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Concurrent Hyperfractionated Radiotherapy with CDDP / VP-16 Chemotherapy in Limited Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer

Song HS, Kim JH, Kim OB

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1998 Oct;30(5):1053-1060.
PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to evaluate local control and long-term survival of concurrent hyperfractionated radiotherapy with CDDP/VP-16 chemotherapy in limited stage small cell lung cancer. MATERIALS AND...
p16INK4A and p15 INK4B Gene Alterations in Primary Uterine Cervical Carcinoma Tissues and Cervical Carcinoma Cell Lines

Yoo SW, Kim JW

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1998 Oct;30(5):1044-1052.
PURPOSE: Alterations of the p15(INK4B) and p16(INK4A) gene which are separated by 25 kb on chromosome 9p21 have been reported in various tumor derived cell lines and primary tumors, but...
Effects of Herpes Simplex Virus - Thymidine Kinase Gene Transduction into the Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell Lines Using the Retrovirus on Ganciclovir Cytoxicity

Kim JH, Song JJ, Chang YS, Kim EH, Kim JS, Lee HR, Roh JK, Kim BS, Ahn JB, Yoo NC, Chung HC

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1998 Oct;30(5):1034-1043.
PURPOSE: Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one of the most common malignancy with high mortality in Korea. A new therapeutic modality such as gene therapy is necessary to improve the prognosis...
Adenovirus - Mediated gene Transfer of Wild - Type p53 Results in Restoration of Tumor - Suppressor Function in Glioma Cell Lines

Kim MS, Kwon HC, Hong SI, Lee CT, Lee SH

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1998 Oct;30(5):1026-1033.
PURPOSE: The replacement of functional genes into cells that lack genes or mutant genes is the basis of gene therapy. In cancer, where cells often have multiple genetic defects, the...
A Case of Invasive Aspergillosis Characterized by the Formation of Large Bronchial Cast in Patient with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia

Hyun DW, Kim DH, Jung JT, Sohn SK, Lee KB

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1998 Oct;30(5):1021-1025.
Invasive aspergillosis is a life-threatening infectious disease in immunocompromised patients. Prolonged neutropenia is the most important predisposing factor. Bronchial casts are generally associated with pneumonia, bronchiectasis, asthma, chronic bronchitis, allergic...
Leukemic Red Marrow Changes Assessed by Proton Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Before and Following Chemotherapy

Shin DG, Chung H, Kim JK, Rhee YH

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1998 Oct;30(5):1014-1020.
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to investigate the possibilities for serial in vivo localized proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) examination of bone marrow in patients with acute le,ukemia....
TGFbeta1 Effect on Survival of Anticancer Drug - resistant L1210 Sublines

Kim SY, Lee KS, Kim JR, Kim JH

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1998 Oct;30(5):1005-1013.
PURPOSE: The inhibitory effect of TGFbeta1 on survivals of L1210 and anticancer drug- resistant L1210 sublines was investigated and the gene expression of TGFbeta1 in these cells was examined. MATERIALS...
Role of AP-1 Transcriptional Regulation of Vimentin Gene during 12-O-Tetradecanoylphorbol-13-Acetate Differentiation of HL-60 Cells

Lim K, Kim JH, Kweon DW, Kim SM, Lee MS, Yun KA, Son MY, Park JI, Yoon WH, Hwang BD

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1998 Oct;30(5):997-1004.
PURPOSE: To gain insight on the role of AP-1 in transcriptional regulation of vimentin gene during differentiation of HL-60 cells by 12-0-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate (TPA), the levels of vimentin mRNA and AP-1...
Primary Malignant Lymphoma of the Epididymis: A case report of involvement by diffuse large B cell lymphoma

Lee MJ, Kee KH

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1998 Oct;30(5):990-996.
Isolated involvement of the epididymis by malignant lymphoma is very rare and almost invariably is associated with lymphoma in the adjacent testis. To date, there are four case reports of...
Study on the Expression of E-cadherin and Cathepsin B in the Prostatic Carcinomas with the Evaluation of the Gleason Grade

Sol MY, Lee JS, Chae HJ, Chung MK

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1998 Oct;30(5):980-989.
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study is to evaluate the expression of E-cadherin and cathepsin-B in prostatic carcinomas and correlate with the Gleason grades. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The expressions of...
The Expression of TGF-beta1 and TGF-beta2 in Prostatic Carcinoma

Kim KK, Kim JR, Kim DH, Jang TJ, Lee JI, Lee KS

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1998 Oct;30(5):970-979.
Transfonning growth factor-beta (TGP-beta) is a multipotent growth factor affecting development, homeostasis, and tissue repair. We evaluate the significance of the expression of TGF-beta1 and TGF-beta2 and correlation with prognostic...
Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy for Metastatic Cervical Lymphadenopathy

Huh MH, Park SH, Chang HJ, Suh JI, Choi KW

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1998 Oct;30(5):963-969.
PURPOSE: This study was intended to evaluate the value of the FNAB in the diagnosis of the suspected metastatic cervical lymphadenopathy. MATERIALS AND METHODS: 221 patients diagnosed as metastatic cervical...
Detection and Clinical Significance of Apoptotic Bodies in Laryngeal Squamous Cell Carcinomas

Hwang CS, Hong YH, Kim H

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1998 Oct;30(5):956-962.
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to analyze the relationship between apoptotic index and clinicopathological findings in laryngeal squamous cell carcinomas. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Fourty-one cases of laryngeal squamous...
Effectiveness of Sentinel Node Biopsy in the Prediction of Axillary Nodal Status in 111 Patients with Breast Cancer

Yang JH, Lee HK, Nam SJ

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1998 Oct;30(5):951-955.
PURPOSE: Recently, results of many trials that intend to decide the axillary status through more conservative procedures are reported. One of these is sentinel node biopsy. This method is regarded...
Prognostic Significance of Peritumoral Lymphatic Vassel Invasion in Breast Cancer

Park GT, Im MG, Kim LS, Kim S, Choi CS, Lee BH

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1998 Oct;30(5):943-950.
PURPOSE: The well-known prognostic factors for breast cancer, such as axillary lymph node status, do not always account for the exact outcome. The developinent of other accurate prognostic factors would...
Plasma TGF-beta1 as a Tumor Marker in Breast Cancer Patients

Lee HY, Rah SY, Gong SJ, Ahn JB, Shim KY, Park JO, Kwon HJ, Yoo NC, Jeong SJ, Chung HC, Kim JH, Lee KS, Min JS, Kim BS, Roh JK

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1998 Oct;30(5):935-942.
PURPOSE: Transforming Growth Factor-beta1(TGF-beta1) is the most potent inhibitor of the progression of normal mammary epithelial cells through the cell cycle. However, advanced breast cancers are mostly refractory to TGF-beta...
A Study on the p53 Mutations in Korean Breast Cancer Tissues

Baik HK, Jung PJ, Cho YH, Ko YH

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1998 Oct;30(5):921-934.
PURPOSE: The role of mutation of p53 gene on the carcinigenesis was studied since 1991. There were some relationships of p53 mutation and clinicopathologic factors. This sutudy was designed for...
Microsatellite Instability Correlate with a Prognosis in Breast Cancer

Lee HY, Quan C, Gong SJ, Park JO, Ahn JB, Shim KY, Rha SY, Yoo NC, Yang WI, Kim JH, Roh JK, Lee KS, Kim BS, Chung HC

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1998 Oct;30(5):914-920.
PURPOSE: Microsatellite instability in patients with defects in the mismatch repair system resulting in RER has a high risk of accumulating mutations in oncogene and tumor suppressor gene. In this...
Cispatin , Etoposide , Leucovorin and 5-Fluorouracil ( PELF ) Combination Chemotherapy for Advanced Gastric cancer: Interim Report

Park IR, Kim SY, Kim JH, Yoon HJ, Cho KS

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1998 Oct;30(5):907-913.
PURPOSE: In attempt to provide a feasible chemotherapeutic regimen for advanced gastric cancer patients, the combination of cisplatin, epirubicin, leucovorin and fluorouracil (PELF) has been developed. A trial was performed...
A Phase 2 Trial of PEF ( Cispatin , Etoposide , 5-Fluorouracil ) Chemotherapy for Metastatic Stomach Cancer

Kang YK, Yum KS, Cho HJ, Lee JO, Yun TK

  • J Korean Cancer Assoc.
  • 1998 Oct;30(5):900-906.
PURPOSE: To determine the activity and toxicities of PEF (Cisplatin, Etoposide, 5-Fluorouracil) chemotherapy for stomach cancer. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Patients with previously untreated metastatic stomach cancer were treated with PEF...

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