leading cause of severe neuropsychological impairments. Peripheral nerve injury has rarely been reported. Following are brief statements describing the motor peripheral neuropathy involved bilateral...
A Case Report of a First Sulfoximine Class of Insecticide, Sulfoxaflor Poisoning

Oh J, Kang H, Lim TH, Lee S, Ahn C

  • J Korean Soc Clin Toxicol.
  • 2015 Jun;13(1):43-45.
  • doi: 10.0000/jksct.2015.13.1.43
Sulfoxaflor is the first insecticide belonging to the sulfoximine class and is efficient against sap-feeding insects that are resistant to other insecticides. Sulfoxaflor acts as a neurotoxin to the central...
A Case of Chlorfluazuron Insectisides Poisoning with Mental Change

Park ES, Kang S, Kim AJ, Baek JH, Jung HM

  • J Korean Soc Clin Toxicol.
  • 2015 Jun;13(1):40-42.
  • doi: 10.0000/jksct.2015.13.1.40
Benzoylureas are chemical compounds best known for their use as insecticides. Diflubenzuron is one of the more commonly used benzoylurea pesticides. Others include chlorfluazuron, flufenoxuron, hexaflumuron, and triflumuron. They act...
Acute Respiratory Failure due to Fatal Acute Copper Sulfate Poisoning: A Case Report

Kim GB

  • J Korean Soc Clin Toxicol.
  • 2015 Jun;13(1):36-39.
  • doi: 10.0000/jksct.2015.13.1.36
Copper sulfate is a copper compound used widely in the chemical and agriculture industries. Most intoxication occurs in developing countries of Southeast Asia particularly India, but rarely occurs in Western...
Acute Pneumonitis Induced by Intravenous Thinner Injection in a Case of Suicidal Attempt

Lee HJ, Choi BH, Kim MJ, Hong JS

  • J Korean Soc Clin Toxicol.
  • 2015 Jun;13(1):33-35.
  • doi: 10.0000/jksct.2015.13.1.33
A 24 year-old man attempted suicide by injection of 1 cc of thinner into his left antecubital vein; 3 hours later, he visited our emergency room because of left chest...
The Factors Affecting the Registration Rates for Emergency Department Based Post-suicidal Care Program

Lee J, Kang HG, Kim C, Oh J, Lim T, Ahn DH, Lee JI, Park MH, Kim KH

  • J Korean Soc Clin Toxicol.
  • 2015 Jun;13(1):25-32.
  • doi: 10.0000/jksct.2015.13.1.25
PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to investigate the independent factors associated with the registration rate for the community-based post suicidal care program in the emergency department (ED). METHODS: This...
Effect of Alcohol on Death Rate in Organophosphate Poisoned Patients

Min YH, Park SM, Lee KJ, Oh YT, Ahn HC, Sohn YD, Ahn JY, Lee YH, Ha SO, Kim YJ

  • J Korean Soc Clin Toxicol.
  • 2015 Jun;13(1):19-24.
  • doi: 10.0000/jksct.2015.13.1.19
PURPOSE: Many patients who are acutely poisoned with organophosphorus pesticides have co-ingested alcohol. The purpose of this study was to identify the factors that influence mortality in organophosphate intoxication and...
The Clinical Characteristics for Emergency Endotracheal Intubation in Acute Drug Intoxication

Han E, Chung HS, Park YS, You JS, Joo Y, Kong T, Park I, Chung SP

  • J Korean Soc Clin Toxicol.
  • 2015 Jun;13(1):11-18.
  • doi: 10.0000/jksct.2015.13.1.11
PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to compare the clinical characteristics in emergency endotracheal intubation between patients with acute drug intoxication and medical disease. METHODS: Data for airway registry collected...
Effect of Intravenous Lipid Emulsion in the Patient with Acute Poisoning : A Systematic Review

Myung J, Ko DR, Kong T, Joo YS, You JS, Chung SP

  • J Korean Soc Clin Toxicol.
  • 2015 Jun;13(1):1-10.
  • doi: 10.0000/jksct.2015.13.1.1
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the usefulness of intravenous lipid emulsion as well as adverse events in acute poisoning patients. METHODS: Literature was accessed through PubMed, EMBASE,...

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