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Relationship between pregnancy rate and serum progesterone concentration in cases of porcine embryo transfer

Moon J, Choi JY, Kang JT, Park SJ, Kim SJ, Jang G, Lee BC

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2014 Mar;15(1):167-171.
  • doi: 10.4142/jvs.2014.15.1.167
The level of P4 at the time of embryo transfer (ET) is important. P4 concentrations and numbers of corpora lutea for 126 recipients were evaluated. Nuclear transfer embryos were transferred...
Development of a multiplex PCR assay to detect Edwardsiella tarda, Streptococcus parauberis, and Streptococcus iniae in olive flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus)

Park SB, Kwon K, Cha IS, Jang HB, Nho SW, Fagutao FF, Kim YK, Yu JE, Jung TS

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2014 Mar;15(1):163-166.
  • doi: 10.4142/jvs.2014.15.1.163
A multiplex PCR protocol was established to simultaneously detect major bacterial pathogens in olive flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus) including Edwardsiella (E.) tarda, Streptococcus (S.) parauberis, and S. iniae. The PCR assay...
Effect of Harderian adenectomy on the statistical analyses of mouse brain imaging using positron emission tomography

Kim M, Woo SK, Yu JW, Lee YJ, Kim KM, Kang JH, Eom K, Nahm SS

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2014 Mar;15(1):157-161.
  • doi: 10.4142/jvs.2014.15.1.157
Positron emission tomography (PET) using 2-deoxy-2-[18F] fluoro-D-glucose (FDG) as a radioactive tracer is a useful technique for in vivo brain imaging. However, the anatomical and physiological features of the Harderian...
Echocardiographic assessment of coronary artery flow in normal canines and model dogs with myocardial infarction

Park N, Kim J, Lee M, Lee S, Song S, Lee S, Kim S, Park Y, Eom K

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2014 Mar;15(1):149-155.
  • doi: 10.4142/jvs.2014.15.1.149
This study was conducted to evaluate the usefulness of coronary arterial profiles from normal dogs (11 animals) and canines (six dogs) with experimental myocardial infarction (MI) induced by ligation of...
Betulinic acid prevents alcohol-induced liver damage by improving the antioxidant system in mice

Yi J, Xia W, Wu J, Yuan L, Wu J, Tu D, Fang J, Tan Z

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2014 Mar;15(1):141-148.
  • doi: 10.4142/jvs.2014.15.1.141
Betulinic acid (BA), a pentacyclic lupane-type triterpene, has a wide range of bioactivities. The main objective of this work was to evaluate the hepatoprotective activity of BA and the potential...
Regulation of matrix metalloproteinase-9 protein expression by 1alpha,25-(OH)2D3 during osteoclast differentiation

Gu JH, Tong XS, Chen GH, Liu XZ, Bian JC, Yuan Y, Liu ZP

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2014 Mar;15(1):133-140.
  • doi: 10.4142/jvs.2014.15.1.133
To investigate 1alpha,25-(OH)2D3 regulation of matrix metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9) protein expression during osteoclast formation and differentiation, receptor activator of nuclear factor kappaB ligand (RANKL) and macrophage colony-stimulating factor (M-CSF) were administered...
Prostaglandin F receptor expression in intrauterine tissues of pregnant rats

Anadol E, Kanca H, Yar AS, Helvacioglu F, Menevse S, Calguner E, Erdogan D

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2014 Mar;15(1):125-131.
  • doi: 10.4142/jvs.2014.15.1.125
In this investigation, we studied the expression and localization of rat prostaglandin F (FP) receptor in uterine tissues of rats on gestational Days 10, 15, 18, 20, 21, 21.5 and...
Photodynamic hyperthermal chemotherapy with indocyanine green: a novel cancer therapy for 16 cases of malignant soft tissue sarcoma

Onoyama M, Tsuka T, Imagawa T, Osaki T, Minami S, Azuma K, Kawashima , Ishi H, Takayama T, Ogawa N, Okamoto Y

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2014 Mar;15(1):117-123.
  • doi: 10.4142/jvs.2014.15.1.117
Sixteen cases of malignant soft tissue sarcoma (STS; 10 canines and six felines) were treated with a novel triple therapy that combined photodynamic therapy, hyperthermia using indocyanine green with a...
Mouse Fyn induces pseudopodium formation in Chinese hamster ovary cells

An L, Liu S, Zhang W, Zhang Y, Huang Y, Hu X, Chen S, Zhao S

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2014 Mar;15(1):111-115.
  • doi: 10.4142/jvs.2014.15.1.111
Molecular mechanisms underlying the effects of Fyn on cell morphology, pseudopodium movement, and cell migration were investigated. The Fyn gene was subcloned into pEGFP-N1 to produce pEGFP-N1-Fyn. Chinese hamster ovary...
Positive effects of porcine IL-2 and IL-4 on virus-specific immune responses induced by the porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) ORF5 DNA vaccine in swine

Tang D, Liu J, Li C, Zhang H, Ma P, Luo X, Zeng Z, Hong N, Liu X, Wang B, Wang F, Gan Z, Hao F

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2014 Mar;15(1):99-109.
  • doi: 10.4142/jvs.2014.15.1.99
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of porcine interleukin (IL)-2 and IL-4 genes on enhancing the immunogenicity of a porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus ORF5...
Development and clinical evaluation of a rapid diagnostic kit for feline leukemia virus infection

Kim WS, Chong CK, Kim HY, Lee GC, Jeong W, An DJ, Jeoung HY, Lee JI, Lee YK

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2014 Mar;15(1):91-97.
  • doi: 10.4142/jvs.2014.15.1.91
Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) causes a range of neoplastic and degenerative diseases in cats. To obtain a more sensitive and convenient diagnosis of the disease, we prepared monoclonal antibodies specific...
Elucidating the role of ApxI in hemolysis and cellular damage by using a novel apxIA mutant of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serotype 10

Chang NY, Chen ZW, Chen TH, Liao JW, Lin CC, Chien MS, Lee WC, Lin JH, Hsuan SL

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2014 Mar;15(1):81-89.
  • doi: 10.4142/jvs.2014.15.1.81
Exotoxins produced by Actinobacillus (A.) pleuropneumoniae (Apx) play major roles in the pathogenesis of pleuropneumonia in swine. This study investigated the role of ApxI in hemolysis and cellular damage using...
A simplified one-step nuclear transfer procedure alters the gene expression patterns and developmental potential of cloned porcine embryos

Park SK, Roh S, Park JI

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2014 Mar;15(1):73-80.
  • doi: 10.4142/jvs.2014.15.1.73
Various somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) techniques for mammalian species have been developed to adjust species-specific procedures to oocyte-associated differences among species. Species-specific SCNT protocols may result in different expression...
Toxic effects of methylmercury, arsanilic acid and danofloxacin on the differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells into neural cells

Kang SJ, Jeong SH, Kim EJ, Park YI, Park SW, Shin HS, Son SW, Kang HG

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2014 Mar;15(1):61-71.
  • doi: 10.4142/jvs.2014.15.1.61
This study was performed to assess the neurotoxic effects of methylmercury, arsanilic acid and danofloxacin by quantification of neural-specific proteins in vitro. Quantitation of the protein markers during 14 days...
Protective effects of silymarin on fumonisin B1-induced hepatotoxicity in mice

Sozmen M, Devrim AK, Tunca R, Bayezit M, Dag S, Essiz D

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2014 Mar;15(1):51-60.
  • doi: 10.4142/jvs.2014.15.1.51
The present study was conducted to investigate the effect of silymarin on experimental liver toxication induced by Fumonisin B1 (FB1) in BALB/c mice. The mice were divided into six groups...
Training-induced changes in clotting parameters of athletic horses

Piccione G, Bazzano M, Giannetto , Marafioti , Fazio F

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2014 Mar;15(1):45-49.
  • doi: 10.4142/jvs.2014.15.1.45
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of training on prothrombin time, activated partial thromboplastin time, and fibrinogen (Fb) concentrations in horses to assess potential adaptive response...
Immunohistochemical evaluation of the goat forestomach during prenatal development

Garcia A, Masot J, Franco A, Gazquez A, Redondo E

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2014 Mar;15(1):35-43.
  • doi: 10.4142/jvs.2014.15.1.35
Here we report the detection and distribution of synaptophysin (SPY), non-neuronal enolase (NNE), glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP), vimentin (VIM), neuropeptide Y (NPY), and vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) expression in...
Cell proliferation and neuroblast differentiation in the dentate gyrus of high-fat diet-fed mice are increased after rosiglitazone treatment

Yoo DY, Kim W, Kim DW, Nam SM, Jung HY, Kim JW, Lee CH, Choi JH, Won MH, Yoon YS, Hwang IK

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2014 Mar;15(1):27-33.
  • doi: 10.4142/jvs.2014.15.1.27
In this study, we determined how rosiglitazone (RSG) differentially affected hippocampal neurogenesis in mice fed a low-fat diet (LFD) or high-fat diet (HFD; 60% fat). LFD and HFD were given...
Sequential alterations of glucocorticoid receptors in the hippocampus of STZ-treated type 1 diabetic rats

Shin JH, Seong JK, Yi SS

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2014 Mar;15(1):19-26.
  • doi: 10.4142/jvs.2014.15.1.19
Type 1 diabetes is a common metabolic disorder accompanied by increased blood glucose levels along with glucocorticoid and cognitive deficits. The disease is also thought to be associated with environmental...
An overview of calf diarrhea - infectious etiology, diagnosis, and intervention

Cho YI, Yoon KJ

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2014 Mar;15(1):1-17.
  • doi: 10.4142/jvs.2014.15.1.1
Calf diarrhea is a commonly reported disease in young animals, and still a major cause of productivity and economic loss to cattle producers worldwide. In the report of the 2007...

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