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Removable Partial Denture Using Anterior Implant-Supported Fixed Prostheses for Edentulous Patients: A Case Report

Lee YJ, Bae EB, Jeong CM, Lee JJ, Kim JY, Huh JB

  • J Korean Dent Sci.
  • 2017 Dec;10(2):87-95.
  • doi: 10.5856/JKDS.2017.10.2.87
This case study was to report the possible increase in the denture retention and psychological relief using the implant-supported fixed prostheses in a completely edentulous patient. The implants were placed...
Application of Monitored Anesthesia Care Using Dexmedetomidine to Common Oral and Maxillofacial Trauma Cases

Lee DW, Shin MC, Hong SO

  • J Korean Dent Sci.
  • 2017 Dec;10(2):82-86.
  • doi: 10.5856/JKDS.2017.10.2.82
Oral and maxillofacial surgery (OMFS) trauma cases are commonly treated under general anesthesia. The purpose of this case report is to introduce an alternative method of anesthesia in patients who...
Considerations for the Survival of Complete Arch Implant-Supported Zirconia Restorations; Status of Antagonistic Arches and Stress Distribution on Frameworks: A Case Report

Choi JY, Sim JH, Yeo IS

  • J Korean Dent Sci.
  • 2017 Dec;10(2):74-81.
  • doi: 10.5856/JKDS.2017.10.2.74
This report describes two cases of complete arch implant-supported restorations. The first patient had seven dental implants in each arch with monolithic zirconia frameworks. At four weeks' follow-up, the one-piece...
Effect of Laser Pre-Drilling on Insertion Torque of Orthodontic Miniscrews: A Preliminary Study

Kim KH, Choi SH, Cha JY, Hwang CJ

  • J Korean Dent Sci.
  • 2017 Dec;10(2):66-73.
  • doi: 10.5856/JKDS.2017.10.2.66
PURPOSE: To evaluate the effect of different-sized drill tips and laser irradiation times on the initial stability of orthodontic miniscrews placed in Er,Cr:YSGG-laser pre-drilled holes in an animal model. MATERIALS AND...
Clinical Characteristics of Postoperative Maxillary Cyst

Sharma A, Kim DH, Choi SY, Kim JW, Kwon TG, Paeng JY

  • J Korean Dent Sci.
  • 2017 Dec;10(2):60-65.
  • doi: 10.5856/JKDS.2017.10.2.60
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study is to analyze the clinical features of postoperative maxillary cyst (POMC) according to the patient's medical history of previous sinus operation and symptoms with...
Comparison of Vertical Magnification Ratio among Various Areas in Panoramic Radiographs

Song WK, Seok HS, Kim BR, Choi SH

  • J Korean Dent Sci.
  • 2017 Dec;10(2):53-59.
  • doi: 10.5856/JKDS.2017.10.2.53
PURPOSE: The objective of the present article is to determine whether there are differences in vertical enlargement ratio among various sites within both jaws in a panoramic radiograph. MATERIALS AND METHODS:...
Calcium Signaling in Salivary Secretion

Kim JM, Lee SW, Park K

  • J Korean Dent Sci.
  • 2017 Dec;10(2):45-52.
  • doi: 10.5856/JKDS.2017.10.2.45
Calcium has versatile roles in diverse physiological functions. Among these functions, intracellular Ca²⁺ plays a key role during the secretion of salivary glands. In this review, we introduce the diverse...

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