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A Case of a Sphenoid Sinus Mucocele Protruding into Both Nasal Cavities: Transnasal Endoscopic Marsupialization

Lee YB, Lee KC, Lee JW, Jin SM

  • KMID: 2223275
  • J Rhinol.
  • 1999 May;6(1):75-78.
A sphenoid sinus mucocele is a rare condition that causes a variety of symptoms by creating pressure on important contiguous neurological and vascular structures. The lesion is difficult to diagnose...
Transnasal Endoscopic Resection of Juvenile Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma: A Case Report

Kim YD, Bai CH, Suh BS, Park JC

  • KMID: 2223273
  • J Rhinol.
  • 1999 May;6(1):70-74.
The surgical approach to juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma (JNA) is determined by the topographic localization, the extent of the tumor, and the experience of the surgical team.1)2) Current surgical options include...
Isolated Bacteria and Their Susceptibility to Antibiotics in Chronic Sinusitis : Results of Endoscopically Guided Cultures of Maxillary Sinus Secretions

Jee BH, Lee SW, Lee BJ

  • KMID: 2223271
  • J Rhinol.
  • 1999 May;6(1):66-69.
The aim of this study was to identify the pathogens of chronic recalcitrant sinusitis and to obtain information for determining appropriate antibiotics through sensitivity testing. A prospective study was conducted...
Endoscopic Maxillary Sinus Surgery Using the Microdebrider

Dhong HJ, Ryu JS, Park JH, Yoon SW, Chung SK, Chu KC

  • KMID: 2223269
  • J Rhinol.
  • 1999 May;6(1):61-70.
In the treatment of chronic maxillary sinusitis, endoscopic sinus surgery, unlike the more radical Caldwell-Luc (C-L) operation, enables the preservation of mucosa. However, although a middle meatal antrostomy is superior...
The Prevalence of Nasal Septal Deformities among Children in Kindergarten and First Grade in Anyang and Kunpo Cities

Song SY, Kim IT, Chang KH, Lee KS, Kim HJ, Lim HJ

  • KMID: 2223267
  • J Rhinol.
  • 1999 May;6(1):58-60.
Nasal septal deformity (NSD) is a common nasal disorder, but its prevalence among children has not been reported in Korea. The aim of this work was to study the prevalence...
Treatment Outcomes of Endoscopic Endonasal Dacryocystorhinostomy

Kim H, Kim JH, Lee BJ

  • KMID: 2223265
  • J Rhinol.
  • 1999 May;6(1):53-57.
Endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy represents a new and promising approach to removing obstruction of the lacrimal pathways without incising the skin. In this study, the authors aimed to evaluate the efficacy of...
Outcomes of Transnasal Endoscopic Sinus Surgery in 62 Cases of Antrochoanal Polyp

Lee KC, Lee SC, Ban JH, Park SO, Jin SM, Lee YB

  • KMID: 2223263
  • J Rhinol.
  • 1999 May;6(1):47-52.
This study was conducted to review the clinical features of antrochoanal polyp and to evaluate the effectiveness of transnasal endoscopic sinus surgery as a primary surgical method in treating antrochoanal...
Endoscopic Orbital Decompression for Dysthyroid Orbitopathy

Koh SJ, Dhong HJ

  • KMID: 2223262
  • J Rhinol.
  • 1999 May;6(1):42-46.
Since 1957, when Walsh and Ogura introduced transantral orbital decompression, various surgical approaches have been introduced for the treatment of dysthyroid orbitopathy. With the development of endoscopic sinus surgery, orbital...
Ciliary Activity and Electron Microscopic Structure according to the Levels of Respiratory Tract in the Mouse, Rat and Guinea Pig

Rhee CS, Lee KS, Yun JB, Lee CH, Min YG

  • KMID: 2223261
  • J Rhinol.
  • 1999 May;6(1):37-41.
Few studies have attempted a systematic comparison of ciliary beat frequency (CBF) and ciliary ultrastructure across different species and different levels of the respiratory tract. The aim of this study...
Mucin Secretion and MUC1 mRNA Expression in the Cultured Secretory Cells of the Rat Nasal Epithelium

Kim IT

  • KMID: 2223260
  • J Rhinol.
  • 1999 May;6(1):30-36.
The upper respiratory system is lined with epithelium (mucosa) of the pseudostratified ciliated columnar type that produces mucus as a secretion. The major constituent of mucus is mucin, a glycoprotein...
Expression of GABA Transporters in the Rat's Olfactory Bulb during Development

Park YJ, Lee MY, Yoon HR

  • KMID: 2223259
  • J Rhinol.
  • 1999 May;6(1):24-29.
Developmental changes in the expression of two GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) transporter proteins, GAT-1 and GAT-3, in the olfactory bulb of embryonic and postnatal rats were examined with immunocytochemistry using antisera...
Distribution of IL-4, IL-8 and GM-CSF in Nasal Turbinate Mucosa Following Sulfur Dioxide Exposure In Vitro

Lee CH, Lee KS, Rhee CS, Song BH

  • KMID: 2223258
  • J Rhinol.
  • 1999 May;6(1):19-23.
There is increasing evidence that airway epithelial cells, when exposed to various gas-derived air pollutants, play an important role in airway inflammation by releasing inflammatory cytokines. However, there is little...
Morphologic Changes in Cultured Normal Human Nasal Epithelial Cells Following Treatment with Histamine

Kim KS, Yoon JH, Lee JG, Moon HJ, Chun HS, Yoo SY

  • KMID: 2223257
  • J Rhinol.
  • 1999 May;6(1):12-18.
The aims of this study are to observe morphologic changes in normal human nasal epithelial (NHNE) cells caused by varying concentrations of histamine, to evaluate the changes in relation to...
Pathogenesis of Nasal Polyps

Jang TY

  • KMID: 2223256
  • J Rhinol.
  • 1999 May;6(1):5-11.
While polyposis in the nose and paranasal sinuses continues to be a major clinical problem, the pathogenesis of nasal polyps remains controversial. Many etiologic theories, including those pointing to allergy,...

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