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A Case of Prolonged Coagulopathy in a Patient Intoxicated with Superwarfarin Rodenticide

Park CW, Cho JH, Bae JH, Moon JB, Chon SB, Ahn KO, Lee HY

  • J Korean Soc Clin Toxicol.
  • 2011 Dec;9(2):113-116.
Superwarfarin, such as brodifacoum, is a highly lethal vitamin K antagonist used as a rodenticide. Brodifacoum has a particularly long half-life in the body, which ranges to several months, and...
A Case of Aluminum Phosphide Poisoning

Jung HM, Kim JH, Paik JH, Kim JS, Kim JH, Han SB

  • J Korean Soc Clin Toxicol.
  • 2011 Dec;9(2):109-112.
Aluminum phosphide is commonly used as a rodenticidal agent in agricultural workplaces. However, reported cases of aluminum phosphide poisoning in Korea are rare. Upon contact with moisture in the air,...
A Case of Severe Aconitine Intoxication with Ventricular Tachycardia, Successfully Treated by a Combination of Two Anti-arrhythmic Drugs

Ryoo SM, Sohn CH, Oh BJ, Kim W, Lim KS

  • J Korean Soc Clin Toxicol.
  • 2011 Dec;9(2):105-108.
Aconitine is an anti-inflammatory agent with therapeutic uses in oriental medicine as an analgesic and for treatment of stroke. Because of its sodium channel effect, aconitine can promote undesirable, wide...
Nicolau Syndrome following Diclofenac Injection in an Emergency Department

Chung S, Kang J, Yeo J, Ko J

  • J Korean Soc Clin Toxicol.
  • 2011 Dec;9(2):101-104.
Nicolau syndrome is a rare adverse reaction at the site of an intramuscular injection, and is characterized by severe pain immediately after the injection and rapid development of distinct skin...
Clinical Analysis of Puffer Fish Poisoning Cases

Hyun SH, Sohn CH, Ryoo SM, Oh BJ, Lim KS

  • J Korean Soc Clin Toxicol.
  • 2011 Dec;9(2):95-100.
PURPOSE: Ingestion of puffer fish can be poisonous due to the presence of potent neurotoxins such as tetrodotoxin (TTX) found in its tissues. There are few clinical reports related to...
Factors Associated with Delayed Neuropsychological Sequelae in Acute Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Patients Treated by Hyperbaric Oxygen

Lee DH, Choi WI

  • J Korean Soc Clin Toxicol.
  • 2011 Dec;9(2):88-94.
PURPOSE: Delayed neuropsychological sequelae (DNS) commonly occurs after recovery from acute carbon monoxide poisoning. The aim of this article is to identify the factors associated with DNS development. METHODS: We retrospectively...
Prognostic Factors of Acute Poisoning in Elderly Patients

Kim JY, Jung HM, Kim JH, Han SB, Kim JS, Paik JH

  • J Korean Soc Clin Toxicol.
  • 2011 Dec;9(2):81-87.
PURPOSE: Incidents of suicide attempt and acute poisoning in the elderly population is rising. This study investigated the clinical nature of acute poisoning and differences between the survival and mortality...
Association of Prescribed Drug intoxication and Neuropsychiatric history

Kim HJ, Kim HM, Kim HJ, Cho YS, Lee MG, Jun DH, Go CY

  • J Korean Soc Clin Toxicol.
  • 2011 Dec;9(2):77-80.
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between patients with a neuropsychiatric history and features of their suicide attempt, in order to analyze the risk associated...
Extended Blood Drug Concentrations in Extended Release Formulated Acetaminophen Overdose Patients

Bum JH, Rhee N, Kim MJ, Park JS, Kim HJ, Chung SP, Lee HS

  • J Korean Soc Clin Toxicol.
  • 2011 Dec;9(2):71-76.
PURPOSE: The Rumack-Matthew nomogram cannot be applied in managing overdose by extended release (ER) preparation acetaminophen (AAP). This study analyzed the clinical characteristics of ER preparation AAP overdose in order...
Comparison of Severity in Organophosphate Insecticide Poisoning Patients Treated with Tracheostomy

Choo DH, Park YJ, Kim SP, Kim SJ, Cho SH, Cho NS

  • J Korean Soc Clin Toxicol.
  • 2011 Dec;9(2):61-70.
PURPOSE: This study investigated the effect on survival rate for organophosphate intoxication patients who received tracheostomy. This research was conducted to help identify appropriate treatment of patients who received a...
Clinical Outcome for High-dose Pralidoxime in Treating Organophosphate Intoxication

Lee KM, Choi YH, Cheon YJ, Lee DH

  • J Korean Soc Clin Toxicol.
  • 2011 Dec;9(2):56-60.
PURPOSE: The optimal dose of oximes for use in the treatment of organophosphorus pesticide poisoning has not been conclusively established. In this retrospective study, we assessed the effectiveness of the...
Clinical Features of Acute Acetanilide Herbicide Poisoning

Park CS, Lee MJ, Park SS, Jeong WJ, Kim HJ

  • J Korean Soc Clin Toxicol.
  • 2011 Dec;9(2):49-55.
PURPOSE: Acetanilide has been in widespread use as an amide herbicide compound. However, available data regarding acute human poisoning is scarce. The aim of this study was to analyze the...
Radiological Accident and Acute Radiation Syndrome

Roh HK

  • J Korean Soc Clin Toxicol.
  • 2011 Dec;9(2):39-48.
In mass casualty situation due to radiological accidents, it is important to start aggressive management with rapid triage decisions. External contamination needs immediate decontamination and internal contamination should be treated...

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