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Epidemiologic Characteristics and Clinical Features of the Elderly Patients with Bipolar Disorders Admitted to a University Hospital

Cho SH, Jung HY, Kwon YJ, Lee SY, Kim YR, Kim YJ

  • KMID: 2334006
  • J Korean Geriatr Psychiatry.
  • 2006 Dec;10(2):90-97.
OBJECTIVES: As the elderly population is continuing to increase, psychiatric diseases of the elderly are becoming an important social issue. This study looks into the demographical and clinical features of...
Analysis of Current Status of Management for Dementia between City and Country Health Center

Lee KS, Lee DW, Lee JY, Cheong HK, Kim KR, Choi JH, Oh BH, Hong CH

  • KMID: 2334005
  • J Korean Geriatr Psychiatry.
  • 2006 Dec;10(2):84-89.
OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this study was as follows: 1) to compare the current status of management for dementia between city and country health center. 2) to check the amount...
Survey of Public Health Service Needs of Live-Alone Elders in Urban Area

Jung HG, Ahn S, Park MH, Kim NH, Park KW, Joe SH, Jung IK, Jo I, Han C

  • KMID: 2334004
  • J Korean Geriatr Psychiatry.
  • 2006 Dec;10(2):80-83.
BACKGROUND: The number and proportion of live-alone elders in Korea have been increasing dramatically. We tried to identify the physical health status of live-alone elders in community and their needs...
Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Late-Life Anxiety Disorder

Oh Y

  • KMID: 2334003
  • J Korean Geriatr Psychiatry.
  • 2006 Dec;10(2):76-79.
This paper reviews the Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment (CBT) of late-life anxiety disorders, mainly focused on generalized anxiety disorder. CBT for late-life anxiety disorder is usually based on the same programs with...
Pharmacotherapy of Anxiety Disorders in Older People

Ryu SH, Jung IK

  • KMID: 2334002
  • J Korean Geriatr Psychiatry.
  • 2006 Dec;10(2):70-75.
Anxiety disorders are common psychiatric illnesses in the elderly. However, anxiety disorders in older people have not drawn much attention from researchers and clinicians alike, compared with late-life depression or...
Comorbid Anxiety in Elderly Patients with Depression

Kim YR, Jung HY

  • KMID: 2334001
  • J Korean Geriatr Psychiatry.
  • 2006 Dec;10(2):65-69.
The frequent comorbidity of anxiety and depression, particularly among elderly, is widely recognized by clinicians, but the debate continues as to whether the combined diagnostic designation is merited. There remains...
Geriatic Anxiety Disorder


  • KMID: 2334000
  • J Korean Geriatr Psychiatry.
  • 2006 Dec;10(2):61-64.
Anxiety disorder is the one of the most prevalent psychiatric disorders in the elderly. However, there were no sufficient studies on the anxiety disorder in late life. Geriatric anxiety disorders...

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