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Optimizing Outcomes in the Reconstruction of Postburn Scar Hand Deformities

Kim DC, Shin CH, Han YS, Chung SH, Kim JH, Lee R

  • J Korean Burn Soc.
  • 2017 Jun;20(1):31-40.
  • doi: 10.0000/jkbs.2017.20.1.31
PURPOSE: Reconstruction of severe postburn hand deformities with flexion or extension contractures with finger webbing deformities, large hypertrophic scars of dorsal hand are frequently encountered problems in burn hand surgery....
Clinical Consideration of Chronic Radiodermatitis Caused by Coronary Intervention

Kim JY, Yang HJ

  • J Korean Burn Soc.
  • 2017 Jun;20(1):26-30.
  • doi: 10.0000/jkbs.2017.20.1.26
PURPOSE: The number of coronary interventions is increasing in Korea. Medical team tend to underestimate the radiation that is used during coronary interventions. For this reason if a person who...
Clinical Consideration about Characteristics and Treatment of Scalding Burn Caused by Instant Noodle

Tae SP, Lim SY, Song JK, Joo HS

  • J Korean Burn Soc.
  • 2017 Jun;20(1):21-25.
  • doi: 10.0000/jkbs.2017.20.1.21
PURPOSE: Instant noodle is one of the most popular noodle and its consumption is increasing annually. So scalding burns caused by Instant noodle are comparatively common. Instant noodle can lead...
Frequency of Burns by Body Parts of Firefighters and Hospitalization Rate according to the Type of Protective Clothing

Ha JK, Kang GH, Choi HY, Jang YS, Kim W, Kim JG, Kim DC, Kim M, You KC, Kim D, Yim H

  • J Korean Burn Soc.
  • 2017 Jun;20(1):16-20.
  • doi: 10.0000/jkbs.2017.20.1.16
PURPOSE: Fire suits are very important protective equipment for firefighters. In fire scene, radiant heat and warmed water invade into conventional protective clothing gap. The safety of firefighters has long...
Clinical Effectiveness of a Newly Developed Collagen Substitute (InsureGraf®)

Kim J, Yoon JC, Kim YM, Lim HJ, Kim D, Hur J, Chun W, Cho YS

  • J Korean Burn Soc.
  • 2017 Jun;20(1):12-15.
  • doi: 10.0000/jkbs.2017.20.1.12
PURPOSE: Aim of this study was to assess effects of InsureGraf® (SK-Bioland Co., Korea), an artificial dermis developed by using tissue engineering technology in severe burn patients. METHODS: To examine the...
Detergent Solution-induced Alkaline Burn of Hand: A Case Report and Review of Literature

Choi BM, Myung Y

  • J Korean Burn Soc.
  • 2017 Jun;20(1):9-11.
  • doi: 10.0000/jkbs.2017.20.1.9
We present an interesting case of arbitrary chemical burn resulting from exposure to an undiluted detergent solution as a folk remedy. A 59-year-old woman came to the emergency department presenting...
Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy For Treatment of Intractable Stump Pain

Joo SY, Seo Y, Cho YS, Seo CH

  • J Korean Burn Soc.
  • 2017 Jun;20(1):5-8.
  • doi: 10.0000/jkbs.2017.20.1.5
Amputation stump pains can be developed in amputation sites after high voltage electrical burn injuries. We experienced one case of these severe stump pains in an upper extremity amputation patient....
Severe Case of Low Temperature Contact Burn with Rhabdomyolysis

Tae SP, Song JK, Joo HS, Lim SY

  • J Korean Burn Soc.
  • 2017 Jun;20(1):1-4.
  • doi: 10.0000/jkbs.2017.20.1.1
Although low temperature contact burn doesn't have clear definition, it is used to describe the burn occurred by long time exposure under 50℃ temperature. 4(th) degree burn can be occurred...

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