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A Case of Symptomatic Maxillary Retention Cyst

Kim H, Lee EK, Kim HY, Hong SD, Dhong HJ, Chung SK

Retention cyst of the maxillary sinus is a benign lesion produced from obstruction of a seromucous gland or duct. It is mostly asymptomatic but sometimes is accompanied by facial pain,...
Saddle Nose Deformity as a Result of an Aseptic Nasal Abscess Accompanied by Ulcerative Colitis and Pyoderma Gangrenosum

Chang J

Ulcerative colitis (UC) is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that causes granulomatous inflammation in the mucous membrane of the intestinal tract, especially in the colon. Additionally, UC can be...
A Case of Congenital Defect of the Lateral Crus of the Lower Lateral Cartilage

Yoon J, Lee JH

Congenital anomalies of the nose are distinctly unusual and appear at an incidence of 1 in 20,000 to 40,000 live births. Embrio-logically, developmental defects in the lateral nasal processes result...
A Case of Phantosmia Occurred by Glioblastoma

Lee SY, Kim JW

Phantosmia is defined as the false perception of odors without any environmental odor stimulus. It is a very rare phenomenon, but it can be caused by a wide variety of...
A Case of Solitary Fibrous Tumor in the Cheek

Kim HG, Kang DH, Kim JS, Heo SJ

Solitary fibrous tumor is a rare spindle cell neoplasm of mesenchymal origin that occurs most commonly in the pleura. This tumor can be found in various extrathoracic sites that contain...
A Case of Frontoethmoidal Mucopyocele Combined with Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak and Complicated Tension Pneumocephalus after Marsupialization

Kim SH, Jung J, Mun SJ, Roh HJ

After the trauma of frontoethmoidal sinus, post-traumatic mucocele may occur. Surgical removal of the lesions rarely produces cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leakage and even delayed tension pneumocephalus. We experienced a case...
Accuracy Analysis of Embletta X100 for the Diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea and the Assessment of Sleep Structure

Kim HJ, Cho JH, Kang SY, Choi BJ

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: To measure the accuracy of Embletta X100, a level 2 portable sleep monitoring device, for diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea and assessment of sleep structure. MATERIALS AND METHOD:...
Effect of Doctor and Device Manager on Adherence with Positive Airway Pressure Therapy in Obstructive Sleep Apnea Patients

Kim SL, Kim JA, Kim DS, Jo MG, Kim SD, Cho KS

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Although many studies have assessed factors related to adherence of PAP therapy, there were no studies about factors related to doctors or device managers. The purpose of...
A Securing Suture Technique of Autologous Cartilage for the Prevention of Septal Perforation during Septal Surgery

Oh DH, Kang M, Lee JH

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Septoplasty is a commonly performed operation in otolaryngological practice. In cases of septal mucosal tearing, septal perforation can easily occur. The aim of this study was to...
Clinical Feasibility of Scent Survey for Screening Test for Olfactory Function

Yang Y, Choi HR, Cho JH, Hong SC, Kim JK

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The scent survey for screening (SSS) test is a subjective olfactory questionnaire devised for this study. We demonstrated the correlation of the SSS test with other olfactory...
Recent Trends of Prevalence in Unilateral Sinusitis and Useful Factors in Differential Diagnosis

Mo JH, Jung D, Chung YJ

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Unilateral sinus lesions can be caused by many diseases and exact preoperative diagnosis is often difficult to make. The aims of this study were to evaluate the...
Epigenetic Regulation of Nasal Polyp Formation

Park IH, Lee HM

Nasal polyposis is a multi-factorial disease associated with chronic inflammation of the paranasal sinuses. Myofibroblast differentiation and extracellular matrix (ECM) accumulation are involved in the pathogenesis of nasal polyposis. Epigenetics,...

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