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Atraumatic Removal of Displaced Implant in the Fatty Bony Marrow

Sodnom-Ish B, Eo MY, Nguyen TT, Cho YJ, Kim MJ, Kim SM

  • Implantology.
  • 2019 Sep;23(3):176-183.
  • doi: 10.32542/implantology.2019015
A 53-year-old Korean female was referred to the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the Seoul National University Dental Hospital. The patient's chief complaint and concern involved the occasional...
Orocutaneous Fistula after Implant Placement with Sinus Floor Elevation via Transalveolar Approach: A Case Report

Kim JH, Park KS

  • Implantology.
  • 2019 Sep;23(3):170-175.
  • doi: 10.32542/implantology.2019014
There have been several case reports about a formation of orocutaneous fistula associated with odontogenic or implant infection. This case is about a rapid formation of an orocutaneous fistula, which...
Comparison of Mechanical Properties of Milled and Casted Cobalt-Chromium Alloys Using Three-point Bending Test

Hong JK, Kim SK, Heo SJ, Koak JY, Ahn JS

  • Implantology.
  • 2019 Sep;23(3):162-168.
  • doi: 10.32542/implantology.2019013
PURPOSE: The objective of this study was to investigate the mechanical properties of Cobalt-Chromium (Co-Cr) alloys made by conventional casting method and Computer-Aided Design/Computer–Aided Manufacturing (CAD-CAM) milling method. MATERIAL AND METHODS:...
Mechanical Complications of Posterior Implant Restorations using CAD/CAM Titanium Customized Abutments: A Retrospective Study

Yang M, Chang JS, Ji W, Kim S

  • Implantology.
  • 2019 Sep;23(3):150-161.
  • doi: 10.32542/implantology.2019012
PURPOSE: The purpose of this retrospective study was to evaluate the incidence of mechanical complications of the posterior implant-supported fixed dental prosthesis (p-ISFDP) using computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM)...
Retrospective Observational Study of Narrow Diameter Implants

Lee JG, Kang DW, Yun PY, Kim YK

  • Implantology.
  • 2019 Sep;23(3):138-148.
  • doi: 10.32542/implantology.2019011
PURPOSE: To Analyse clinical treatment outcomes and prognosis of patients who have received narrow diameter implants due to anterior tooth loss, and to assess long-term success measured through radiological examination. MATERIAL...

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