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Identification of a putative cellular receptor 150 kDa polypeptide for porcine epidemic diarrhea virus in porcine enterocytes

Oh JS, Song DS, Park BK

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2003 Dec;4(3):269-275.
Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) causes an acute enteritis in pigs of all ages, often fatality for neonates. PEDV occupies an intermediate position between two well characterized members of the...
Ultrasonographic measurement of optic nerve sheath diameter in normal dogs

Lee HC, Choi HJ, Choi MC, Yoon JH

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2003 Dec;4(3):265-268.
This study was carried out to assess the feasibility of ultrasonographic measurements of the optic nerve sheath diameter (ONSD) in normal dogs and evaluate the effect of breed, sex, body...
Analgesic effect of caudal epidural ketamine in cattle

Lee I, Yoshiuchi , Yamagishi , Oboshi K, Ayukawa Y, Sasaki N, Yamada H

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2003 Dec;4(3):261-264.
This study was performed to clarify the analgesic effect of ketamine injected into the first intercoccygeal (Co1-Co2) epidural space in standing cattle. Five adult cows were randomly received 3 treatments...
Differences in the serum immunoglobulin concentrations between dairy and beef calves from birth to 14 days of age

Suh GH, Hur TY, Son DS, Choe CY, Jung YH, Ahn BS, Lee CY, Lee CG

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2003 Dec;4(3):257-260.
The changes in serum levels of immunoglobulins G, M and A of dairy and beef calves of well-managed herds were monitored from birth to 14 days post partum using single...
Effects of cyclosporin A treatment on the pathogenesis of avian leukosis virus subgroup J infection in broiler chickens with Marek's disease virus exposure

Kim Y, Brown TP, Pantin-Jackwood MJ

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2003 Dec;4(3):245-255.
In this study, we investigated the effects of T-cell suppression on the pathogenesis of subgroup J avian leukosis virus (ALV-J). Chickens were treated with cyclosporin A (CSP) 50 mg/Kg body...
Phenotype of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-alpha(PPARalpha)deficient mice on mixed background fed high fat diet

Kim BH, Won YS, Kim EY, Yoon M, Nam KT, Oh GT, Kim DY

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2003 Dec;4(3):239-244.
Considerable controversy exists in determining the role of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-alpha(PPARalpha) on obesity. Previous reports demonstrated that PPARalpha is a critical modulator of lipid homeostasis, but the overt, obese phenotypic...
Levels of lead in mineral salt commercial mixtures for beef cattle

Marcal WS, Pardo PE, Lopes do Nascimento MR, Veras EB, Moreno AM

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2003 Dec;4(3):235-238.
Lead concentrations was measured in samples of mineral mixtures used in beef cattle feed in the states of Sao Paulo, Parana, Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. Lead...
Altered maturation of dendritic cells by taxol, an anticancer drug

Joo HG

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2003 Dec;4(3):229-234.
Taxol is a clinically useful anticancer drug against a variety of cancers. Although it has been known that taxol induces the apoptosis of cancer cells through cytochrome C release and...
Expression of apxIA of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Shin SJ, Bae JL, Cho YW, Yang MS, Kim DH, Jang YS, Yoo HS

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2003 Dec;4(3):225-228.
Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae is an important primary pathogen in pigs, in which it causes a highly contagious pleuropneumoniae. In our previous study, apxIA gene amplified from A. pleuropneumoniae Korean isolate by...
Identification and epidemiological characterization of Streptococcus uberis isolated from bovine mastitis using conventional and molecular methods

Khan IU, Hassan AA, Abdulmawjood A, Lammler C, Wolter W, Zschock M

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2003 Dec;4(3):213-223.
In the present study 130 S. uberis strains and one S. parauberis strain isolated from bovine milk samples of 58 different farms of various locations in Hesse, Germany, as well...
Glutamate and GABA concentrations in the cerebellum of novel ataxic mutant Pogo mice

Kim KH, Ha JH, Chung SH, Kim CT, Kim SK, Hyun BH, Sawada K, Fukui Y, Park IK, Lee GJ, Kim BK, Lee NS, Jeong YG

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2003 Dec;4(3):209-212.
The Pogo mouse is an autosomal recessive ataxic mutant that arose spontaneously in the inbred KJR/MsKist strain derived originally from Korean wild mice. The ataxic phenotype is characterized by difficulty...
Left costocervical vein malformation with anomalous ramification of aortic arch in a dog

Nam YS, Lee CH, Chung DW, Yoon YS, Lee HS, Lee IS

  • J Vet Sci.
  • 2003 Dec;4(3):205-208.
This report describes coexistence of anomalous branches of the aortic arch and the costocervical vein malformation in a German shepherd dog. The first branch of the aortic arch was a...

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