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Erratum: Comparison of Health Related Quality of Life between Type I and Type II Narcolepsy Patients

Cho JW, Kim DJ, Noh KH, Han J, Jung DS

  • J Sleep Med.
  • 2017 Dec;14(2):84-84.
  • doi: 10.13078/jsm.17014
No abstract available.
A Sleepy Man with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease-Obstructive Sleep Apnea Overlap Syndrome


  • J Sleep Med.
  • 2017 Dec;14(2):81-83.
  • doi: 10.13078/jsm.17013
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) are prevalent and commonly co-occur as overlap syndrome. Patients with an overlap syndrome have a worse prognosis than those with...
A Case of Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Behavior Disorder during Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Titration in a Patient with Multiple System Atrophy

Oh JH, Song SK, Kang JH

  • J Sleep Med.
  • 2017 Dec;14(2):77-80.
  • doi: 10.13078/jsm.17012
Sleep disorders are commonly observed in multiple systemic atrophy (MSA). The rapid eye movement (REM) sleep behavior disorder (RBD) is characterized by loss of normal voluntary muscle atonia during REM...
A Case of Restless Legs Syndrome in Patient with Neurogenic Sciatic Nerve Tumor

Lee JH, Hwang KJ, Yoon SS, Park KC, Lee JS

  • J Sleep Med.
  • 2017 Dec;14(2):74-76.
  • doi: 10.13078/jsm.17011
Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is chronic neurological disorder, in which the primary symptoms is unpleasant and disturbing sensation accompanied by urge to move in multiple body parts especially in legs....
A Case of Re-Emergent Sleepwalking in Adulthood, Primed by Sleep Deprivation and Triggered by Sleep Apnea

Rheu SY, Jin SH, Kim JH

  • J Sleep Med.
  • 2017 Dec;14(2):70-73.
  • doi: 10.13078/jsm.17010
Non-rapid eye movement sleep parasomnias including sleepwalking tend to disappear spontaneously during late childhood and adolescent period. Sleepwalking is not as common in adults as in children. Sleepwalking in adults...
Differential Effect of Light Emitting Diode Light on Electroencephalographic Oscillations in Young and Old Healthy Subjects

Sunwoo JS, Lee S, Cha KS, Kim TJ, Byun JI, Jung KY

  • J Sleep Med.
  • 2017 Dec;14(2):61-69.
  • doi: 10.13078/jsm.17009
OBJECTIVES: To investigate brain oscillatory characteristics according to brightness and color temperature of light emitting diode (LED) light in young and elderly subjects. METHODS: We analyzed 22 young (age, 29.0±5.2 years)...
Dream Recall Frequency and Sleep in Patients with Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Behavior Disorder

Seong MJ, Jung AR, Park HR, Choi SJ, Joo EY

  • J Sleep Med.
  • 2017 Dec;14(2):55-60.
  • doi: 10.13078/jsm.17008
OBJECTIVES: The dream recall and sleep of patients with rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder (RBD) were not sufficiently studied. We hypothesized that RBD patients have frequent dream recall with...
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia: A Review of the Treatment Effects on Suicide

Park K, Suh S

  • J Sleep Med.
  • 2017 Dec;14(2):47-54.
  • doi: 10.13078/jsm.17007
Insomnia has been identified as a risk factor for suicide. Apart from its indirect influence on suicide risk through comorbid psychiatric illnesses, there is also strong empirical evidence that insomnia...

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