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A Case of Epidermoid Cyst at Nasolabial Area

Kim MH, Woo HJ, Bae CH, Song SY, Kim YD

  • KMID: 2131945
  • J Rhinol.
  • 2008 Nov;15(2):164-166.
Dermoid cysts can be found anywhere in the body, particularly in areas where embryonic elements fuse together. Dermoid cysts arising in the head and neck lesion are relatively common, but...
A Case of Angioleiomyoma of Nasal Vestibule

Hwang SH, Chung J, Chung DH, Kim JM

  • KMID: 2131944
  • J Rhinol.
  • 2008 Nov;15(2):160-163.
Angioleiomyoma is an uncommon benign tumor composed of smooth muscle cells and vascular endotheliums. It is common in the uterus and the gastrointestinal tract but rare in the head and...
Glomus Tumor of the Nasal Septum : A Case Report

Ahn DB, Sin CM, Park JH, Kim JS

  • KMID: 2131943
  • J Rhinol.
  • 2008 Nov;15(2):156-159.
Glomus tumor is a benign tumor, which is believed to represent hyperplasia or harmatomatous development of the glomus body. It is relatively rare in the head and neck region, especially...
Cerebrospinal Fluid Rhinorrhea Secondary to Acute Sphenoid Sinusitis

Park JS, Bae WY, Gu TW, Kim HD

  • KMID: 2131942
  • J Rhinol.
  • 2008 Nov;15(2):152-155.
Acute sphenoid sinusitis is a relatively uncommon disease in the post-antibiotic era. Furthermore direct bony destruction and intracranial complications secondary to sphenoid sinusitis are extremely rare. However, it can have...
Blindness Secondary to Sphenoid Fungus Ball

Kwon OJ, Jeon SY, Kim KS, Kim JP

  • KMID: 2131941
  • J Rhinol.
  • 2008 Nov;15(2):148-151.
The close vicinity of the optic nerve to the sphenoid sinus may cause visual loss in the sphenoid fungus ball. We present a case of blindness secondary to sphenoid fungus...
Multiple Traumatic Pyomucocele

Kim IK, Yum DJ, Park SH, Kim CD

  • KMID: 2131940
  • J Rhinol.
  • 2008 Nov;15(2):144-147.
The mucocele of paranasal sinuses is a mucus-filled, epithelial-lined cystic structure resulting from the destruction of the sinus ostia secondary by recurrent inflammation, trauma or intrinsic disease. A 42-year-old man...
A Case of Neurilemmoma in the Nasal Vestibule

Boo SH, Hong JW, Heo MJ

  • KMID: 2131939
  • J Rhinol.
  • 2008 Nov;15(2):140-143.
A schwannoma, also known as neurilemmoma, is a relatively rare benign tumor originating from the schwann cells of the nerve sheath. It occurs along any somatic, sympathetic and cranial nerves...
Comparative Values of External Nose Measurement with Photograph According to Sex and Age in Korean Adults

Chung YM, Chang JS, Jun BH, Choi IS

  • KMID: 2131938
  • J Rhinol.
  • 2008 Nov;15(2):134-139.
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Rhinoplasty has been frequently performed for correction of injured nose or cosmetic reasons. Korean standard values are insufficient, and most reference values are based on Caucasian ones....
Expression of TARC in Nasal Epithelial Cells by IL-4/IL-13 and TNF-alpha in Allergic Rhinitis

Lee KH, Kim SW, Shin SY, Cho JS

  • KMID: 2131937
  • J Rhinol.
  • 2008 Nov;15(2):129-133.
BACKGROUND: Thymus and Activation-Regulated Chemokine (TARC) is a highly specific ligand for CCR4 expressed in Th2 lymphocytes. Local production of TARC may play an important role in the induction and...
The Clinical Application of Endoscopic Sphenoidotomy and Anatomical Role of the Superior Turbinate

Cho HS, Kim HJ, Kim KS, Kim JH, Park SY, Yang HS

  • KMID: 2131936
  • J Rhinol.
  • 2008 Nov;15(2):124-128.
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Recently, endoscopic sinus surgery (ESS) is commonly performed to treat the sphenoid sinus disease. Identification of the natural ostium of sphenoid sinus (SS) according to surgeon's operating...
The Significance of Radiologic Positive Finding of Paranasal Sinus in Bone Marrow Transplant Patients

Youn SJ, Sin CM, Lee HR, Heo JY, Kim TH, Cho IJ, Kim JS

  • KMID: 2131935
  • J Rhinol.
  • 2008 Nov;15(2):120-123.
BACKGROUND: Bone marrow transplantation (BMT) is a beneficial and curative technique used in different hematologic conditions or malignant neoplastic diseases. However, bone marrow transplant patients are at a higher risk...
The Clinical Effectiveness of Open Septorhinoplasty for Primary Treatment of Nasal bone Fracture

Kim JH, Lee GH, Cho HS, Lee KH, Do YK, Kim KS, Kim HJ

  • KMID: 2131934
  • J Rhinol.
  • 2008 Nov;15(2):115-119.
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Closed reduction has been a primary treatment procedure for nasal bone fracture, but the post-operative results have not always been satisfactory. We compared the satisfaction rate of...
Expression of p53, p21, Cycin D1, and Ki-67 in Sinonasal Tumors

Jeong HM, Lee JH, Yun KJ

  • KMID: 2131933
  • J Rhinol.
  • 2008 Nov;15(2):108-114.
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The goal of this study is to investigate alterations of cell-cycle-related molecules, including p53, p21, cyclin D1 and Ki-67, in tumors arising in the sinonasal region. MATERIALS...
Comparison of Correlation of Subjective Symptoms Between Total Respiratory Disturbance Index and Supine Respiratory Disturbance Index

Eun YG, Kim SW, Kwon KH, Lee KH, Cho JS

  • KMID: 2131932
  • J Rhinol.
  • 2008 Nov;15(2):103-107.
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The aggravating effect of the supine body position on breathing abnormalities during sleep appears to be due to the effect of gravity on the upper airway. All...
Role of Fungal and Bacterial Superantigen in the Pathogenesis of Chronic Rhinosinusitis with Polyps

Shin SH

  • KMID: 2131931
  • J Rhinol.
  • 2008 Nov;15(2):98-102.
Chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) is an inflammatory disorder with numerous predisposing factors, including genetics, anatomic anomalies, bacteria, and fungus. CRS with nasal polyps can be distinguished by an eosinophilic type inflammation...
Health Promotion and Prevention of Allergic Disease

Koo SK

  • KMID: 2131930
  • J Rhinol.
  • 2008 Nov;15(2):92-97.
The prevalence of allergic diseases have been increasing over the last few decades. These diseases have become a global public health problem and a burden to health care resources. Allergen...
The Role of Otolaryngology in Dental Implantation

Jeong JH, Kim KT, Chung SK

  • KMID: 2131929
  • J Rhinol.
  • 2008 Nov;15(2):83-91.
In recent years, dental implants have become a frequently performed procedure in most dental clinics. The edentulous posterior maxilla provides a limited amount of bony volume due to atrophy of...

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