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Effect of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate and Calcium Hydroxide on Reparative Dentin Formation in Rats

Ra JY, Lee W, Kim HJ

  • Int J Oral Biol.
  • 2012 Jun;37(2):77-83.
We investigated the pulpal response to direct pulp capping in rat molar teeth using mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) and calcium hydroxide (CH). A palatal cavity was prepared in rat maxillary...
A Hyperactive Neutrophil Phenotype in Aggressive Periodontitis

Kim KY, Kim MK, Choi YS, Kim YC, Jo AR, Rhyu IC, Choi Y

  • Int J Oral Biol.
  • 2012 Jun;37(2):69-75.
Although neutrophils function in both defense and tissue destruction, their defensive roles have rarely been studied in association with periodontitis. We hypothesized that peripheral neutrophils are pre-activated in vivo in...
Inhibitory Effect of SPA0355, a Thiourea Analogue, on Inflammation and Alveolar Bone Loss in Rats with Ligature-Induced Periodontitis

Bak EJ, Kim JH, Lee DE, Park BH, Ryu JH, Cha JH, Jeon R, Yoo YJ

  • Int J Oral Biol.
  • 2012 Jun;37(2):63-68.
It has been documented that SPA0355 exerts anti-inflammatory effects via the inhibition of nuclear factor-kappaB activation. In present study, we investigated the inhibitory effects of SPA0355 on periodontitis in an...
Expression of Bitter Taste Receptors in Human Nasal Respiratory Epithelium

An JM, Wu HW, Kim HJ, Kim CH, Moon SJ

  • Int J Oral Biol.
  • 2012 Jun;37(2):57-62.
The nasal cavity encounters various irritants during inhalation such as dust and pathogens. To detect and remove these irritants, it has been postulated that the nasal mucosa epithelium has a...
Differential Expression of Osteonectin in the Rat Developing Molars

Kim JH, Yoo HI, Oh MH, Yang SY, Kim MS, Kim SH

  • Int J Oral Biol.
  • 2012 Jun;37(2):51-56.
Tooth development involves bud, cap, bell and hard tissue formation stages, each of which is tightly controlled by regulatory molecules. The aim of this study was to identify genes that...
Establishment of High Throughput Screening System Using Human Umbilical Cord-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Park EG, Cho T, Oh K, Kwon SK, Lee DS, Park SB, Cho J

  • Int J Oral Biol.
  • 2012 Jun;37(2):43-50.
The use of high throughput screening (HTS) in drug development is principally for the selection new drug candidates or screening of chemical toxicants. This system minimizes the experimental environment and...

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