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Effects of Organizational Silence and Professionalism on Job Embeddedness among Nurses in Hospital Management

Kim JW, Kang KH

  • J Korean Clin Nurs Res.
  • 2019 Aug;25(2):198-207.
  • doi: 10.22650/JKCNR.2019.25.2.198
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to provide data to establish an efficient manpower management plan so that the organization can identify the influence of organizational silence and professionalism...
The Effects of Symptom Experiences and Depression on Falls Efficacy in Elderly Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy

Hwang DH, Jung D

  • J Korean Clin Nurs Res.
  • 2019 Aug;25(2):189-197.
  • doi: 10.22650/JKCNR.2019.25.2.189
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to identify the effects of symptom experience and depression on the falls efficacy of elderly patients who were undergoing chemotherapy. METHODS: The questionnaires were...
Development of Fall Assessment Scale in Adult Inpatients

Choi EH, Ko MS, Hong SH, Kim IS

  • J Korean Clin Nurs Res.
  • 2019 Aug;25(2):179-188.
  • doi: 10.22650/JKCNR.2019.25.2.179
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to develop a valid Adult Fall Assessment Scale Korean version (FAS-K) for inpatients in general hospitals in Korea. METHODS: This a 14 item FAS-K...
Impact of Depression on Medication Adherence of Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: Focusing on Mediating Effect of Self-Efficacy and Belief about Medication

Lee SJ, Ju HO

  • J Korean Clin Nurs Res.
  • 2019 Aug;25(2):170-178.
  • doi: 10.22650/JKCNR.2019.25.2.170
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to determine the mediating effects of self-efficacy and the belief about medication on the association between depression and medication adherence in patients with...
Development and Evaluation of the Effect of a Happiness Self-Coaching Program for New Graduate Nurses Working in Cancer Care Unit

Ryu EJ, Jeon MY

  • J Korean Clin Nurs Res.
  • 2019 Aug;25(2):161-169.
  • doi: 10.22650/JKCNR.2019.25.2.161
PURPOSE: This study was conducted to examine the effect of a Happiness Self-Coaching program for new graduate nurses working in cancer care units. METHODS: A quasi-experimental pretest-posttest, nonequivalent control-group design was...
The Influence of Job Stress, Self-Esteem, and Resilience on the Field Adaptation in Newly Graduated Nurses

Son JE, Kim SH

  • J Korean Clin Nurs Res.
  • 2019 Aug;25(2):151-160.
  • doi: 10.22650/JKCNR.2019.25.2.151
PURPOSE: This study aims to determine the relation among job stress, self-esteem, resilience, and field adaptation of the newly graduated nurses, through which an effective mediation strategy toward field adaptation...
Evaluation of the Humpty Dumpty Falls Scale: An Analysis of Electronic Medical Records

Cho YH, Kim YJ

  • J Korean Clin Nurs Res.
  • 2019 Aug;25(2):142-150.
  • doi: 10.22650/JKCNR.2019.25.2.142
PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficiency of the Humpty Dumpty Falls Scale as one of the falls risk assessment tools, and also to evaluate risk...
Effects of Compassion Competence and Organizational Commitment on Customer Orientation in Hospital Nurses

Kim YH, Choi MY

  • J Korean Clin Nurs Res.
  • 2019 Aug;25(2):133-141.
  • doi: 10.22650/JKCNR.2019.25.2.133
PURPOSE: This study aimed to examine the effects of compassion competence and organizational commitment on customer orientation in hospital nurses. METHODS: The participant of this study was 223 nurses who have...
Nurses' Perception of the Performance and Necessity of Nursing Services for Patients Engagement

Lee TW, Jang YS, Ji YJ, Do HO, Oh KH, Kim CK, Chun JH, Shin HK, Cho MY, Bae JI

  • J Korean Clin Nurs Res.
  • 2019 Aug;25(2):120-132.
  • doi: 10.22650/JKCNR.2019.25.2.120
PURPOSE: This study aimed to investigate the performance of patient engagement nursing services perceived by nurses and necessity in Korea. METHODS: This study was a descriptive research. A total of 205...
Study on the Establishment of Fixed Night Shifts and Flexible Work Arrangements for Nurses

Kim JH, Choi EJ, Kim MS, Yu M, Jun JH, Kim YH

  • J Korean Clin Nurs Res.
  • 2019 Aug;25(2):107-119.
  • doi: 10.22650/JKCNR.2019.25.2.107
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to investigate the welfare status of nurses and the status of fixed night shifts and flexible work arrangements in both general hospitals and...

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