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Erratum: Topographical Disorientation in Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Voxel-Based Morphometry Study

Lim TS, Iaria G, Moon SY

  • J Clin Neurol.
  • 2011 Jun;7(2):107-107.
  • doi: 10.3988/jcn.2011.7.2.107
No abstract available.
Melanotic Choroid Plexus Carcinoma of the Posterior Fossa

Tripathy K, Misra A, Misra D, Pujari S, Nayak M, Rath J

  • J Clin Neurol.
  • 2011 Jun;7(2):105-106.
  • doi: 10.3988/jcn.2011.7.2.105
BACKGROUND: The pigmented or melanotic variant of choroid plexus carcinoma is very rarely encountered. CASE REPORT: We report herein a case of melanotic or pigmented choroid plexus carcinoma in the posterior...
Thinning of the Corpus Callosum and Cerebellar Atrophy is Correlated with Phenotypic Severity in a Family with Spastic Paraplegia Type 11

Rajakulendran S, Paisan-Ruiz C, Houlden H

  • J Clin Neurol.
  • 2011 Jun;7(2):102-104.
  • doi: 10.3988/jcn.2011.7.2.102
BACKGROUND: Mutations in the spatacsin gene are associated with spastic paraplegia type 11 (SPG11), which is the most-common cause of autosomal recessive hereditary spastic paraplegia. Although SPG11 has diverse phenotypes,...
Parkinsonism Associated with Glucocerebrosidase Mutation

Sunwoo MK, Kim SM, Lee S, Lee PH

  • J Clin Neurol.
  • 2011 Jun;7(2):99-101.
  • doi: 10.3988/jcn.2011.7.2.99
BACKGROUND: Gaucher's disease is an autosomal recessive, lysosomal storage disease caused by mutations of the beta-glucocerebrosidase gene (GBA). There is increasing evidence that GBA mutations are a genetic risk factor...
Anton's Syndrome and Eugenics

Kondziella D, Frahm-Falkenberg S

  • J Clin Neurol.
  • 2011 Jun;7(2):96-98.
  • doi: 10.3988/jcn.2011.7.2.96
Anton's syndrome is arguably the most striking form of anosognosia. Patients with this syndrome behave as if they can see despite their obvious blindness. Although best known for his description...
Peripheral Nerve Axon Involvement in Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1, Measured Using the Automated Nerve Excitability Test

Bae JS, Kim SG, Lim JC, Chung EJ, Kim OK

  • J Clin Neurol.
  • 2011 Jun;7(2):90-95.
  • doi: 10.3988/jcn.2011.7.2.90
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Primary involvement of the peripheral nerves in myotonic dystrophy type I (MyD1) is controversial. We investigated whether the involvement of peripheral nerves is a primary event of...
Dropped Shoulder Syndrome: A Cause of Lower Cervical Radiculopathy

Abdul-Latif AA

  • J Clin Neurol.
  • 2011 Jun;7(2):85-89.
  • doi: 10.3988/jcn.2011.7.2.85
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Cervical radiculopathy is a pathological process involving a nerve root of the cervical spine. The most common causes of radiculopathy are cervical disc herniation followed by cervical...
Burden of Ischemic Stroke in Korea: Analysis of Disability-Adjusted Life Years Lost

Hong KS, Kim J, Cho YJ, Seo SY, Hwang SI, Kim SC, Kim JE, Kim A, Cho JY, Park HK, Bae HJ, Yang MH, Jang MS, Han MK, Lee J, Kang DW, Park JM, Koo J, Yu KH, Oh MS, Lee BC

  • J Clin Neurol.
  • 2011 Jun;7(2):77-84.
  • doi: 10.3988/jcn.2011.7.2.77
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Disability-adjusted life years (DALY), incorporating both disability and mortality, has been widely employed to measure regional and global burdens of stroke. Thus far, the DALY lost to...
Plaque Rupture is a Determinant of Vascular Events in Carotid Artery Atherosclerotic Disease: Involvement of Matrix Metalloproteinases 2 and 9

Heo SH, Cho CH, Kim HO, Jo YH, Yoon KS, Lee JH, Park JC, Park KC, Ahn TB, Chung KC, Yoon SS, Chang DI

  • J Clin Neurol.
  • 2011 Jun;7(2):69-76.
  • doi: 10.3988/jcn.2011.7.2.69
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Unstable carotid atherosclerotic plaques are characterized by cap rupture, leading to thromboembolism and stroke. Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) have been implicated in the progression of atherosclerosis and plaque...
Biomarkers Predicting Alzheimer's Disease in Cognitively Normal Aging

Shim YS, Morris JC

  • J Clin Neurol.
  • 2011 Jun;7(2):60-68.
  • doi: 10.3988/jcn.2011.7.2.60
The pathophysiologic process of Alzheimer's disease (AD) begins years before the diagnosis of clinical dementia. This concept of preclinical AD has arisen from the observation of AD pathologic findings such...
Ischemic Stroke and Cancer: Stroke Severely Impacts Cancer Patients, While Cancer Increases the Number of Strokes

Bang OY, Seok JM, Kim SG, Hong JM, Kim HY, Lee J, Chung PW, Park KY, Kim GM, Chung CS, Lee KH

  • J Clin Neurol.
  • 2011 Jun;7(2):53-59.
  • doi: 10.3988/jcn.2011.7.2.53
BACKGROUND: Cancer and ischemic stroke are two of the most common causes of death among the elderly, and associations between them have been reported. However, the main pathomechanisms of stroke...

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