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Nasofacial Zygomycosis by Conidiobulus Coronatus Responsive to Itraconazole

Handa A, Handa KK, Karak A, Sinha A

  • J Rhinol.
  • 2000 Nov;7(2):157-159.
Conidiobolomycosis/Nasofacial zygomycosis is a relatively rare disease entity. It is almost always caused by Conidiobolus coronatus and is also known as conidiobolomycosis. It has been more commonly reported in tropical...
A Case of Allergic Mucin Sphenoiditis without Fungus

Kim IT, Song SY, Chang KH, Song BH, Park HR

  • J Rhinol.
  • 2000 Nov;7(2):154-156.
Allergic fungal sinusitis is characterized by eosinophilic allergic mucin with fungal hyphae in histopathologic aspect. "Allergic mucin sinusitis without fungus" or "Allergic fungal sinusitis-like syndrome" is a new term used...
Inhibition of Murine Allergic Response by Monoclonal Interleukin-4 Receptor Antibody

Lee CH, Yun JB, Rhee CS, Park SW, Kim JW

  • J Rhinol.
  • 2000 Nov;7(2):149-153.
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Several strategies were used to control the IgE production by interfering the functional activities of IL-4. However, most of them revealed limited effects to reduction of allergic...
Lengthening of Short Noses

Jung DH, Choi JC, Jang TY, Kim MW, Kim J

  • J Rhinol.
  • 2000 Nov;7(2):142-148.
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Lengthening of short noses is one of the therapeutic dilemmas in facial plastic surgery. Aesthetically, short noses are characterized by a decreased distance from the root of...
Effect of Hot Steam Inhalation on Microcirculation of Nasal Mucosa

Kim HU, Kim SS, Park HJ, Yoon JH, Lee JG

  • J Rhinol.
  • 2000 Nov;7(2):137-141.
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Nasal inhalation of hot humidified air may alleviate nasal symptoms associated with rhinologic disease. Thus, hot steam inhalation is often recommended as a home remedy for various...
Effects of Saline Solution on Ciliary Movement in Human Nasal Epithelium in vitro

Lee KS, Lee CH, Min YG, Rhee CS, Lee CH, Lee DW

  • J Rhinol.
  • 2000 Nov;7(2):132-136.
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Osmolarity is known to affect ciliary beat frequency (CBF) ; however, little is known about the effects of saline spray or irrigation on ciliary activity in human...
Can the Acoustic Rhinometry Reflect the Real Volume Change of the Nasal Cavity?

Won JY, Chung YS, Kim JH, Kim YJ, Lee BJ

  • J Rhinol.
  • 2000 Nov;7(2):127-131.
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Acoustic rhinometry (AR) measures nasal cavity geometry by analyzing reflected acoustic impulses. The authors aimed to find out whether AR could reflect the volume change developed from...
Enhancement of Microvascular Leakage in the Nasal Mucosa after Re-exposure to Capsaicin in a Rat Model Challenged/Rechallenged with Capsaicin

Jeon SY, Kim EA, Sung JH, Kim JP, Jung TG, Hwang EG

  • J Rhinol.
  • 2000 Nov;7(2):123-126.
It has been suggested that the role of neurogenic inflammation is to protect the airway from various noxious irritants in inhaled air. Repeated exposure to various irritating stimuli has become...
Trans-Inferior Turbinate Approach for Endoscopic Sphenopalatine Artery Ligation

Jeon SY, Jeong JH, Kim DJ, Sung JH, Cheon JH, Kim JP

  • J Rhinol.
  • 2000 Nov;7(2):119-122.
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: With the recent development of endoscopic nasal surgery, endoscopic sphenopalatine artery ligation allows for secure control of posterior epistaxis with considerably low recurrence and complications. Surgical approaches...
Measurement of Nasal Trigeminal Pungency Threshold: Comparison between Normals and Patients with Decreased Sense of Smell

Yang KH, Lee CY, Kim IT, Park YM, Lim HJ

  • J Rhinol.
  • 2000 Nov;7(2):113-118.
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: In order to measure the level of nasal trigeminal pungency threshold and to evaluate the interaction between olfactory and trigeminal nerves, we measured olfactory thresholds and trigeminal...
Orbital Complications of Rhinosinusitis: Characteristics in Pediatric Patients

Kim YJ, Min YG

  • J Rhinol.
  • 2000 Nov;7(2):109-112.
To evaluate the differences in clinical features of rhinosinogenic orbital complications between the pediatric and adult groups, a multicenter survey was made on 79 cases of rhinogenic orbital complications (from...
Comparison of Allergic Skin Prick Test and FAST System in Patients with Allergic Rhinitis

Kwon SH, Cho YS

  • J Rhinol.
  • 2000 Nov;7(2):105-108.
The diagnosis of allergic rhinitis in clinical practice is frequently based on a skin prick test. The measurement of serum levels of specific IgE can be used as an alternative...
Concha Bullosa: Incidence and Relationship with Chronic Sinusitis on OMU CT

Kim KR, Lee SH

  • J Rhinol.
  • 2000 Nov;7(2):101-104.
Concha bullosa is one of the most common anatomical variations detected in the paransal sinus and nasal cavity. In this study, the incidence of concha bullosa and the relationship between...
Mycotic Rhinosinusitis

Dhong HJ

  • J Rhinol.
  • 2000 Nov;7(2):93-100.
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