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Recurrent Embolic Stroke Associated with Long-Latency Relapsing Cardiac Myxoma

Guk HS, Lee S, Jeong HB, Ju W, Choi JS, Lee YS

  • J Clin Neurol.
  • 2019 Oct;15(4):591-593.
  • doi: 10.3988/jcn.2019.15.4.591
No abstract available.
Is the Presence of Headache Indispensable in Diagnosing Reversible Cerebral Vasoconstriction Syndrome?

Kim BS, Park YK, Sunwoo MK, Yu HJ, Jeong EH, Kim DY

  • J Clin Neurol.
  • 2019 Oct;15(4):588-590.
  • doi: 10.3988/jcn.2019.15.4.588
No abstract available.
A Case of Frey's Syndrome Diagnosed and Followed Up Using the Quantitative Sudomotor Axon Reflex Test

Kim J, Kim M, Kim Y, Lee HL

  • J Clin Neurol.
  • 2019 Oct;15(4):585-587.
  • doi: 10.3988/jcn.2019.15.4.585
No abstract available.
Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Therapy in a Patient with Pantothenate-Kinase-Associated Neurodegeneration

Guk HS, Koo DL, Nam H

  • J Clin Neurol.
  • 2019 Oct;15(4):583-584.
  • doi: 10.3988/jcn.2019.15.4.583
No abstract available.
Successful Treatment of Glycine-Receptor-Antibody-Mediated Progressive Encephalomyelitis with Rigidity and Myoclonus by Combining Steroids and Azathioprine

Lee EJ, Kim K, Choi JY, Park KS

  • J Clin Neurol.
  • 2019 Oct;15(4):581-582.
  • doi: 10.3988/jcn.2019.15.4.581
No abstract available.
Paradoxical Choroid Plexitis during Treatment for Tuberculous Meningoencephalitis

Bae H, Kim KT, Cho YW, Chu K, Lee ST

  • J Clin Neurol.
  • 2019 Oct;15(4):578-580.
  • doi: 10.3988/jcn.2019.15.4.578
No abstract available.
Fulminant Cytotoxic Edema in a Patient with Pneumococcal Meningoencephalitis

Alonso A, Etminan N, Krebs J, Szabo K, Platten M, Förster A

  • J Clin Neurol.
  • 2019 Oct;15(4):575-577.
  • doi: 10.3988/jcn.2019.15.4.575
No abstract available.
Association between the Levofloxacin Plasma Concentration and Neurological Adverse Events in an Elderly Patient

Kang G, Min SH, Kim JK, Kang KW

  • J Clin Neurol.
  • 2019 Oct;15(4):572-574.
  • doi: 10.3988/jcn.2019.15.4.572
No abstract available.
Unusual Presentation of Propriospinal Myoclonus Occurring during Stable Sleep

Choi JH, Koo DL, Lee JY, Nam H

  • J Clin Neurol.
  • 2019 Oct;15(4):569-571.
  • doi: 10.3988/jcn.2019.15.4.569
No abstract available.
Split Hand Syndrome in a Family with GARS-Associated Axonal Neuropathy

Kang YR, Kang KW, Nam TS, Im JH, Kim SH, Lee SJ

  • J Clin Neurol.
  • 2019 Oct;15(4):566-568.
  • doi: 10.3988/jcn.2019.15.4.566
No abstract available.
Encephalitis with Anti-SOX1 Antibodies Presenting with New-Onset Refractory Status Epilepticus

Cho HJ, Kim R, Lee HW, Jun JS

  • J Clin Neurol.
  • 2019 Oct;15(4):564-565.
  • doi: 10.3988/jcn.2019.15.4.564
No abstract available.
Association Analysis of Interleukin-1β, Interleukin-6, and HMGB1 Variants with Postictal Serum Cytokine Levels in Children with Febrile Seizure and Generalized Epilepsy with Febrile Seizure Plus

Choi J, Choi SA, Kim SY, Kim H, Lim BC, Hwang H, Chae JH, Kim KJ, Oh S, Kim EY, Shin JS

  • J Clin Neurol.
  • 2019 Oct;15(4):555-563.
  • doi: 10.3988/jcn.2019.15.4.555
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Febrile seizure (FS) is a unique type of seizure that only occurs during childhood. Genelized epilepsy with febrile seizure plus (GEFS+) is a familial epilepsy syndrome associated...
Long-Term Outcomes of Real-World Korean Patients with Atrial-Fibrillation-Related Stroke and Severely Decreased Ejection Fraction

Jung JM, Kim YH, Yu S, O K, Kim CK, Song TJ, Kim YJ, Kim BJ, Heo SH, Park KY, Kim JM, Park JH, Choi JC, Park MS, Kim JT, Choi KH, Hwang YH, Chung JW, Bang OY, Kim GM, Seo WK

  • J Clin Neurol.
  • 2019 Oct;15(4):545-554.
  • doi: 10.3988/jcn.2019.15.4.545
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: The clinical implications of echocardiography findings for long-term outcomes in atrial fibrillation (AF)-related stroke patients are unknown. METHODS: This was a substudy of the Korean ATrial fibrillaTion EvaluatioN...
Tissue-Clearing Technique and Cutaneous Nerve Biopsies: Quantification of the Intraepidermal Nerve-Fiber Density Using Active Clarity Technique-Pressure Related Efficient and Stable Transfer of Macromolecules Into Organs

Kim DH, Lee SJ, Lee E, Hong JH, Seo SH, Ahn HH, Kim BJ, Sun W, Rhyu IJ

  • J Clin Neurol.
  • 2019 Oct;15(4):537-544.
  • doi: 10.3988/jcn.2019.15.4.537
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Cutaneous nerve biopsies based on two-dimensional analysis have been regarded as a creditable assessment tool for diagnosing peripheral neuropathies. However, advancements in methodological imaging are required for...
Relationships between [¹⁸F]-THK5351 Retention and Language Functions in Primary Progressive Aphasia

Jeong HJ, Yoon CW, Seo S, Lee SY, Suh MK, Seo HE, Kim WR, Lee H, Heo JH, Lee YB, Park KH, Choi SH, Ido T, Lee KM, Noh Y

  • J Clin Neurol.
  • 2019 Oct;15(4):527-536.
  • doi: 10.3988/jcn.2019.15.4.527
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: There are three distinct subtypes of primary progressive aphasia (PPA): the nonfluent/agrammatic variant (nfvPPA), the semantic variant (svPPA), and the logopenic variant (lvPPA). We sought to characterize...
The Influence of Body Mass Index at Diagnosis on Cognitive Decline in Parkinson's Disease

Yoo HS, Chung SJ, Lee PH, Sohn YH, Kang SY

  • J Clin Neurol.
  • 2019 Oct;15(4):517-526.
  • doi: 10.3988/jcn.2019.15.4.517
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Associations between alterations in body mass index (BMI) and cognitive function have been reported in Parkinson's disease (PD). We investigated whether the BMI at a PD diagnosis...
Prediction of Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy in Patients with Lymphoma and Myeloma: the Roles of Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor Protein Levels and A Gene Polymorphism

Azoulay D, Giryes S, Nasser R, Sharon R, Horowitz N

  • J Clin Neurol.
  • 2019 Oct;15(4):511-516.
  • doi: 10.3988/jcn.2019.15.4.511
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) is a neuronal growth factor that plays an essential role in the maintenance of the nervous system. We have evaluated the peripheral blood...
Language-Related White-Matter-Tract Deficits in Children with Benign Epilepsy with Centrotemporal Spikes: A Retrospective Study

Kim HH, Chung GH, Park SH, Kim SJ

  • J Clin Neurol.
  • 2019 Oct;15(4):502-510.
  • doi: 10.3988/jcn.2019.15.4.502
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Benign epilepsy with centrotemporal spikes (BECTS) is one of the most common pediatric epilepsies, and it generally has a good prognosis. However, recent research has indicated that...
Elevated Serum Uric Acid in Benign Convulsions with Mild Gastroenteritis in Children

Yoo IH, Kim W, Cho J, Kim H, Lim BC, Hwang H, Chae JH, Choi J, Kim KJ

  • J Clin Neurol.
  • 2019 Oct;15(4):496-501.
  • doi: 10.3988/jcn.2019.15.4.496
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: To identify whether serum uric acid levels are significantly higher in patients with benign convulsion associated with mild gastroenteritis (CwG) than in patients with acute gastroenteritis. METHODS: This...
Combined Assessment of Serum Alpha-Synuclein and Rab35 is a Better Biomarker for Parkinson's Disease

Wang HL, Lu CS, Yeh TH, Shen YM, Weng YH, Huang YZ, Chen RS, Liu YC, Cheng YC, Chang HC, Chen YL, Chen YJ, Lin YW, Hsu CC, Lin HL, Chiu CH, Chiu CC

  • J Clin Neurol.
  • 2019 Oct;15(4):488-495.
  • doi: 10.3988/jcn.2019.15.4.488
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: It is essential to develop a reliable predictive serum biomarker for Parkinson's disease (PD). The accumulation of alpha-synuclein (αSyn) and up-regulated expression of Rab35 participate in the...

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