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A Case of Bentazone Poisoning Mimicking Organophosphate Intoxication

Jung HM, Kim JH, Han SB, Paik JH, Kim JY, Kim JS

  • J Korean Soc Clin Toxicol.
  • 2010 Dec;8(2):122-124.
Basagran(R) is a herbicide that is widely used in the field and it acts by interfering with photosynthesis in plants. It consists of bentazone, 2-methyl-4-chloro phenoxyacetic acid (MCPA) and surfactants....
Drug induced Pulmonary Edema

Sung SH, Jang HY, Lim H

  • J Korean Soc Clin Toxicol.
  • 2010 Dec;8(2):113-121.
PURPOSE: Drug-induced non-cardiogenic pulmonary edema has been reported on in a drug case series. For most of the agents that cause pulmonary edema, the pathogenic mechanisms that are responsible for...
The Factors that Predict Using Mechanical Ventilation for Patients with Organophosphate Intoxication

Park DC, Park JB, Kim YJ, Shin SJ, Mun YH, Park SR, Ryoo HW, Seo KS, Chung JM

  • J Korean Soc Clin Toxicol.
  • 2010 Dec;8(2):106-112.
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study is to investigate the factors that predict using mechanical ventilation for patients with organophosphate intoxication. METHODS: We retrospectively reviewed the medical records of 111 patients...
Cardiac Toxicity in Patients with Antidepressant Intoxication

Park JT, Choi SM, Oh YM, Oh JS, Kyoung YY, Cho HJ, Choi KH

  • J Korean Soc Clin Toxicol.
  • 2010 Dec;8(2):97-105.
PURPOSE: Although cardiac toxicity is a key parameter of significant toxicity, in antidepressant intoxication, there are few studies on the cardiac toxicity of serotonin reuptake inhibitor and the intoxication with...
The Clinical Features and Risk Factors of Seizure After Doxylamine Intoxication

Song BS, Lee KM, Kim SW, You JS, Chung TN, Park YS, Jung SP, Goo HD, Park IC

  • J Korean Soc Clin Toxicol.
  • 2010 Dec;8(2):88-96.
PURPOSE: Doxylamine is antihistamine drug that is used as a hypnotic. It is also used for suicidal attempts because it can be easily purchased at the pharmacy without a prescription....
Comparative Analysis of Overdose with Common Sleep-aid Medications: Doxylamine vs Diphenhydramine

Ryu HS, Lee MJ, Park SS, Jeong WJ, Kim HJ

  • J Korean Soc Clin Toxicol.
  • 2010 Dec;8(2):79-87.
PURPOSE: The previous studies on H1 antihistamine overdose have generally been limited to cases of acute doxylamine succinate (DS) poisoning, yet there have been some studies on diphenhydramine (DPH) overdosing....
Clinical Comparison of Acute Poisoning Victims Between Urban and Rural Areas

Kim SG, Lee KW

  • J Korean Soc Clin Toxicol.
  • 2010 Dec;8(2):69-78.
PURPOSE: The living standards vary between the urban and rural areas in Korea. This study aims to compare the characteristics of acute poisoning victims in urban and rural areas. METHODS: A...
Characteristics of elderly patients with acute poisoning

Kim BK, Jung SY, Jung KY

  • J Korean Soc Clin Toxicol.
  • 2010 Dec;8(2):61-68.
PURPOSE: Poisoning is a major health problem for the elderly, and poisoning can cause fatal side effects. However, the characteristics and clinical features of elderly patients with acute poisoning have...
2008 Database of Korean Toxic Exposures: A Preliminary Study

So BH, Lee MJ, Kim H, Moon JM, Park KH, Sung AJ, Yeom SR, Oh SB, You JY, Lee KW, Lee KW

  • J Korean Soc Clin Toxicol.
  • 2010 Dec;8(2):51-60.
PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to investigate toxic exposures in emergency centers with using a toxic exposure surveillance system-based report form as a preliminary study. METHODS: We retrospectively reviewed...

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