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Educational Needs of Elderly Hypertensive or Diabetes Patients and Educators for Education Program Development of Cardiocerebrovascular High-risk Group

Lee HJ, Kam S

  • J Agric Med Community Health.
  • 2010 Jun;35(2):177-192.
OBJECTIVES: This study was conducted to examine the educational needs of elderly hypertensive or diabetes patients and educators for the education program development of cardiocerebrovascular high-risk group in community. METHODS: This...
The Effect of Detraining on Lipoprotein and Body Composition after 8 Week Calorie Restriction and Different Level of Aerobic Exercise among Obese Middle-aged Women

Lee CS, Kim YY

  • J Agric Med Community Health.
  • 2010 Jun;35(2):165-176.
OBJECTIVES: This study is to identify the effect of detraining on lipoprotein and body composition after 8 week calorie restriction and different level of aerobic exercise among obese middle-aged women. METHODS:...
Factors Associated with Unmet Needs for Medical Care among Island Inhabitants in Korea

Cho S, Lee TK, Bang YW, Kim CJ, Im HJ, Kwon YJ, Cho Y, Paek D, Ju YS

  • J Agric Med Community Health.
  • 2010 Jun;35(2):151-164.
OBJECTIVE: Korea has 3,170 islands with about 188,000 inhabitants. These inhabitants' needs for health services might go unmet because of geographic isolation, slimmer availability of health services, and higher proportion...
An Analysis of Articles for International Marriage Immigrant Women Related to Health

Ahn OH, Jeon MS, Hwang YY, Kim KA, Youn MS

  • J Agric Med Community Health.
  • 2010 Jun;35(2):134-150.
OBJECTIVES: This study was for analyzing the research about international marriage immigrant women and a trial to find the right direction for future research. METHODS: Sixty articles published from June, 2004...
Relationships between Mental Health, Depression Level, and Internet Addiction among High School Students in Rural Communities

Oh HE, Sim MJ, Oh HS

  • J Agric Med Community Health.
  • 2010 Jun;35(2):124-133.
OBJECTIVES: This study is to offer basic data to understand the relationships between mental health, level of depression, and internet addiction of high school students in farming communities for developing...
Effects of the Field Management Training Program for Home Care Services : Understanding and Professional Competence

Kim J

  • J Agric Med Community Health.
  • 2010 Jun;35(2):111-123.
OBJECTIVES: The purpose of the present study is to examine the effects of the Field Management Training Program for home care services personnel on their understanding and professional competences. METHODS: The...

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