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Tibial Schwannoma Mimicking a Popliteal Cyst

Min KD, Yoo JW, Cho WI, Hwang SH

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 2016 Jun;51(3):266-271.
  • doi: 10.4055/jkoa.2016.51.3.266
Schwannoma is the most common benign tumor of peripheral nerves and usually appears on the trunk, head and neck, or extremities. A mass arising at popliteal fossa can be misdiagnosed...
Single Stage Reduction Operation for Treatment of Toe Macrodactyly in Skeletally Immature Patients

Lee SJ, Lee HJ, Kim PT

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 2016 Jun;51(3):260-265.
  • doi: 10.4055/jkoa.2016.51.3.260
Macrodactyly is one of the most difficult congenital anomalies to treat. Treatment of macrodactyly requires surgical intervention because it gives rise to esthetic, social, and functional disability including difficulty in...
Fracture of Distal Epiphysis of Femur during Childbirth: 10-Year Follow-Up Report

Byun YS, Han JH, Shin DJ, Han IH, Jeong DG

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 2016 Jun;51(3):255-259.
  • doi: 10.4055/jkoa.2016.51.3.255
Epiphyseal fractures in neonates are rare and difficult to diagnose on simple radiographic images and objective guidelines for treatment have not yet been established. Authors performed conservative treatment for displaced...
A Study on the Current Status of Medical Lawsuits in Orthopedics in Korea

Lee W, Lee MJ, Kim YM, Woo CM, Kim SY, Kim YS

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 2016 Jun;51(3):246-254.
  • doi: 10.4055/jkoa.2016.51.3.246
PURPOSE: Through the analysis of orthopedics lawsuit rulings, the purpose of this study is to understand the current trends of medical lawsuits in orthopedics in Korea. MATERIALS AND METHODS: An analysis...
Treatment for the Recalcitrant Anterior Shin Skin Lesion after Chronic Osteomyelitis of the Tibia: Diaphyseal Osteoplasty and Soft Tissue Primary Closure

Kim HM, Lee JY, Cho HL, Jo H, Kim DH

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 2016 Jun;51(3):238-245.
  • doi: 10.4055/jkoa.2016.51.3.238
PURPOSE: We aimed to report the clinical results of diaphyseal osteoplasty and primary soft tissue closure in recalcitrant poor skin lesion with superficial or localized bone infection on the anterior...
Effects of Teriparatide Administration on Fracture Healing after Intramedullary Nailing in Atypical Femoral Fractures

Park CH, Shon OJ, Moon JJ, Shim BJ, Heo JH

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 2016 Jun;51(3):231-237.
  • doi: 10.4055/jkoa.2016.51.3.231
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effects of teriparatide administration on fracture healing after intramedullary nailing in atypical femoral fractures. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We retrospectively reviewed 26...
Lumbopelvic Fixation with Iliac Screw in Spinopelvic Dissociation

Kim WJ, Shin HM, Park KY, Seong HI, Kwon WC, Choy WS

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 2016 Jun;51(3):221-230.
  • doi: 10.4055/jkoa.2016.51.3.221
PURPOSE: Spinopelvic dissociation which occurs by high energy trauma with associated fractures is rare. Treatment is difficult and only a few studies on treatment of spinopelvic dissociation have been reported....
Comparative Analysis of Revision Surgery Groups between within 5 Years and More than 10 Years after Lumbar Spinal Fusion Due to Adjacent Segment Disease

Soh J, Kim J, Lee JC, Shin BJ

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 2016 Jun;51(3):214-220.
  • doi: 10.4055/jkoa.2016.51.3.214
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study is to analyze the risk factors for early adjacent segment disease (EASD) in patients undergoing revision surgery within 5 years from the first operation...
Efficiency and Safety of Demineralized Bone Matrix for Posterolateral Fusion

Ahn JS, Lee HJ, Park E, Noh CK, Lee KY

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 2016 Jun;51(3):207-213.
  • doi: 10.4055/jkoa.2016.51.3.207
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study is to analyze the effects of demineralized bone matrix on posterolateral lumbar fusion. MATERIALS AND METHODS: From 2009 to 2012, 30 patients who had undergone...
Risk Factors of Cervical Spondylosis in Workers Requiring Neck Flexion and Extension Actions in Farming and Fishing Communities

Lee DY, Park KS, Hwang SC, Nam DC, Park JS, Jeong ST, Lee YB, Kang BH, Kim DH

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 2016 Jun;51(3):199-206.
  • doi: 10.4055/jkoa.2016.51.3.199
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between the repetitive flexion or extension posture on the cervical spine on labor and degenerative change of the cervical...
Usefulness of Anterior Cervical Interbody Fusion Using Locally Harvested Bone: Minimum 5-Year Follow-Up

Shim DM, Kim TK, Oh SK, Kuk SW, Jang BJ, Choi JW

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 2016 Jun;51(3):191-198.
  • doi: 10.4055/jkoa.2016.51.3.191
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study is to determine the usefulness of locally harvested autobone as a filling material for fusion. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Retrospective study was conducted for 21 patients...
The Use of Locking Compression Plate for Stabilization of Existing and Impending Pathologic Fractures at Long Bones with Metastatic Cancer

Jo AR, Jung ST, Chung YW, Lee YM

  • J Korean Orthop Assoc.
  • 2016 Jun;51(3):183-190.
  • doi: 10.4055/jkoa.2016.51.3.183
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study is to evaluate the results and the advantages of the operative treatment of metastatic pathologic fractures in long bones using locking compression plates. MATERIALS AND...

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