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Anteroinferior Capsulolabral Complex Repair Using Antegrade Suture Passer: Technical Note

Seo HJ, Cho CH, Lee SW

  • J Korean Arthrosc Soc.
  • 2013 Feb;17(1):95-99.
We introduce arthroscopic Bankart repair technique using antegrade suture passer that can effectively restore detached anteroinferior capsulolabral complex for shoulder anterior instability. After diagnostic arthroscopy is performed using posterior, anteroinferior...
Results of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction with Unicondylar Arthroplasty for Medial Compartment Knee Osteoarthritis combined with Anterior Instability

Lee CH, Song IS, Ji JH, Kim TI

  • J Korean Arthrosc Soc.
  • 2013 Feb;17(1):88-94.
Three cases who had medial compartment osteoarthritis of the knee (Kellgrene-Laurence grade 3 and Outerbridge grade 4) and anterior instability of the knee due to rupture of the anterior cruciate...
Endoscopic Treatment of Extensive Deep Abscess in Distal Posterior Thigh: A Case Report

Jeon HS, Song JU

  • J Korean Arthrosc Soc.
  • 2013 Feb;17(1):84-87.
At the posterior aspect of distal thigh, major nerves, vessels, muscles and tendons were located. So, if abscess occurs within deep muscular fascia of posterior aspect of distal thigh, it...
Arthroscopic Treatment of Fungous Arthritis of Knee Joint by Candida pelliculosa: A Case Report

Kim HC, Ahn SH, Kim KY, Hwang YS, Lee JH, Lee DE

  • J Korean Arthrosc Soc.
  • 2013 Feb;17(1):79-83.
Candida infection of knee joint is very rare. Diagnosis of Candida infection is difficult due to lack of obvious clinical symptoms. Candida albicans is the most common strain in Candida...
Arthroscopic Evaluation of Graft Extrusion after Lateral Meniscal Allograft Transplantation: A Case Report

Kim HC, Kim TS, Kim YB, Yang JH, Kim JK, Yoon JR

  • J Korean Arthrosc Soc.
  • 2013 Feb;17(1):76-78.
The meniscus is considered "extruded" when it extends beyond the tibial margins more than 3 mm in a coronal view of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). However, identifying the meniscal extrusion...
Medial Meniscus Posterior Horn Root Tear in Adolescent during Sport Activity: A Case Report

Cho JH

  • J Korean Arthrosc Soc.
  • 2013 Feb;17(1):71-75.
Root tear of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus can occur from trauma or chronic degeneration, leading to meniscus extrusion, articular cartilage loss, osteophyte formation, and medial joint space...
Incarcerated Flap Tear of the Medial Meniscus into the Inferior Joint Capsule: A Report of Two Cases

Kim BK, Lee YS, Lee DH, Choi WC

  • J Korean Arthrosc Soc.
  • 2013 Feb;17(1):66-70.
Flap tear is a type of displaced meniscal fragments that is often clinically significant lesions requiring surgical intervention. If the displaced tear is located inferomedial to the tibial plateau and...
Tophaceous Gout in the Rotator Cuff with Impingement Syndrome: A Case Report

Lee W, Yoon JR, Kim YB, Kang KB, Yun HH, Lee J

  • J Korean Arthrosc Soc.
  • 2013 Feb;17(1):61-65.
Tophaceous gout, which is usually presented in the synovial fluid, bursal lining, cartilage or other soft tissues, may cause a non-outlet impingement in the rotator cuff and bursa. In chronic...
Arthroscopic Treatment of Calcific Tendinitis of Subscapularis Tendon: A Case Report

Yi WJ, Lee KH, Jang WH

  • J Korean Arthrosc Soc.
  • 2013 Feb;17(1):56-60.
Calcific tendinitis of rotator cuff is a common disease which could be the cause of shoulder pain, and frequently occurs in supraspinatus, infraspinatus and teres minor in descending order. Calcific...
Clinical Results of Arthroscopic Bankart Repair with Absorbable Knot-tying and Absorbable Knotless Suture Anchors

Kim SJ, Lu YJ, Oh KS, Bahng SC, Park JY

  • J Korean Arthrosc Soc.
  • 2013 Feb;17(1):50-55.
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to compare the clinical results of absorbable knot-tying and absorbable knotless suture anchors in arthroscopic Bankart repair. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This study compared the...
Comparison of the Results between Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction alone and Combined with High Tibial Osteotomy for anterior Cruciate Ligament Ruptured Knees with Varus Alignment

Kwak JH, Sim JA, Lee YS, Hwang CH, Lee BK

  • J Korean Arthrosc Soc.
  • 2013 Feb;17(1):44-49.
PURPOSE: To compare of the results between anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction alone and combined with high tibial osteotomy for ACL ruptured knees with varus alignment. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We retrospectively...
Clinical Results of Arthroscopic Treatment for Infection after Total Knee Arthroplasty

Kim KT, Lee S, Kim JH, Kim DG, Shin WS

  • J Korean Arthrosc Soc.
  • 2013 Feb;17(1):38-43.
PURPOSE: To evaluate the efficiency of arthroscopic treatment for infected total knee arthroplasty (TKA), and to investigate the factors affecting the outcomes. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We analyzed 17 cases which underwent...
A Comparison of Outcomes after Early and Delayed Reconstruction in the Acute Posterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries

Lee YS, Lee SW, Seo BH, Kim YG

  • J Korean Arthrosc Soc.
  • 2013 Feb;17(1):31-37.
PURPOSE: This study performed to compare degree of joint stiffness and clinical results between early and delayed reconstruction of acute posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) injuries. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Thirty-two Patients who...
Posterior Cruciate Ligament Augmentation Using an Autogenous Hamstring Tendon Graft and the Posterior-Posterior Triangulation Technique

Kim YJ, Chae SU, Choi BS, Kim JY, Lee HY, Han CW, Han SH

  • J Korean Arthrosc Soc.
  • 2013 Feb;17(1):24-30.
PURPOSE: To evaluate the outcome of arthroscopic posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) augmentation using an autogenous hamstring tendon graft and the posterior-posterior triangulation technique with preservation of ligament remnant or elongated...
Clinical Outcomes after the Anatomic Single Bundle Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Using Outside-in Technique

Sohn MW, Kim JT, Seo SS, Seo JH, Kim CW

  • J Korean Arthrosc Soc.
  • 2013 Feb;17(1):18-23.
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study is to evaluate the usefulness of anatomical single bundle anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction using outside-in technique by clinical outcome analysis. MATERIALS AND METHODS: From...
The Effect of a Tibial Remnant Preservation Technique on the Synovialization of the Graft Tendon in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: Based on the Second Look Arthroscopic Findings

Ahn GY, Nam IH, Moon GH, Lee YH, Choi SP, Yoo JY

  • J Korean Arthrosc Soc.
  • 2013 Feb;17(1):11-17.
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effect of preservation of the tibial remnant on the synovialization of graft tendon after the reconstruction of anterior cruciate ligament...
Magnetic resonance imaging Usefulness after Medial Meniscus Posterior Root Tear Repair

Chon J, Kim JB, Lee BJ

  • J Korean Arthrosc Soc.
  • 2013 Feb;17(1):6-10.
PURPOSE: This study intends to verify the usefulness of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for estimate recovery after arthroscopic pull-out repair at root tears of medial meniscus. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We performed...
Study for the Usefulness of Arthroscopic Repair with UU MA SB Stitch for the Full Thickness Rotator Cuff Tear (preliminary report)

Ko SH, Lee SH, Rhee YG, Lee CC

  • J Korean Arthrosc Soc.
  • 2013 Feb;17(1):1-5.
PURPOSE: To evaluate the clinical results of arthroscopic repair with Ulsan University - Mason Allen - Suture Bridge (UU MA SB) stitch for the full thickness rotator cuff tear. MATERIALS AND...

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