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Surgical correction of corneal dermoid in a dog

Lee JI, Kim MJ, Kim IH, Kim YB, Kim MC

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2005 Dec;6(4):369-370.
A five-month-old female Shih-tzu puppy was presented for repair of congenital choristoma in left eye. The patient was suffered from chronic epiphora and ocular discharge during 3 months. On ophthalmic...
Recent footrot outbreak in Debrezeit swine farm, central Ethiopia

Sori T

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2005 Dec;6(4):367-368.
An outbreak of footrot has occurred in Debrezeit swine farm that is located 44 km south east of the capital. Among 24 pigs, 75% showed lameness, hot, painful and swollen...
A case of adrenal gland dependent hyperadrenocorticism with mitotane therapy in a Yorkshire terrier dog

Lee YM, Kang BT, Jung DI, Park C, Kim HJ, Kim JW, Lim CY, Park EH, Park HM

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2005 Dec;6(4):363-366.
Hyperadrenocorticism, a disorder characterized by excessive production of cortisol by the adrenal cortex, is wellrecognized in dogs. A 10-year-old, intact male, Yorkshire terrier dog was evaluated because of corneal ulceration...
A Case of oculocutaneous albinism in a Maltese

Park SA, Yi NY, Kim MS, Lim JH, Jeong MB, Nam TC, Seo KM

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2005 Dec;6(4):361-362.
A 4-month-old female maltese dog was admitted to Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital of Seoul National University for evaluation of abnormal color of bilateral irises. This patient had the photophobia in...
Experimental reproduction of proliferative enteropathy and the role of IFN-gamma in protective immunity against Lawsonia intracellularis in mice

Go YY, Lee JK, Ye JY, Lee JB, Park SY, Song CS, Kim SK, Choi IS

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2005 Dec;6(4):357-359.
Proliferative enteropathy was reproduced in IFN-gamma receptor knockout (IFN-gamma R-) mice by experimental infection with Lawsonia intracellularis (L. intracellularis). The cecum and the colon of the infected mice were evidently...
The anti-thrombotic activity of surfactins

Lim JH, Park BK, Kim MS, Hwang MH, Rhee MH, Park SC, Yun HI

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2005 Dec;6(4):353-355.
Platelet aggregation was inhibited and the density of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) clots was decreased by the preincubation of PRP with surfactins, an acidic lipopeptide of Bacillus subtilis complex BC1212 isolated...
Comparison of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay with serum neutralization test for serodiagnosis of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus infection

Oh JS, Song DS, Yang JS, Song JY, Moon HJ, Kim TY, Park BK

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2005 Dec;6(4):349-352.
An indirect porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) virus (PEDV) enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) was compared with the serum neutralization (SN) test by testing 46 samples from experimentally infected sows, 73 samples...
CT myelography of the thoraco-lumbar spine in 8 dogs with degenerative myelopathy

Jones JC, Inzana KD, Rossmeisl , Bergman RL, Wells T, Butler K

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2005 Dec;6(4):341-348.
CT myelography of the T11-L2 region was performed in 8 large-breed dogs with a clinical diagnosis of degenerative myelopathy (DM) and 3 large-breed dogs that were clinically normal. CT myelographic...
Characterization of Brachyspira hyodysenteriae isolates from Korea

Kim TJ, Jung SC, Lee JI

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2005 Dec;6(4):335-339.
This study was done to characterize diversity in 10 Brachyspira hyodysenteriae isolates in Korea. The isolates were compared with 14 well-characterized non-Korean strains of various Brachyspira species. All Korean isolates...
Detection of Bartonella species from ticks, mites and small mammals in Korea

Kim CM, Kim JY, Yi YH, Lee MJ, Cho MR, Shah DH, Klein TA, Kim HC, Song JW, Chong ST, O'Guinn ML, Lee JS, Lee IY, Park JH, Chae JS

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2005 Dec;6(4):327-334.
We investigated the prevalence of Bartonella infections in ticks, mites and small mammals (rodents, insectivores and weasels) collected during 2001 through 2004, from various military installations and training sites in...
Development of synthetic peptide ELISA based on nonstructural protein 2C of foot and mouth disease virus

Oem JK, Kye SJ, Lee KN, Park JH, Kim YJ, Song HJ, Yeh M

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2005 Dec;6(4):317-325.
It was reported that the sera of convalescent animals contain antibodies to foot and mouth disease (FMD) virus (FMDV) 2C, highly conserved nonstructural protein (NSP), whereas the sera of vaccinated...
Primary survey of avian influenza virus and Newcastle disease virus infection in wild birds in some areas of Heilongjiang Province, China

Hua YP, Chai HL, Yang SY, Zeng XW, Sun Y

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2005 Dec;6(4):311-315.
Two hundred thirty specimens of wild birds were collected from some areas in Heilongjiang Province during the period of 2003~2004, including two batches of specimens collected randomly from a same...
A predictive model for the level of sIgA based on IgG levels following the oral administration of antigens expressed in Sacchromyces cerevisiae

Shin SJ, Shin SW, Choi EJ, Lee DY, Ahn JM, Yang MS, Jang YS, Yoo HS

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2005 Dec;6(4):305-309.
Oral vaccination may be the most efficient way of inducing an immune response at the remote mucosal site through the common mucosal immune network. Antigenspecific secretory IgA (sIgA) is the...
Validation of an electrometric blood cholinesterase measurement in goats

Al-Jobory , Mohammad F

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2005 Dec;6(4):299-303.
A modified electrometric method was described and validated for measurement of plasma and erythrocyte cholinesterase activities in 6~18 months old goats. The enzymatic reaction mixture contained 3 ml distilled water,...
Analysis of normal electrocardiograms of Jamunapari goats

Mohan NH, Niyogi D, Singh HN

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2005 Dec;6(4):295-298.
In the present study, the normal electrocardiographic (ECG) values in the adult male Jamunapari breed of the goats were described. The mean heart rate in the goats was 127 +/-...
Prevalence of Lawsonia intracellularis, Brachyspira hyodysenteriae and Salmonella in swine herds

Suh DK, Song JC

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2005 Dec;6(4):289-293.
The prevalence of Lawsonia intracellularis, Brachyspira hyodysenteriae and Salmonella spp. were investigated by multiplex PCR using fecal samples of pigs with diarrhea or a history of diarrhea. The overall herd...
Red blood cell elution time of strains of Newcastle disease virus

Ezeibe MC, Ndip ET

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2005 Dec;6(4):287-288.
Elution time of velogenic, mesogenic and lentogenic strains of Newcastle disease virus was determined. The differences in their elution time were also calculated. Four samples, each of a velogenic strain...
Comparative evaluation of phenobarbital-induced CYP3A and CYP2H1 gene expression by quantitative RT-PCR in Bantam, Bantamized White Leghorn and White Leghorn chicks

Goriya HV, Kalia A, Bhavsar SK, Joshi CG, Rank DN, Thaker AM

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2005 Dec;6(4):279-285.
The present work was to study induction of cytochrome P450 (CYP)3A and CYP2H1 gene by reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) and quantitative RTPCR in Bantam, Bantamized White Leghorn and...
Studies on sodium and potassium metabolism and subsequent influence on electrocardiogram in unilaterally adrenalectomized black Bengal goat (Capra hircus)

Pandiyan G, Ghosh PR, Das BC, Das PK, Sanyal S

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2005 Dec;6(4):273-278.
Unilateral adrenalectomy was performed in six black Bengal goat (Capra hircus)to study electrocardiograph in connection with mineral metabolism with special reference to sodium and potassium and some other factors of...
Changes of gastrointestinal argyrophil endocrine cells in the COLO205 tumor-implanted Balb/c-nu/nu mice

Ku SK, Seong SK, Lee HS, Lee JH

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2005 Dec;6(4):267-271.
The regional distributions and frequencies of argyrophil endocrine cells in gastrointestinal (GI) tract of Balb/c-nu/ nu mouse were studied using Grimelius silver stain after abdominal subcutaneous implantation of COLO205. The...

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