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Working Memory Span in Normal Control, Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer's Disease

Lee SY, Youn JH, Kim JH, Lee JY

OBJECTIVE: The purposes of this study were to compare the working memory span between mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and Alzheimer's disease (AD) in the Korean elderly population and to evaluate...
Elderly Patient Trends in a Chronic Mental Hospital and Accompanying Medical Diseases

Ju SH, Kim SK, Byun WT, Jung BJ, Park YM, Seo JW, Kim SH

OBJECTIVE: It investigated the tendency of the increase of elderly patients in a psychiatric hospital. In this regard, it examined whether the number of patients with outpatient consultant, discharge, medical...
A Study of Factors Influencing Subjective Memory Complaints among Community Dwelling Elderly

Lee US, Jae YM, Jang SH, Choi JH, Lee KH

OBJECTIVE: We examined the factors influencing subjective memory complaints among community dwelling elderly in urban area. METHODS: The subjects of this research were 160 community-dwelling elderly people without dementia and major...
A Rural Dementia-Friendly Village Project and Dementia Awareness, Cognition, and Depressive Symptom : A Preliminary Study

Han MI, Kim GM, Oh JY, Park MK, Kang NI, Kim JW

OBJECTIVE: According to the 3rd Korean National Dementia Plan, the dementia-friendly community initiative was launched. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of a rural dementia-friendly village...
Snoring as a Risk Factor of Fall in the Community Elderly

Park J, Kim WJ, Youm Y, Kim HC, Park YR, Chu SH, Namkoong K, Lee E

OBJECTIVE: Fall is one of major causes of morbidity and mortality in the elderly. It is known that sleep is associated with quality of life in the elderly. Snoring is...
Relationship between Body Composition and Cognitive Function : Using Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis

Roh J, Kim H, Lee KJ

OBJECTIVE: Body composition is measured using bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), and correlation between the result of BIA and cognitive function is analyzed. METHODS: A total of 118 elderly (46 male, 72...

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