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A Case of Huge Nasolabial Cyst in 56 Year-Old Patient

Jo YS, Choi IS

A nasolabial cyst is a rare, non-odontogenic cyst that develops within the area adjacent to the ala of the nose around the uppermost portion of the nasolabial crease. The origin...
A Case of Fibromyxoma Mistaken as an Antrochoanal Polyp

Huh JH, Kim TH, Kim TH, Lee KH

Fibromyxomas are uncommon, tenaciously infiltrative neoplasms that infrequently appear in the facial bones and paranasal sinuses. The neoplasms are slow growing and result in expansion of the surrounding bony cortices....
Treatment of Facial Neuralgia Developed after Inferior Meatal Antrostomy by Narrowing of the Inlet with Endoscopic Cartilage Graft

Yi JS, Jin HR

Inferior meatal antrostomy (IMA) is a widely performed surgical technique to treat postoperative maxillary mucocele. The method is safe and easy to perform, without major complications compared with other approaches....
Incidentally-Discovered Extraosseous Cystic Nasopharyngeal Chordoma in a Papillary Thyroid Cancer Patient

Kim H, Kim JH, Lee K, Kim TH

Skull base chordomas are rare, malignant tumors arising from primitive notochord remnants of the axial skeleton and comprise approximately 25–35% of all chordoma cases. Nasal endoscopy in previous case reports...
A Case of Cholesteatoma of Maxillary Sinus

Kim BM, Shin SH, Ye MK

Cholesteatoma is common disease entity within the middle ear cavity but is rarely found in the paranasal sinuses, especially the maxillary sinus. We experienced a case of cholesteatoma of the...
Two Cases of Septal Perforation Repair using Posterior Margin Based Hinge Flap

Seo JH, Kim SW, Jeon YJ, Cho HJ

Nasal septal perforation is a defect of cartilage, bone, or mucosa of the nasal septum. Nasal septal perforation has several potential causes such as previous septal surgeries, trauma, malignancy, inflammation,...
The Effect of Long-Term Follow up on Outcome of Pediatric Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Kim S, Chung YJ, Mo JH

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Chronic pediatric sinusitis continues to be a challenging problem to otolaryngologists and has been reported to show worse prognosis than that of adults. However, most studies were...
Clinical Usefulness of Trasseptal Transsphenoidal Approach for Pituitary Tumors with Septal Cartilage Removal and Replacement via Modified Killian Incision: Review of 42 Cases

Kim SY, Yang BW, Lee YW, Lee KC

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The conventional transseptal transsphenoidal approach can inhibit visualization of the surgical field and may change the shape of external nose. We used the transseptal transsphenoidal technique to...
Analysis of Obstruction Site in Obstructive Sleep Apnea Patients Based on Videofluoroscopy

Choi HR, Han K, Lee J, Hong SC, Kim JK, Cho JH

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Upper airway obstruction can occur at the soft palate, tongue base, or epiglottis among obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) patients. Detection of these obstruction sites is very important...
Usefulness of Unilateral Nasal Packing for Recurred Septal Deviation within a Month after Septoplasty: Preliminary Study

Lee YH, Chang JS, Jung JH, Kim ST, Kang IG

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: To investigate the effect of unilateral nasal packing on the correction of recurred septal deviation after septoplasty. MATERIALS AND METHOD: We analyzed 12 patients who had undergone septoplasty...
Effect of Endonasal Dilator on Nasal Airflow and Sleep Test Index on Sleep Apnea Patients

Jang TY, Kim YH

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: We aimed to evaluate effects of endonasal dilators (END) on sleep quality in patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) by improving nasal airflow. MATERIALS AND METHODS: In 13...
Neurogenesis and Regulation of Olfactory Epithelium

Kim JS, Kim BG

The olfactory epithelium is capable of structural and functional recovery after injury through neurogenesis. Neurogenesis occurs via stem cells in the olfactory epithelium. Horizontal basal cells and globose basal cells...

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