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Necessity of Education for Emergency Medical Technicians to Improve Awareness of Early Symptoms of Stroke and Assessment of Stroke Patients

Lee JM, Lee JY, Park SB, Lee YH, Oh GJ

  • J Agric Med Community Health.
  • 2013 Jun;38(2):130-141.
OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this study was to reconsider the necessity of stroke-related educational programs by investigating early symptoms of stroke that emergency medical technicians (EMTs) may experience. METHODS: An interview...
Associations of Social Participation and Trust with Suicidal Ideation and Attempt in Communities with High Mortality

Ha MO, Kim JR, Jeong B, Kang YS, Park KS

  • J Agric Med Community Health.
  • 2013 Jun;38(2):116-129.
OBJECTIVES: This study was performed to identify the associations of social capital with suicidal thoughts and attempts in Korean communities with poor health. METHODS: We used the data from community health...
Effects of Chronic Disease Management Based on Clinics for Blood Pressure or Glycemic Control in Patients with Hypertension or Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Cheong W, Yim J, Oh DK, Im JS, Ko KP, Kim YM

  • J Agric Med Community Health.
  • 2013 Jun;38(2):108-115.
OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to examine the effects of chronic disease management program based on clinics for blood pressure control or glycemic control in patients with hypertension or type 2...
Evaluation of Cognitive Functions in Patients with Narcolepsy

Jin YY, Yoon JS, Chung EK

  • J Agric Med Community Health.
  • 2013 Jun;38(2):97-107.
OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to evaluate attention, memory and executive function in patients with narcolepsy. METHODS: This study included 23 narcoleptic patients whose diagnosis were confirmed by the International Classification of...
Child Abuse Recognition and Related Factors among Korean Nursing Students

Cho YH, Chung Y

  • J Agric Med Community Health.
  • 2013 Jun;38(2):85-96.
OBJECTIVES: This study measures nursing students' ability to recognize child abuse and identifies the factors related to varying levels of recognition. METHODS: In this cross-sectional study, data were collected from 370...
Factors Affecting Suicidal Ideation in Elderly Attending Community Senior Centers

Shin JU, Baek S

  • J Agric Med Community Health.
  • 2013 Jun;38(2):71-84.
OBJECTIVES: As suicide among the elderly population has been a critical issue in Korea, this study aimed to evaluate correlations of suicidal ideation with protective and risk factors among elderly...

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