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The Effect of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy on the Scar Pain of Burn Patients: A Case Report

Cho YS, Seo CH

  • J Korean Burn Soc.
  • 2014 Jun;17(1):38-42.
PURPOSE: Many burn patients are troubled with pain and paresthesia from healed wounds. Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) in various musculoskeletal disease and wounds is reported that it reduces the...
Management of Major Burn Patients with Multiple Rib Fractures: 2 Case Report

Song CM, Chae HJ, Choi YH, Jang YC

  • J Korean Burn Soc.
  • 2014 Jun;17(1):34-37.
About 5% of burn patients come with other injuries. When patients with multiple rib fractures are put under general anesthesia, there is a higher rate of a variety of complications,...
Staged Operation Using Fasciocutaneous Transposition Flap on Reconstruction of Exposed Patella Region in 4th Degree Burn: Case Report

Lee JU, Lim SA, Song JK, Yoon YI

  • J Korean Burn Soc.
  • 2014 Jun;17(1):30-33.
PURPOSE: Soft tissue injuries of the patellar region are difficult problems because of insufficient arterial blood supply and lack of muscle. There have been many methods for reconstructing the soft...
Effect of Plant Extracts Contained Dressing Material Which Is Rich in Procyanidins for Treatment of Deep Second Degree Burn

Lee YJ, Yoon J, Yang HT, Cho YS, Kym D, Kim JH, Hur J, Chun W, Yim H

  • J Korean Burn Soc.
  • 2014 Jun;17(1):25-29.
PURPOSE: This study was planned to evaluate the effect of plant extracts contained dressing material which is rich in procyanidins for treatment of deep second degree burn. METHODS: This study conducted...
Plasma Lactate and Base Deficit: Early Predictors of Morbidity in Burn Patients

Ha CM, Ahn HY, Cho IS, Jung YM, Choi SY, Pyo CH

  • J Korean Burn Soc.
  • 2014 Jun;17(1):20-24.
PURPOSE: Plasma lactate and base deficit has been used as a marker to determine the status of tissue perfusion in trauma and clinically ill patients and also to predict the...
Clinical Significance of Carbon Monoxide Induced Myocardial Injury

Kim O, Lim YS, Jo JS, Woo JH, Jang JH, Yang HJ

  • J Korean Burn Soc.
  • 2014 Jun;17(1):15-19.
PURPOSE: This study was performed for investigation of epidemiology, clinical characteristics, and serial value of cardiac troponin level of patients who had myocardial injury due to Carbon monoxide poisoning. METHODS: This...
The Effects of Laughter Therapy on Anxiety and Depression of Burn Patients

Lim DS, Kim KJ, Nam KA, Seo CH

  • J Korean Burn Soc.
  • 2014 Jun;17(1):8-14.
PURPOSE: The study was a non-equivalent control group, quasi-experimental study to find out the effect of the laughter therapy on anxiety and depression of burn patients. METHODS: Study subjects were 60...
Reconstruction of MCP Joint or Web Space Region with Adipofascial Turnover Flap in Electric Burn Injuries

Lee JU, Lim SA, Song JK, Yoon YI, Yu KH

  • J Korean Burn Soc.
  • 2014 Jun;17(1):1-7.
PURPOSE: In many cases, electric burn can affect regional MCP joint or web space of hand, and reconstruction of these area is significant, because it can lead severe functional and...

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